My wife and I were invited to test out the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, which is a Mastercard that offers 5% back on purchases from In order to earn rewards, you have to spend $500 in the first 90 days.

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard offers customers 3% cash back on all purchases at Walmart and Sam’s Club and it gives you a $50 cash bonus after you spend $500. It’s a pretty good card, but do you know what else it has to offer? In this review, we’ll look at all the benefits this card has to offer, what the costs are, what the benefits are and if it is worth getting over another credit card.

This review will discuss about the Walmart Rewards Mastercard and how it stacks up against other cards like Chase Sapphire, Ink Bold, Blue Cash Everyday, and the Citi Double Cash.

word-image-2028 It seems that every major retailer offers its own credit card, and Walmart is no exception. Since you can do most of your shopping at Walmart in one place – including groceries, clothing and household items – it makes sense to have a Walmart credit card in your wallet. It promises to give you points for every purchase you make at the department store. If you often shop at Walmart and are looking for a rewards credit card to add to your arsenal of banking products, the Walmart Rewards Mastercard may be worth considering. This interest-free card rewards you not only when you shop at Walmart stores, but also online at Let’s take a closer look at the Walmart Rewards Mastercard to decide if it’s worth applying for.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard

Every Walmart Rewards dollar earned equals $1 at Walmart. With the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, you earn 1.25% on every dollar spent at all Walmart stores and online at You can also earn 1% on every dollar spent at participating gas stations and on all other purchases. There is also a welcome bonus that you can use to start earning points. When you sign up for the first time, you will receive up to $25 in rewards. You will receive the first $15 after making at least 2 qualified purchases in the first month, including at least one purchase at Walmart. You can get the last $10 if you sign up for electronic payments within 2 billing cycles. Remember, you can only spend your Walmart Reward Dollars at Walmart and cannot redeem them for purchases at other retailers. However, you can use the Walmart Rewards Mastercard anywhere the Mastercard is accepted, so you can earn points no matter where you use it. Find out how a credit card can improve your credit score.

Pros and cons of the Walmart Rewards Mastercard


No annual fee

Credit cards often come with a certain annual fee, which in some cases can be as much as $100 or more. With the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, you don’t have to worry about the pesky annual fee that plagues you every year.

Free secondary cards

You can add additional credit cards to your account for free as authorized users.

Registration bonus

You can earn up to $25 with Walmart Rewards when you get a credit card for the first time.

rewards can be redeemed for only $5

You don’t have to wait until you’ve accumulated hundreds of dollars in Walmart bonus points to use them. With this card, you can redeem it for only $5. In addition, points do not expire as long as your account is active.

Protection against naked liability

Your credit card is protected against unauthorized transactions, so you cannot be held liable for fraudulent purchases.

Mastercard Global Services

Receive emergency cash and replace your credit card if lost or stolen – any time of the day or night, anywhere in the world.

Purchase guarantee

Protect your credit card purchases from theft, loss or damage for the first 90 days after purchase.

Extended warranty

Double the manufacturer’s warranty on repairs or replacements for an additional year on purchases made with a Walmart credit card.

Low income requirement

To qualify for the Walmart Mastercard, you only need to have a minimum annual income of $12,000.


rewards can only be used at Walmart

Points can be earned anywhere you use your Walmart Rewards Mastercard, but they can only be redeemed at Walmart stores or on Discover the best Canadian Aeroplan credit cards.

No free insurance products

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard does not offer free insurance coverage.

Foreign currency conversion charges

If you make purchases in foreign currency, you will be charged a rate of 2.5%.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard fees and charges

Fees may apply if you maintain a balance on your Walmart Rewards Mastercard and make purchases in a foreign currency. As with any credit card, it is important that you are aware of the potential fees that may be associated with it. As for the Walmart Mastercard, here are the fees you can expect:

  • Annual Fee : $0
  • Extra cards: $0
  • Purchase interest : 19.89%
  • Interest rate of the transferred balance : 19.89%
  • Interest rate for early repayments : 21.49%
  • Exchange fees : 2.5%

Do you have too much credit card debt? Here are 8 steps to reduce credit card debt.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Overview

Annual contribution $0
Minimum income requirement 12,000/year
Acquisition of the APR 19.89%
Annual interest rate for cash credit 21.49%
APR for credit transfers 19.89%

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, you must:

  • be a resident of Canada
  • to reach the majority in your province
  • Earn at least $12,000.

Final thoughts

If you often shop at Walmart, you may be interested in a credit card that allows you to earn points that can then be redeemed for purchases at Walmart, either online or in person. Plus, it’s a great card with no annual fee, extended warranty and purchase protection. If you prefer a bonus card that allows you to earn points that you can redeem at other retailers, consider other no-cost bonus cards.Walmart Rewards is a free cash back rewards credit card issued by Green Dot Corporation. I wrote this review to inform readers about this card. It is easy to apply for and basically free. A lot of people are complaining about the card’s interest rate but I haven’t had my pay off in 3 months. I’m hoping it won’t be that high. I got a bunch of points just for signing up and I already redeemed 2 points for a $500 gift card to I’ve already spent $25 on the card. Being a student there are some fees but if you keep your spending within your limits you won’t be affected.. Read more about walmart credit card approval odds and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Walmart Mastercard worth it?

The Walmart Mastercard is a credit card that has a variety of benefits, including bonuses for using the card, cash back and rewards, and a discount associated with the Walmart Mastercard. The Walmart Mastercard has an introductory APR that is an excellent interest rate for a credit card. Walmart Rewards Mastercard is a standard credit card that is not required to pay an annual fee and has a sign up bonus. The Walmart Mastercard is a prepaid card that comes with a balance that will be paid off in two years. A few weeks ago, I was looking at my credit card rewards, and suddenly I started thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a credit card with an airline miles bonus? I really love Southwest Airlines, and I haven’t booked a flight since I purchased my husband’s frequent flier miles!” The point is, I wanted a credit card with a bonus that I could use for a trip I wanted to take. A search of the Walmart MasterCard website soon revealed that the Walmart MasterCard offers a 5,000 bonus points after spending $500 on eligible items during the first 90 days of opening the account.

Does Walmart Rewards Card build credit?

Walmart has a rewards program called ‘Walmart Rewards’ that is available for its customers. Unlike other credit card rewards programs, the Walmart Rewards program does not require customers to spend a certain amount of money or have a credit rating to qualify for the card. The program is free to join and can be used at Walmart stores and online. At a glance, the Walmart Rewards Mastercard appears to be a perfect fit for someone that makes all of their purchases at The combination of a zero percent introductory APR for the first 15 months and a 1.5% cash back rewards program that can be redeemed at Walmart stores and their online checkout system are both solid bonuses for a card that is easy to earn and redeem. The overall value is higher, as the card’s rewards program does not require any minimum spend, and you get 5% back on the first $6,000 spent. (You can earn an additional 1% back each month by making a purchase online.)

Is the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card good?

The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card is a credit card that is designed for shoppers at Wal-Mart. The rewards card is linked to a Walmartite app that allows Walmart shoppers to earn rewards points on their purchases. The card works by paying the user a 1% cash back on purchases up to $2,500 and 5% cash back on purchases over $2,500. The rewards are redeemable at a cost to the user of 15 cents per point. The card has no annual fees and no annual percentage rate fee. I first heard about the Walmart Rewards Mastercard back when I was researching cash back credit cards. The perks of the card are great, but the cash back category is disappointing. I knew that if I signed up for the card I would save enough on rewards that I could pay it off each month and not have to think about it. This year I decided to start using the card. I had a goal of spending around $10,000 during the year and I was able to get the rewards I needed to meet that goal.

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