My favorite part of Christmas is that time and space, suddenly, is reserved for the things I love most: family and friends! To make the season even more special, a gift card is always a thoughtful gift, especially if you know the recipient loves to shop. And while gift cards come in all shapes and sizes, here are my top picks for the season.

Giving money is always a great gift, but doing so in the form of a gift card can be even more thoughtful.

With Christmas around the corner, people will be looking to save money on the gifts they are buying for their friends and family. Here are my top 10 gift cards for Christmas, to help you save money on the gifts.. Read more about top 10 most popular gift cards uk and let us know what you think. The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of giving and forgiveness. Christmas is so close you can smell the eggnog, and I hope you’ve already picked out your gifts. And if you haven’t already, there is a unique solution that will put a smile on the face of your loved ones. There’s not enough time to order things online, and when you go to the stores, you get caught up in the holiday crowds. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about gift cards, because money doesn’t mean I care. Here’s a list of the most popular gift cards that are on everyone’s Christmas wish list. If you run out of ideas, give your loved ones a gift card to their liking and they will be happier than the little kid who just got Lego for Christmas. Get the best gift cards for Christmas at Raise. With Christmas just around the corner, Raise is offering hefty discounts on all the gift cards you’ll find on the site. For your convenience, you can check out any of these best Christmas gift cards on Raise’s website by clicking on the link. You forgot to buy the right gift, I don’t want you to screw up again. Therefore, we present you the list of the best Christmas gift cards that are on everyone’s wish list (including yours).  You know what they say – the gift card gives the giver more pleasure than the gift!

1. Restaurants

word-image-17477 Price : FREE For people who have coffee in their veins, this Starbucks gift card is the best Christmas gift. Redeem this gift card and get FREE Starbucks coffee for YEARS! Here’s a Christmas offer on gift cards from my friends at Every Buck Counts for you! Redeem your gift certificate or give it to someone else. You can save money on Christmas gifts! The Starbucks gift card is one of the most requested gift cards, according to Raise. Claim it for free!

2. Amazon

word-image-17478 Price :  FREE It is the undisputed winner when it comes to the best gift cards for Christmas. Amazon is a digital marketplace that has taken the world by storm, and everyone knows that Amazon gift cards are just as good as cash. Young or old, everyone can find their happiness on Amazon. So if you forgot to give someone a gift, Amazon’s $500 can be a great way to apologize and make the person happy. Oh, wait, I just got a call from my friends at EBC (again!) and they are giving me an Amazon gift card with a balance of $500 FREE! Do you feel grateful? I will pass on your wishes to them. Claim it for free!

3. H&M

word-image-17479 Price : $100 – $200 H&M gift cards sell like hotcakes, so it’s no surprise that H&M is one of the best gift cards for Christmas. The person receiving this gift certificate will shine in this outfit wherever they go. H&M has the largest showcase for workwear, formal wear, evening wear and casual wear. At Christmas, the H&M stores are packed with people. Give your best friend the best Christmas present ever: a wardrobe upgrade! Get the best deal on H&M Christmas gift cards at Raise, where this gift card is on sale for 30% off! Buy now

4. Dunkin Donuts

word-image-17480 Price : $15 – $45 Dunkin Donuts is the bread and butter of many millennials’ daily lives. Their day starts with a DD meal and often ends the same way. Surprisingly, Dunkin Donuts gift cards top the list of requests from millennials because these gift cards have many benefits. As the saying goes: What better gift than to feed someone? Get the best deals on Dunkin Donuts Christmas gift cards at Raise, with 10% off every gift card. Give your foodie friends a free meal – give them a Dunkin Donuts gift card! Buy now

5. iTunes

word-image-6348 Price : $22 The App(le) Store contains a large amount of unique and innovative paid content – whether it’s paid apps, games, music or generally useful paid tools. iPhone users in the US receive iTunes gift cards, which means this card is the best Christmas gift for your iPhone friend. Buy it at Raise and get 10% off any iTunes gift card! Buy now

6. Levi’s

word-image-17481 Price : $20 – $100 If I told you I was going to buy you a pair of jeans, would you say no? No! Even if you have 27,564, you wouldn’t give up another pair of jeans (if you have that many, I recommend you get the treatment). When we say denim, everyone says Levi’s. Denim suits everyone, and buying from Levi’s should be the best choice for a Christmas gift for your parents, kids, cousins and of course your friends. Levi’s gift cards are always in high demand; you should buy them soon at Raise, where they are on sale for 15% off! Buy now

7. NetFlix

word-image-17482 Price : $14 – $100 NetFlix, the most popular streaming service, has revolutionized the way the world watches entertainment and has taken the world by storm. Teens or adults, everyone wants a NetFlix subscription as a Christmas gift (some want NetFlix & Chill, but that’s voluntary). Give your loved one a NetFlix subscription and they (and three other people) will be very grateful. NetFlix is already pretty cheap, but if you buy it through Raise, you’ll save money on a NetFlix gift card. Buy now

8. Walmart

word-image-17483 Price : $9 – $180 Whether it’s fashion, electronics, tools, pins, toilet paper rolls, chainsaws or airplanes, Walmart sells EVERYTHING. Gift cards are offered so the recipient can buy something of their liking, and Walmart has the largest selection – It’s a Match! For this reason, Walmart will always be one of the best options for buying Christmas gift cards. Give your buddies a Walmart gift card that will come in handy for business. You’ll find a wide selection of gift cards with credit up to $200, and on Raise they are much cheaper than the actual price. Buy now

9. PlayStation Network (PSN)

word-image-17484 Price : $48 For your gaming friends who spend most of their lives glued to the TV with a controller in hand, PSN money might be the best gift card for Christmas. Your gamer friend can buy a brand new Red Dead Redemption-II or get Fortnite V-Bucks with a PSN gift card. It is a good choice for teenagers and hardcore gamers. If you give it to your spouse, be prepared for less intervention time! Buy them at Raise and save money on your gift card purchases. Buy now

10. Best Buy

word-image-17485 There is no doubt that Best Buy is a pioneer in the electronics industry. Not only do they offer the best deals on almost every product in the store, but their after-sales support is second to none. If the recipient has long wanted to upgrade their technology, a plastic card from Best Buy might be the best gift for them this Christmas. The gift card should be enough for the recipient to buy fancy electronic gadgets like headphones and virtual assistants like Alexa. Get the best Best Buy Christmas gift card deals on Raise! Buy now December is the time of year when love is golden. What better way to express your love than with a gift card? After all, it’s not as impersonal as cash, and it’s not as personal as if the letter were written and stained with blood. Christmas doesn’t come from the store, it can come from Raise! Buy these gift cards on Raise and get great deals!The holiday season is upon us, and if you have someone on your list who loves to shop, they will have plenty of reasons to spend. If you are looking to cut back on these expenses, a gift card is one of the best ways to do so. Not only are they much less expensive than giving cash, but they can also provide a big boost to their credit score.. Read more about top 10 most popular gift cards canada and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we all know, Christmas is around the corner, and the festive season is traditionally known to be a time of giving. One of the most traditional gifts we give at Christmas is a physical gift card, and many people choose to pick one up for a friend or family member. The technology has evolved, and gift cards come in all shapes and sizes. Some gift cards are bought online, others at the checkout and some gift cards can also be bought at the supermarket. If you’re looking for gift ideas this holiday season, or you need to purchase a gift card, you have to take into account the fact that the gift card industry is growing at a feverish pace. According to Frost & Sullivan, the U.S. gift card market will reach $5.5 billion in 2016, up from $4.6 billion in 2015. If you’re looking for the best gift card, you need to head straight to the top of the list.

Which gift card has the highest rate in Nigeria right now?

This year, it might seem like there’s never enough time or money to get everything you want. But you can still find the perfect gift for your friends and family—and there’s no need to break the bank. Here are our top picks to help your loved ones shop smarter this holiday season. People around the world are gearing up for the one of the most important events of the year, which is the holiday season. With Christmas just around the corner, many people are praising the meaning of the season and the joy it brings to all people, but what about the presents? Which gift card has the highest rate in Nigeria right now?

What gift cards should I ask for?

Christmas is coming up and most of you are probably looking for gift ideas for your friends and family. Like many people, a lot of your holiday present ideas may come from your desires to get others to do things for you, whether that be to gift cards or just to get the things you want. Unfortunately, many gifts don’t get used or become unwanted clutter. This is where gift cards come in. They help you avoid the hassle of having to wrap and buy gifts that your loved ones really won’t appreciate. For those of you who don’t know, Christmas is the time of year where we get to spend our hard earned cash on all sorts of ridiculous things. As a result, we often get asked what gift cards we would like for Christmas, which isn’t really that strange. The answer is usually pretty straight forward, but we put together a list of gift cards and what we would ask for them this year. Why not take a look?

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