A DIY auto-repair manual, a new Uber app on your phone, and an automatic car wash—these are the innovations that have made driving easier in recent years. With technology comes convenience but more importantly accountability. People know when they’ve been taken for a ride by shady mechanics because repair bills can be easily tracked online with digital receipts or saved as part of their recordkeeping toolkit.

The “why are mechanics so shady” is a question that many people have. The answer is that mechanics want to make more money, and they do this by overcharging for repairs. This can be avoided by doing your own research on how much auto repair costs should be.


We depend on our automobiles to bring us to work, school, Mom and Dad’s home, and wherever else. And when they shatter, our whole universe grinds to a grinding stop. We’re not only without an automobile, but we’re also facing expensive repairs.

The most costly automobile repairs, as well as techniques to avoid them, are listed here.

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Windshield 13


How much is it? $300

You’re driving along when a truck kicks a boulder off the road and smashes your windshield. If a little crack isn’t a concern, it may not need to be repaired, although small cracks commonly expand with low weather. If you don’t have auto insurance, a windshield replacement might cost up to $300.

Save money: Thankfully, most insurance companies only charge $100 or less for a replacement. If yours doesn’t, shop around for alternative carriers that could provide greater coverage at a reduced cost.

How to File an Insurance Claim for a Car

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12. Brand-new tires


How much is it? $400

You cannot change only one tire on your automobile since it will damage alignment, whether you have a flat due to an item in the road or the treads of your tire have worn out. Two tires will be the cheapest to replace, with tires ranging in price from $50 to $300 per. Your budget will take a blow if all four need to be replaced.

Save money: If you take turns too quickly and stop too hard, your tires will wear out faster. Slow down and preserve your tires, but remember to rotate them every 7,500 miles to maintain the treads balanced. Make this a part of your car’s routine maintenance.

Plus, better tires mean improved fuel economy, which means you’ll save money at the pump.

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11. Replace the air conditioner compressor


How much is it? $500

Nothing is more frustrating than losing your air conditioning on a hot summer day. The air compressor in an automobile is one of the most common causes. This tiny gem keeps your vehicle cold by pumping Freon into it, but if any element of the compressor fails, you’ll have to repair it for roughly $500.

Save money: Having your air conditioning cleaned and serviced at least once a year (maybe as spring approaches) might help you discover problems before they become more expensive.

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Brakes have been replaced.


How much is it? $500

If your brakes squeal, it’s your car’s way of informing you that it’s time to change your brake pads, which may cost anywhere from $150 to $300. If you don’t take the vehicle in, the pads may entirely disintegrate, necessitating the purchase of new rotors, which may cost anywhere from $350 to $500 — in addition to new pads.

Save money: Depending on how you drive, a reasonable rule of thumb is to change your brake pads every 25,000 to 70,000 miles. You may be able to avoid having to replace the rotors by changing the pads.

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9. Repairs of brake lines


How much is it? $1,000

While you don’t want to spend money on brakes or rotors, you do not want to have a damaged brake line. This is the system that feeds brake fluid to your brakes, and it should not be patched and should be replaced at a high cost.

Save money by having your brake fluid cleansed every 30,000 miles to guarantee that your brake line is in good working order. This might cost up to $120, but it’s still less than $1,000!

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8. Replacement of catalytic converters


How much is it? $1,500

Cars are equipped with catalytic converters, which, as you would expect, transform bad air into safer air to help reduce emissions. But if it disappears, $1,500 goes with it.

Save money: Taking your vehicle for a cruise on the interstate is a great way to protect your catalytic converter from clogging. The increased speed will heat the exhaust, causing any accumulation to be burned away.

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7. Replace the head gasket


How much is it? $2,000

How can you tell if your gasket has blown? Steam escapes from the automobile’s engine, similar to what you see in movies when someone parks their car on the side of the road with the hood up.

This unique gasket prevents the vehicle from overheating. It’s an inexpensive replacement if caught before it explodes. However, if you park your car on the side of the road with the hood up, it will cost you money in labor and repairs.

Save money: Your cooling system is responsible for preventing your vehicle from overheating. Regular oil changes may help avoid problems since technicians will check for leaks, inspect your radiator, and top up your coolant.

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6. Repair of the camshaft


How much is it? $3,000

Your valves might get blocked and break if they aren’t cleaned regularly. The camshaft regulates the amount of air that your engine receives, and blocked pipes may cause your whole system to fail. By the way, this is why your car’s check engine light may illuminate, and you should get it examined as soon as possible.

Get your oil changed every 3,000 miles to save money (some cars may be OK to reach every 7,500 miles). It’s far better to have a $50 oil change every few months than to incur a $3,000 repair cost.


Repairing suspensions is number five on the list.


How much is it? $3,500

It’s a smooth ride in your automobile when your suspension system is operating properly. Shocks, struts, springs, tie rods, and control arms all contribute to a smooth ride. If you require new components, you’re not going to enjoy it: replacing your struts, the most costly of the parts, may cost up to $900. If you require a complete suspension rebuild, the expenditures might quickly pile up.

Rotating your tires can help keep your suspension aligned, saving you money. You should also ensure that your tires are properly inflated on a regular basis, since driving on uneven tires might cause problems with your suspension. It’s time to take your automobile into a ship if you find it pulling to one side of the road.

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4. Replacement of the airbag


How much is it? $4,000

Your airbags are designed to protect you in the event of an accident, and they must be replaced after they have been deployed. If you are in an accident, your insurance will pay this repair, but if you are not in an accident, you will be responsible for the expense, which may be up to $4,000 if it includes replacing the pieces that keep the airbags in place.

Wear your seatbelt to save money!

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3. Replacement of the transmission


How much does it cost? $5,000

You’ve undoubtedly heard that changing your gearbox is one of the most expensive repairs on a vehicle, and that if it has to be done out of pocket, it could be worth trading it in and buying a new one. Your gearbox is what makes your automobile drive, so it’s a major no-no when it won’t.

Save money: Keep all of the above in line with your gearbox with periodic auto maintenance. And if a professional or your vehicle’s owner’s handbook recommends a gearbox flush, go ahead and perform it. Sure, it’ll set you back about $150, but it’ll save you money over the alternative vehicle repair expense.

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2. Battery for hybrid vehicles


How much is it? $6,000

While driving a hybrid helps the environment, auto maintenance are often more expensive, particularly if you require a brand-new rechargeable battery. The batteries are projected to last up to ten years, but if they fail, they must be replaced along with the car’s computer system.

Save money by coasting to a halt and gradually increasing your speed to make your battery last longer.

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1. Replace the engine


How much is it? $10,000

Your automobile will not be able to operate without its engine or cylinders. This is what we all hope isn’t the problem when the check engine light comes on. While we may not understand how a car works, we do know that the engine is the most significant and costly component of the vehicle. If your engine fails, disassembling the engine cylinders is difficult and time-consuming; the cost may indicate that it’s time to buy a new automobile.

All of the following will help you save money.

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Last but not least


These repairs are only covered by car insurance if they are the consequence of a collision or as stated in your policy. Routine maintenance is the most cost-effective strategy to avoid expensive repairs.

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If your mechanic is trying to scam you, there are a few ways that you can tell. The first way is if they ask for more money than what the job should cost. If they don’t have any receipts, then it’s time to walk away. Reference: how to know if your mechanic is scamming you.

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