Wantrepreneurs are the online entrepreneurs who make a living from home. They set their own hours, work how and when they want to and have an opportunity to earn in multiple locations. This is not for everyone but it can be done if you put your mind to it.

Wantrepreneurs are people who have the skills, knowledge, and resources to start a business. They can be entrepreneurs in any industry. Wantrepreneurs are not limited by location or experience. In order to become one, you must have passion for your idea and drive to succeed. This article will teach you how to become an online entrepreneur and what it takes to do so.

What Is a Wantrepreneur? How To Become Online Entrepreneur?

Have you attempted to establish your own company but failed?

Perhaps you are about to begin but are unsure about how, when, or where to begin…

It is natural for individuals to have doubts; they question themselves, but they also have doubts about other things.

However, something tells me that you are not the one who blames others for your (perhaps temporary) failure.

You want to be an Entrepreneur because you want to do something amazing. But this isn’t the situation right now — it seems that you’re still a want tobe Entrepreneur.

So, what exactly is a Wantrepreneur? And how do you know you’re not simply another one of the numerous want tobe Entrepreneurs?

Is it feasible to make the transition from Wantrepreneurship to Entrepreneurship?

Let’s have a look at the answers to these questions.

First and foremost, what are the telltale indicators of a want tobe Entrepreneur? (Let’s use the word Wantrepreneur to be linguistically proper.)

Note: While this post focuses on online Wantrepreneurs/Entrepreneurs, the principals apply to physical businesses as well.

Wantrepreneurship’s 5 Telltale Signs

Let’s take a look at the five characteristics that identify a Wantrepreneur.

1) A 9 to 5 job

what is a Wantrepreneur

Do you have a decent job but want to start your own company?


What makes you believe that?

There might be a variety of reasons why you desire to start your own business. However, if this is the case,

  • Don’t despise your work.
  • Have a decent boss.
  • Enjoy your 9-to-5, particularly your off-time and free weekends.
  • Have a decent paycheck (you can even save 20 percent on the side)

…your prospects of becoming a successful business are minimal.

Why is that? Because there isn’t any space for inspiration.

Unless you have a strong motivation or a definite goal in mind that you are determined to reach.

Then your 9-5 is most likely only a stopgap measure to save money for your future Entrepreneurial endeavors. And, let’s be honest, this individual probably didn’t read the article about Wantrepreneurs.

Let’s return to the usual employment example, and I’d want to share two brief anecdotes about two of my friends with you.

The Beginning of the Story

My very close buddy once told me that she, too, wanted to start her own business, but guess what?

She has done an excellent job (in Germany working in the aviation industry).

  • 6 weeks of paid time off
  • Workweek of 35 hours
  • Health-care coverage
  • Strong Labor Unions (so the chance that she will be fired is low)
  • A Reasonable Salary

These are the prerequisites for living a tranquil and quiet life. For many individuals, this is their perfect existence.

As a result, becoming an Entrepreneur in such an environment would be difficult.


She is really enthusiastic about something. In such situation, she might simply spend her spare time establishing the company (website, promotions, email list) and seeing how it goes.

She may eventually leave her 9-to-5 job and devote herself entirely to her interest.

That would make for a good narrative.

But, in my opinion, this guy still works a 9-5 job and is content with it. (Okay, technically it isn’t a 9-5 job since it is a 35-hour-per-week contract, but you get the idea.)

So, ask yourself this: are you really interested in being an Entrepreneur? I mean, having a normal job is just good. This is the aspiration of many individuals.

Some individuals are dissatisfied with their work, yet they do not want to endanger their existing lifestyle.

The Second Tale

Remove the Boss section from the previous list and replace it with a boss who isn’t even competent but likes troubling and upsetting others.

Another acquaintance of mine just resigned his job due of his domineering supervisor.

He worked in the purchasing department. As a result, he gathered all of his supplier and customer contacts and established his own company.

Is that legal now?

I’m not sure – I’m not sure what was in his contract – but that occurred four years ago, and he’s now a successful Entrepreneur.

So this man was forced to quit his work, and it seems that it was the finest move he ever made.

2) Are you afraid of being out there?

The Internet provides anonymity, which is why many individuals want to become online Entrepreneurs in order to maintain some kind of anonymity.

And it’s possible that’s true.

But you still need an audience; you need to be recognized by people who will follow you, purchase from you, or just consume your information.

At all costs, you can’t hide from the world (even the virtual one).

Quite frequently, this means you’ll need to go out to others in your sector (who aren’t as knowledgeable as you are) to let them know about your service.

The simplest method is to send them an email. Maybe ten percent of them will respond to your email, but only ten out of a hundred will. It has the potential to change your life.

Are you, however, willing to send 100 individualized emails to folks that aren’t spam?

3) Ideas?

what is a Wantrepreneur

Bills don’t pay for ideas.

I used to have a lot of ideas, for example:

  • chocolate and salty stick
  • a pair of socks, each in a distinct color or style

Now, am I the one who makes these thoughts a reality? Not in the least.

The point is that we all have a lot of ideas and a handful of amazing ideas every day, but nothing occurs if they don’t turn into reality.

What may happen is that someone else hears about your concept and decides to implement it. That is the spirit of Entrepreneurship.

Was it taken from your possession? Maybe.

The aim is to learn from such an event so that you can put the concept into action the following time.

4) Do you have any excuses?

It’s not your fault; it’s theirs.

Does this ring a bell?

One of the primary distinctions between a Wantrepreneur and an Entrepreneur is that the latter takes action and is fully accountable for it.

Maybe the circumstances aren’t ideal? Another justification?

The circumstances will never be “perfect,” which takes us to the following issue.

5) Anticipating the appropriate time

This is also a speculative word.

What I mean is, when is the proper time? Someone will come knocking on your door and offer to assist you with your startup?

Or you’re waiting for the “correct idea” — which we’ve previously discussed.

There is no such thing as the perfect time.

Sure, there may be a single moment when you declare, “OK, that’s it, I’m going to do whatever it takes,” but it generally precedes a breakthrough moment that leads to:

“I’m sick of it”…

To get to the point, many individuals have to reach rock bottom.

But here’s the harsh reality: A lot of individuals don’t make it all the way up from the bottom.

They should, in theory, acquire a normal job and live their lives as former Wantrepreneurs.

So don’t put it off till the “perfect” time.

Go do some study, learn SEO, learn how to generate money on Instagram… whatever it is, be sure you devote some time to improving yourself.

OK, that was Wantrepreneurship’s 5 Telltale Signs, now let’s move on and let’s check what is the story with a person that is already one level above, so to speak.

Not Getting the Results You Want?

what is a Wantrepreneur

Okay, it seems that you have resolved all difficulties and have a functioning website.

The traffic was fine…

…then all of a sudden, bum! Are you being bombarded by an algorithm?

Brian Dean and Backlinko

Worse, you try your best to update the material, but it seems that nothing you do has a direct impact on visitors.

Are there no outcomes? Do you find yourself back at the beginning of the process? “Am I simply a Wantrepreneur?” you may wonder.

Let’s have a look at some other questions:

  • Is it possible for me to return to a 9-to-5 job?
  • Or should I keep hustling despite the fact that I don’t have any money and am at odds with my partner about bills?

That’s a difficult one.

This is a fork in the road where you must decide your destiny.

But here’s the good news: you can do both – that is, have a part-time job during the day and work on your website in the evening.

Simply go to Upwork, join up, add your credentials, and see what jobs are the greatest fit for you.

It should ideally be relevant to your previous website experience.

More information on how to locate (freelance) jobs may be found here.

In your “free” time, enhance and update your current material. Consider your options, do further research, and consult other sources of information.

This is particularly true if your main concentration is on SEO.

What else could you possibly do?

You have no advertising budget, therefore the only “currency” you have is your time.

What Is the Difference Between a Business Owner and a Wantrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur is a person who, with the support of workers and partners, establishes, owns, and manages a lucrative firm.

The term “Wantrepreneur” refers to a potential Entrepreneur who is still on the “waiting list.” The length of time he will remain on that list is determined by the actions and performances of the Wantrepreneur.

A Wantrepreneur is sometimes merely an unemployed individual who wishes to establish their own company.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but trust me when I say you don’t want to be an unemployed Wantrepreneur for more than a few months.

But don’t worry, every Entrepreneur started out as a Wantrepreneur.

Here are some of the most important aspects of both “Entrepreneurships.”


  • a desire to be financially secure or independent
  • procrastinate
  • Although he may have a strategy, he fails to put it into action.
  • It seems to be going well, but let’s start with the first struggle/failure/obstacle.


  • It hurts worse when you don’t get things done.
  • defined objectives – or the ability to adapt and adjust them
  • re-invest the profits (outsource or ads)
  • capable of failing effectively, learning from it, adjusting, and restarting

what is a Wantrepreneur

– In the Online World, How Do You Go From Wantrepreneur To Entrepreneur?

Do you consider yourself as an entrepreneur who has yet to make a single dollar?

It might be aggravating when friends and family members inquire about your activities.

What is your response?

Are you a business owner? That is no longer the case, and you are not yet an entrepreneur. And you’re sick of talking about it all the time; it’s also humiliating.

So, how do you go about becoming a respected individual?

There’s no need to be concerned; many successful entrepreneurs have walked in your footsteps.

First and foremost, quit “bothering” people with your plans.

Believe in yourself and put your ideas into practice.

what is a Wantrepreneur

“Do not tell the world what you can do, show it,” according to a quote from Napoleon Hill’s book The Law of Success in 16 Lessons.

This essay is for individuals who wish to learn how to produce a steady income online, like I said at the outset.

As a result, your initial step should be to create a website. However, don’t hurry it.

There are five crucial factors to consider:

  1. Select a Specialty
  2. Your website’s hosting company
  3. Your Website’s Name (The Domain Name)
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  5.  Creating Content

Please keep in mind that the website is necessary. It’s your base of operations. That implies that if you want to make money on YouTube, you need also have a website — a one-page webpage detailing what you do would suffice.

What Does the Term “Solopreneur” Mean?

what is a Wantrepreneur

Before we wind up, let’s define one more term: Solopreneur. I’m sure you already know what it implies.

“Solo” refers to anything done by one person, whether alone or unaccompanied.

Essentially, a freelancer is someone who manages all aspects of their company on their own.

This individual began as an employee before deciding that working as a solopreneur would be more helpful. He manages the work, establishes his own timetable, and assumes the risk of his company.

A solopreneur may outsource work or a little project that occurs just once in a while.

The greatest benefit of being a solopreneur is the flexibility and independence it provides. Being your own boss, on the other hand, is not always advantageous, and not everyone want to be their own boss.

It necessitates coping with unforeseen events or making rapid decisions, but it may also be difficult to discern between work and leisure time.


what is a Wantrepreneur

Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great.

It is perfectly acceptable to be a wantrepreneur, as I am.

The stage of wantrepreneurship is a phase of transition. Many of us don’t have a target on our backs or aren’t driven to reach bold objectives.

We hope for it, and by doing study and taking little measures, we may be able to achieve it. Something smacked us in the face and said, “OK, I’m done, and I’m going to make it.”

Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom before you can begin to take action.

What is your own narrative?

Have you had similar difficulties? If it’s okay with you, I’d want to hear your tale as well. Perhaps two or three sentences will enough.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Mike, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Wantrepreneurs are people who have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Wantrepreneurs can be online entrepreneurs or offline entrepreneurs. Wantrepreneurs should know that there is no one way to become a successful entrepreneur. Reference: how to become a successful entrepreneur.

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