Referring people to websites is one of the greatest ways to increase your traffic and convert your website visitors into customers. This is because people tend to trust websites more than people. Matching referrals to rewards is a great way to drive up your user base, but there are several different programs out there with hundreds of different referral programs. Which one is the best? This article will help you narrow down your choices, and which one is right for you.

The best referral programs are the ones that provide you with enough perks to make you forget they exist. When you earn something cool for your friends, you forget about the referral program entirely—other than that, they just seem like business partners, not people who were privy to your secret code. To find the best referral programs, I’ve written this article to share with you the 40 best referral schemes, with bonuses that range from $5 to $500.

Refer a friend and earn a reward!

Caring is shared!

40+ of the best refer a friend schemes to earn amazing rewards. I love refer a friend schemes, it's a win win for you and your friends. Not only that but these referral schemes mean you can earn some amazing rewards.

Don’t you simply love a good referral program? By recommending a friend to a product or service that you like and use, you may receive incentives, a discount, or even cash.

It successfully encourages good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing. Instead of just telling your buddy how great something is, send them a link or a coupon code to use at the checkout.

It’s typically a win-win scenario for you, the client. The agreement is beneficial to both you and your buddy.

You also don’t have to feel bad about taking advantage of all the referral programs available. According to a recent Forbes article, referral programs are also good for the companies that use them. Furthermore, statistics from Social Media Today support this.

So let’s take advantage of these fantastic refer-a-friend programs!!

I’ve compiled a list of over 40 of the finest refer-a-friend programs for you to try out and enjoy. Refer-a-friend programs are included in the following categories:

  • Cashback
  • Shopping
  • Gifts
  • Television and telephone
  • Utilities
  • Investments and banking
  • Wine and food

40+ Of The Most Effective Refer-A-Friend Programs

There are a plethora of referral programs to choose from. I’ve separated them into various categories so you can discover the ones that are most useful to you.

Some are flashy, while others are more ordinary (but still essential!)…

Refer-A-Friend Programs with Cashback

The majority of cashback sites are fairly similar. When you purchase via their referral link, you get cashback.

Furthermore, many of these websites provide incentives in return for performing micro tasks such as surveys and market research.

Filling out surveys is another excellent method to supplement your income.


You will get £25 and your buddy will receive £5.

When you refer a friend to Quidco, you’ll get a £25 reward as soon as your buddy has received £5 in verified cashback. In addition, your buddy will get £5!

You will be able to recommend your friends after you have joined up with them. You’ll get a £25 cashback incentive for every friend who joins Quidco via you and earns their first £5 in verified rewards.

Quidco rewards you for your purchases with cashback. They’ve collaborated with 4,500 businesses to provide cashback on every purchase.

Every year, the typical member makes £280!


Refer a friend to TopCashBack and you’ll get £15 (ref

You get a referral incentive for each person who joins via your link and earns £10.00 or more in rewards. In addition, your buddy will get a £5 uardp sign-up bonus.

TopCashBack is another excellent cashback service that may help you save a lot of money.

Their members earn an average of £345 each year.


When your referral earns 300 SB (Swag Bucks points that may be redeemed for prizes) during the first 30 days, you and your referrer will get a 300 SB bonus.

PLUS, you’ll get 10% of their SB earnings for the rest of their account’s life.

Get Free Gift Cards & Cash for the everyday things you do online.

Earn points by shopping online, watching amusing videos, searching the web, doing surveys, and finding amazing bargains.


If you refer a friend to OhMyDosh, you’ll get a £5 cash incentive for each buddy that cashes out.

Every week, OhMyDosh chooses one user at random who has shared their referral link in the previous week and deposits £50 into their OhMyDosh account. To enter, just share your referral link (which you may do as many times as you want)!

You may start earning money right now by completing offers, signing up for free trials, and more! We’re not your typical cashback site. NOT POINTS, but REAL MONEY! I

Refer-A-Friend Programs on TV and the Phone

Although the TV and phone referral programs may seem to be a little boring at first, they provide fantastic refer-a-friend incentives.


Refer a friend to BT broadband and each of you will get £50.

Invite a friend, then input your information, making sure you use the same email address as your BT account. They’ll provide you a unique link to share with them through email.

Following the unique link, your friend or family member joins BT broadband. They may go through the different broadband options and perhaps select one.

You and your buddy will each get £50 – that’s great!

Within 30 days of bill payment, BT will send you both a £50 Gift Card after their broadband is setup and they’ve paid their first bill.

Earn up to £40 each time you refer a friend.

By recommending your friends and relatives to, you may earn up to £40. They offer a simple dashboard where you can monitor and record all of your recommendations.

They pay the following for each successful referral:

  • £40 for a smartphone upgrading contract
  • A new handset contract costs £25
  • A SIM-only contract costs £10.
  • Only £5 for a handset


Join Sky TV and get £75 per person.

When you recommend a friend or family member to Sky TV, you’ll both get a £75 Prepaid MasterCard.


Receive up to £80 in cash.

When you suggest certain phones, SIMs, tablets, and Mobile Broadband devices to a friend, Three will pay you up to £80 in cash.

Because various items earn different amounts, it’s important to examine their rewards table.

And they take pleasure in the fact that this is real money, not a gift card. They should, too!

You are free to recommend as many items as you want to as many individuals as you want.


For Pay-As-You-Go (Pay-As-You-Go) – Earn up to £500 each year by sharing.

When you recommend a friend to EE pay as you go packs, both of you will get a £10 Amazon Gift Card.

To get started, just provide a few information and you’ll be given a unique link to share with all of your friends. You may recommend someone as long as you’re a current pay-as-you-go pack client.

Refer a friend to the Flex plan and get £20.

When you recommend a friend to an EE Flex plan, both of you will get a £10 gift card.

All your buddy has to do is click on your link to get their free Flex Plan SIM and sign up for an EE Flex Plan on a monthly basis.

Virgin eMedia is a digital media company.

You may each earn up to £50 in cash if you refer a friend to Virgin Media.

All you have to do now is sign up. Then send your pals your one-of-a-kind link. You will get up to £50 in BACs or PayPal within 28 days of their service being implemented.


Give a month for free and receive a month for free.

SMARTY is a new SIM-only mobile network whose brand is based on being simple and honest. I hadn’t heard of them before completing my research on referral programs, but they are a new SIM-only mobile network whose brand is built on being simple and honest.

You’ll both receive a free month if you join and recommend a buddy.

Here’s a simple arithmetic problem for you: if you recommend 12 friends, you’ll receive a free year!


When you recommend a friend to Vodafone, you’ll get a £25 Amazon gift card.

Introduce a friend to Vodafone Pay monthly mobile or Vodafone Home Broadband, and both you and your buddy will get a £25 Amazon Gift Card.

All you have to do is create an account and share your unique link with your friends.

You’ll both get a £25 Amazon Gift Card if they use it to join Vodafone online.


You will get £5 in retaliation and your buddy will receive £5 in credit.

GiffGaff’s Payback program allows you to earn cash, credit, or contribute to charity.

If you choose cash, you will be charged through PayPal. However, this option is only accessible if you have 1,000 or more Payback points (1 Payback point = £0.01). As a result, 500 points equal £5.

Alternatively, you may accept the £5 as a credit. At the conclusion of each Payback period, this will be credited to your account.

You may also give it to charity, and GiffGaff would match your donation pound for pound.

Utility Refer-A-Friend Programs


Get a free Hive Dimmable light and use the app or your voice to control your lights.

“Alexa, turn off the light in the kitchen.” Recommend Hive to friends and family, and you’ll get a FREE Hive Active Light for each new client who orders Hive Active Heating with Hub (and a FREE Echo Dot), Hive View Outdoor, or Hive View Indoor.

We’ll also offer them a £30 discount.

Scotland’s Might

When you move to Scottish Power, you will get a £100 credit and your friend will receive a £100 credit on your energy bill. You may share an infinite number of invitations and earn money by creating your own unique referral link.

Ovo Energy is a renewable energy company.

You’ll receive a £50 gift card if your friends join up!

Refer a friend to the Ovo Energy Better Smart plan, powered by a smart meter, and you’ll each get a £50 M&S, John Lewis & Partners or Gift Card.

Furthermore, your buddy may save up to £151 each year.

Warehouse of Common Goods (UW)

Earn £50 by referring a friend.

This is how it works…

Tell your friends about UW’s advantages and ask if they’d like to hear more from a UW Partner.

Share the names and contact information of anybody who may be interested with the Partner who signed you up.

Receive £50 off your bill when someone uses UW for all of their home services, and save money on your monthly cost.

Your earning potential is almost limitless!


If you refer a friend, you will get £50 when they switch.

Send an email to [email protected] with your complete name in the subject line and your friend’s contact information.

Rateswitch will contact them and help them finalize their rate switch.

£50 is put into your chosen bank account.

And the greatest part about this referral program is that you may earn as much as you want! You will earn £50 for each friend or family member you recommend to rateswitch who completes a mortgage switch.

Refer-A-Friend Programs in Banking and Investments


PayPal is for anybody who sends or receives money.

You will get £10 if you recommend a friend.

Simply give 1p to a friend who doesn’t have PayPal, and we’ll pay you both a tenner if they join up, connect their bank account or card, and spend £5 or more with PayPal before June 30. For recommending up to five friends, you may earn up to £50. 


Your money will increase thanks to your AI helper. Give your bank some thought. Plum makes use of cutting-edge technologies to make life easier for you.

Plum saves money for you automatically. Plum performs the arithmetic and transfers the exact amount from your bank account every few days. It all adds up over time.

Set aside more money, invest in what matters to you, and reduce your monthly payments. In only 2 minutes, you can get started for free.

For every three successful referrals, you’ll get £15 in your account.


For referring your friends, you may earn up to £15 in cash.

We’ll give you £15 in cash every time you refer a friend who takes up a Peachy short-term loan. Refer ten friends and get £150!

In addition, customers will get a 15% reduction on their loan. It’s a win-win situation!

So, if you enjoy Peachy and want to encourage your friends to recommend us, you may now do so by sharing a unique link.

Bee Pensioned

Pension Bee’s mission is to simplify pensions so that everyone may have a happy retirement.

  1. Login to your BeeHive account.
  2. Please share your personalized link with your friends.
  3. When a buddy transfers a pension, you’ll get £50.

Fidelity International is a financial services firm.

For each friend who creates an ISA account entirely online and puts an initial deposit of £5,000 or more for the first time, the referrer receives a £50 Gift Card.

  1. To be eligible for the incentive, the referral must already be a Fidelity client. i.e. the person must already have a Fidelity investment or monthly savings plan.

Newcastle Building Society is a building society based in Newcastle,

This voucher entitles you to £100 Marks & Spencer vouchers, when you recommend a Newcastle Building Society mortgage to a friend and their mortgage completes. We will also send your friend £50 M&S vouchers.


Nutmeg takes a fresh approach to investing, believing that it should be a simple and uncomplicated process. They create and manage diverse portfolios, using technology to keep fees low and show you exactly where your money is placed.

If you recommend friends to Nutmeg, they will pay no Nutmeg management costs for the first six months after they invest. We’ll also give you a choice of gift certificates., John Lewis and Partners, Pre-paid Mastercard, Currys PC World, and Deliveroo are among the options.

You will get a £100 gift certificate if your friend invests a minimum of £500 in an ISA, pension, or general investing account.

You will get a £50 gift certificate if your friend puts a minimum of £500 in a Lifetime ISA or a Junior ISA on behalf of their kid. Investments of less than £500 will be ineligible. For the next six months, your buddy will pay no Nutmeg management costs, regardless of whatever investment product they choose.

Banking in the Metropolitan Area

We’re the country’s first new high-street bank in almost a century. Our name was first forged in the heart of London, but we’ve since spread our wings throughout the city and beyond.

If you refer a friend to us, we’ll pay you both £50 when they establish a Current Account and switch.

We’ll give you £50 for each of your first five friends who switch accounts once you recommend them. We’ll also give each of them £50 as a thank you for joining us.


Moneycorp are global specialists in currency exchange & international payments.

If you recommend a friend who needs to transfer money internationally in the same way you do, you’ll both receive £75 if they exchange and send £2,500 within three months.

You may recommend as many friends as you want, and each successful referral will earn you £75.

Capital One is a credit card issued by Capital One.

Capital One is a bank holding corporation based in the United States that specializes in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts.

To get your own referral link, please sign in to your account. Then forward that link to your pals. You’ll receive a bonus for each friend accepted if they’re a new Capital One cardholder and apply via your link.

The referral incentive is determined on the product you own. To see what your particular referral bonus offer is, sign in to your account or connect into the mobile app.

Invest with easyMoney, a UK Property-backed peer-to-peer lending platform. When you invest £1000, you may earn up to 8% in easyMoney benefits card.

If you recommend a friend or family to easyMoney, you will both get a £50 bonus, which will be deposited into both of your regular investing accounts.

Refer-A-Friend Programs in the Food and Wine Industry


Gousto delivers exact ingredients and delectable meals right to your home.

In your first month as a new client, you’ll receive 30% off all boxes.


When a friend joins up, you’ll receive a free box, and they’ll get their first box for £1.

SimplyCook focuses on preparing restaurant-quality dishes. For £3, you may test out four dishes.

SimplyCook’s recommend a friend program gives you with a unique friend link that entitles your buddy to a free first box. Plus, if they join up, you’ll receive a free box as a thank you! 

You may email, Facebook, or WhatsApp this link, or just copy and paste it and distribute it anyway you choose.

Chef conscientious

Mindful Chef claims to be the highest-rated recipe box in the United Kingdom. Fresh, tasty, nutritionist-designed meals are delivered right to your home.

You may save £10 on your first and second box when you order from Mindful Chef.

Greetings, New

Fresh ingredients and simple recipes sent right to your door, so you can relax and enjoy stress-free home cooking.

When you join up, you will get a 50% discount on your first box, as well as a 20% discount on your second, third, and fourth boxes. After that, you may begin taking advantage of their referral program.

You will get an unlimited HelloShare coupon as a HelloFresh client, which you may share with your friends. Your friend will get a £20 discount on their first HelloFresh box, as well as a £20 credit to their account as a thank you. 

Customers are sometimes rewarded with the opportunity of sending Freebies. These coupons will cover the full cost of any HelloFresh subscription’s first box.

Refer-A-Friend Programs in the Retail Industry


If you refer a friend to Boden, they’ll receive £20 off their first purchase, and you’ll earn £10 off your next.


You’ll receive a £5 coupon if you recommend a friend to boohoo, and they’ll get an additional 30% off their first purchase (excluding sale goods).

It’s a Lovely Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing does not provide a discount or a money-off coupon, but it does offer the opportunity to win £500 to spend at the store.

Plus, for every person you recommend, you’ll receive one entry into their exclusive competition to win £500.

Charlotte Tilbury is a British makeup artist.

You and a buddy have the opportunity to win Charlotte Tilbury’s new Super Radiance 3 Step Routine.

Plus, you’ll both save £20 on your next purchase of £100 or more!

Refer a Friend Programs (Gifts)

Wildflowers and Bloom

You and your friend can receive £10 off your next order when they use Bloom & Wild for the first time.

Flowers from Appleyard

Give a friend £15 and get a £10 referral credit.

They’ll give you a £15 referral credit for each friend you recommend. You will get a £10 credit after they make their first purchase over £40.

Recap on 40+ of the most effective refer-a-friend programs

Wow! That was a long list, but I hope you found something useful that will help you supplement your income.

It’s a win-win scenario since you can get points and your buddy can receive rewards for a product or service they were likely to purchase regardless.

Do you have any suggestions for a refer-a-friend program? Please let me know in the comments section below…

When you refer a friend to a service, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a bank or a gym, it can be a totally different type of place. In fact, you can earn awesome rewards for referring your friend to almost anything – from a restaurant, to a book, to a gym, to a pet shop, to a taxi, to a cleaning service, to a car wash or a car leasing company, to a credit card or a loan, to a cosmetic surgery clinic, to a hair salon, to a medical treatment centre, to a beauty salon, to a fitness centre, to a doctor or a dentist. You can even refer friends to those who offer beauty and wellness services such as massage, beauty and fitness clinics, and other. Read more about refer a friend scheme recruitment and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps give money for referring friends?

There are many apps that give you money for referring friends. Some of these include Swagbucks, Hiya, and Survey Junkie.

What are the best referral programs?

The best referral programs are those that offer a good amount of points to the person who referred you.

How can I make money referring to friends?

You can make money by referring friends to the game. This is done by giving your friend a code that they enter into the game when they sign up. If they use this code, you will get credit for their first purchase.

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