You can access your TransUnion credit report by going to and providing your current address and Social Security Number. If you are looking to dispute information in your report, you will need to contact TransUnion directly with the disputed information and fill out a dispute form.

You’ve probably heard that there may be a problem verifying your identity with TransUnion, which could cause you to not get your credit card or bank account approved. Well, don’t worry. Even though TransUnion may not be able to verify your identity, we’ll protect you with our MasterCard Zero Liability Policy.

Credit bureau TransUnion announced that it was unable to verify the identity of a large portion of the nation’s unsecured credit card accounts. TransUnion said that it could not verify the identities of about a quarter of all credit card holders, and that the problem was the result of technological glitches. In the wake of the announcement, TransUnion shares fell sharply.

word-image-1930 Your credit score provides information about your financial situation and plays an important role in your eligibility for various financial products and programs, including personal loans, mortgages and credit cards. Your credit rating can also affect your ability to get certain jobs, rent an apartment, and even get a cell phone contract. Therefore, it is important to know what your credit score is. You can find out by requesting a copy of your credit report from one of Canada’s credit reporting agencies: TransUnion or Equifax. Checking your credit report not only helps you determine your creditworthiness, but also helps you find errors or suspicious items that could mean your identity has been compromised. TransUnion offers several ways to access your credit report. In all cases, you must provide certain information to confirm your identity. The information provided will help ensure that no one else attempts to illegally access your information and possibly steal your identity. But what if TransUnion can’t verify your identity when you request your credit report? Why did this happen? Let’s take a look at what it takes to get a credit report and possible reasons why your identity may not be verified by TransUnion.

Where can you get your credit report?

You can get a copy of your credit report from credit bureaus in Canada or from third parties.

Credit bureaux

You can request a free copy of your credit report from Equifax Canada or TransUnion Canada by mail, fax, phone or online. If you choose to view your report online, you may have to pay a fee to view it directly.

Third party supplier

Some companies offer a free credit score, while others require you to sign up for a paid service to see your credit score. These companies are Credit Karma, Borrowell and Credit Verify.

How do I get a credit report from TransUnion?

To obtain your credit report from TransUnion, follow these steps:

  1. Please fill in your personal details. You must complete your personal profile and provide information such as your name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth. You may also provide your social security number (SIN).
  2. Create an account. After entering all your personal information, you will be asked to create an account with a username and password.
  3. Make sure you know who you are. You must prove your identity so that no one else can impersonate you and access your information. You may be asked to provide additional information, such as. For example, your SIN, driver’s license number or bank account information. You will also receive an email to confirm your identity and complete your registration.

Once the process is complete, your account will be created and you can log in and access your account.

What happens if TransUnion cannot verify your identity?

There are several reasons why TransUnion has been unable to verify your identity:

You may not have answered the identity verification question correctly

For security reasons, TransUnion will block users who answer identity verification questions incorrectly. That way, someone with malicious intentions doesn’t have the chance to keep coming back until they guess the right answers.

The name of the creditor may be different from the name you know

You may be asked for a mortgage you don’t have or a loan from a lender you don’t know. These questions are asked for your safety in a way that greatly reduces the chance of an unauthorized user guessing the answers. These questions cannot be extracted from your TransUnion credit report. For a question of this type, the authentication application looks for the answer None of the above.

You are not the main owner of

You can be a co-signer of the account alone or own the account with another person. If you do not make payments on the account, you may not be aware of the account and may not have the information necessary to properly answer questions about the account.

Your information is linked to another person

It is possible that your credit information may be linked to that of another person whose identifying information is similar to yours. This usually happens between family members who have the same name and address, but it can also happen between two unrelated people who have very similar names and social security numbers.

You have made an error in your profile

If you fill in your profile incorrectly, TransUnion will not be able to verify your identity. It is possible, for example, that you enter your name, address or date of birth incorrectly.

You have set a credit warning

A third party may not be able to verify your identity if you have posted an alert on your TransUnion account. This prevents the credit bureau from verifying your identity.

You have a thin credit profile

If you only have a few months of credit information, this may be insufficient for the credit reporting agency to accurately identify you.

What if Transunion cannot verify my identity?

If TransUnion is unable to verify your identity, a 7-day security freeze will be imposed, but it will only apply to the online delivery of your credit report. After 7 days you can request your credit report online again. You can request a copy of your credit report at any time by mail, phone or online if you wish. If you choose to order your credit report by mail, you must provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Current and previous address in the last two years
  • Phone
  • Date of birth
  • Citizen service number
  • Current employer
  • Sync by

You must also pay the applicable tax.

Questions and answers about credit reports

Will my credit history be affected by a review of my credit file?

No, checking your credit score or requesting a copy of your credit report will not affect your score. In fact, it’s a good idea to check your account regularly to make sure all your information is correct and that your identity is protected. However, hard inquiries – when a lender or agency checks your credit history after you apply for a loan – affect your credit history.

Can I get my credit report for free?

How often should I check my credit history?

You should check your credit history once a year and before you apply for a loan, credit account, rental property or job that requires a credit check.

Final thoughts

Checking a credit report regularly is a great way to make sure all the information is correct, to identify potential risks to you, and to know your credit score. But first, we need to verify your identity. If TransUnion cannot verify your identity, determine the cause and resolve it.Next time you’re at the bank, don’t be surprised if a mandatory check of your information comes back negative. As you probably already know, Transunion, the nation’s largest consumer reporting agency, announced last week that it will soon begin reporting to the federal government if a consumer’s SSN or other information doesn’t match that presented by the consumer.. Read more about identity verification failed: failed safety check and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t my identity be verified on my credit?

TransUnion is a credit report agency that provides a free credit report summary once per month to all credit card holders. With it you can view your FICO score, recent late payments, credit inquiries, and more. In a recent blog post, they state that the company will no longer be able to verify a person’s identity if they tried to verify their identity via the following methods: 1. Using a credit card without an imprint 2. A credit card that has never been used 3. Using a credit card with a fax number of a company that does not exist 4. Using a credit card with an under age/employment status You may have heard of identity theft, but do you know what identity verification is, and what it does?

Is there a problem with TransUnion?

TransUnion is the largest consumer reporting company in the US. As such, many of us have had our credit information pulled by TransUnion. It is an essential part of our day to day lives, but is there a problem with TransUnion? TransUnion is one of the three major credit bureaus in the US, and together with Equifax and Experian, they hold a huge amount of personal information about Americans. The company has spent the last few years working on developing a more secure and reliable credit system, and has announced a new online tool that can help consumers verify their identities and addresses. The tool is aimed at consumers who are looking to build a new credit history, and can also be used by those who already have credit but want to check their credit report for errors.

What is TransUnion identity verification?

Numerous websites are out there providing similar services but they have different names, so you have to be careful to ensure you are getting the right one. The TransUnion Online ID offers all of the same features as the TransUnion ID which includes the ability to order a credit report, view credit scores and see your credit limit. You will also receive all the same alerts and notifications that you would if you were using the TransUnion ID. TransUnion is a company that’s known for giving consumers credit monitoring services, but what many don’t know is that this company is a credit reporting company. This means that they have access to your credit report, which would include the information listed below.

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