The last few years has seen a massive growth in what is known as online surveys, which are basically surveys that are conducted online. These surveys are generally conducted by companies that are looking for the publics opinion on various topics. (They are also used for various other reasons, but the main one is to get your opinions.)

Online surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money online. These surveys can pay you as much as $100 per hour. You get paid for answering simple questions and for your opinion. The surveys can be short or long. Your only responsibility is that you have to give your honest opinion.

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(Disclosure: some of the links below may be affiliate links). word-image-4093 Many people want to earn some extra money. An additional income can help you earn more money and improve your financial situation. I haven’t talked about it much here on the blog. But I want to expand that. In this article, I want to talk about online surveys. These are surveys that you can complete online and earn money with. There are some interesting places in Switzerland where you can do this. In this article I will tell you about this side income and the best online survey sites in Switzerland.

Online surveys

An online survey is simply a survey conducted online. Companies that conduct online surveys are hired by other companies that want to know what many people think about their products or about a market topic. You can do it all on your computer or your phone, and it’s very easy. For these reasons, filling out online surveys is probably the easiest side job you can do. Now you won’t get rich from online surveys. This is not the subject of this article. If you do it regularly, you can expect at most a few hundred Swiss francs a month on various platforms. And that’s really the most you can get out of my experience. For many people, however, a simple increase of 100 francs a month can already be useful. This can be a great way to increase your income and save that extra money for the future, or to build a stronger budget. You can count on many types of surveys:

  • About the insurance
  • About a specific product
  • About advertising
  • On your use or consumption of something

I’ve tried all the platforms I’m going to talk about in this article. But for now, I’ll just use one. My wife has tried several as well. I don’t do it much anymore because I don’t want to waste my time like that. You should only participate in online surveys if you think it is a good use of your time. Again: It won’t totally change your life. So let’s take a look at the best online survey platforms in Switzerland. To use it, you must be fluent in at least one of the official Swiss languages: French, Italian or German. I haven’t found one yet that can be done in English.


Lamps Ampuls is a great online survey platform where you can answer survey questions to earn extra money!   word-image-4094 word-image-4095 Ampuls is an online survey company that has been around for over 20 years. It’s the platform I’ve used the most, and I still participate in surveys from time to time. You earn points by answering the questionnaires. 100 points are worth almost 1 Swiss Franc. I used to get between 200 and 1000 points per survey. Most surveys are relatively short. The longest ones take about 15 minutes. With your points, you have two options:

  1. Put the money in your bank account. You can spend 3000 points and receive 30 CHF on your bank account.
  2. Receiving money in the form of vouchers.

The beauty of coupons is that you can get more out of your points. For 1,800 points you will receive, for example, vouchers from Digitec (Galaxus) worth CHF 20. You can also get a CHF 13 Spotify voucher for just 1,000 points. There are many other coupons (Netflix, Zalando, iTunes, etc.). If you know you’re going to be spending money at one of these stores, it’s a great way to redeem your points. In this case, you are saving on your expenses instead of making more money. It’s a choice you have to make. I myself have used Digitec and Zalando vouchers and transfers to my bank accounts. The number of surveys you receive will depend on your profile. I used to get 1 to 3 surveys a month. Over time I have saved about 300 CHF on bulbs. They have an excellent online platform, and are easy to use. During the time I spent with him, he was the most interesting profile to me.

EntscheiderClub / Club Décideurs

EntscheiderClub Entscheiderclub (Club Décideurs) is a good online survey platform where you can earn money by completing online surveys.   word-image-10243 word-image-10244 EntscheiderClub is a new player on the Swiss online survey market. It is a division of Gapfish, a large surveying company based in Germany. For each survey, you know how many you will receive. As a rule, you will receive between 1 and 5 Swiss francs for each survey. Once you have reached a balance of CHF 10, you will automatically receive a transfer to your bank account. It is very simple and well integrated withsurveys. They also conduct some special studies, such as webcam studies. I’ve never done it because I don’t like it, but there’s more profit in it. I haven’t used this platform much yet, I just tested it a bit before I decided not to spend too much time on online surveys. But it is a good platform where you can make good profits. With Ampuls, Club Décideurs will be one of the most interesting platforms I’ve found.

Consulting room

Espace d’opinion (German: Meinungsraum) is a more modern platform for Switzerland. It is in fact a large online survey company, but it has only been operating in Switzerland since 2008. Today they have about 45,000 Swiss members. On this platform, you will receive between 1 and 2.50 CHF per survey. Once you have saved 15 Swiss francs, you receive the money on your bank account or donate it to charity. This platform has a good online offering. It is easy to use and it is simple to fill out the different surveys. This is the platform I used the least, as I decided to drop it completely at this point. But my wife still uses them. I also think it’s the least profitable platform, with low earnings and few surveys. But maybe it’s just because they weren’t really interested in my profile.

Link Institut is a Swiss market research company. They have over 40 years of experience. It is the largest survey panel in Switzerland with over 100,000 participants.  Their online survey panel is called the LINK panel. Once you have completed the survey, you have a choice of prizes:

  • Cash transfer once you reach CHF 10
  • Coop Supercard points or Migros Cumulus points
  • Coupon for
  • Coupon for fixed lines
  • charitable donations

Personally, I always chose Migros Cumulus points because it was the easiest way to pay and I could save money when shopping. I haven’t done many surveys, a little more than 10 I think. I have used this service for about a year and average one survey per month. I would love to have more surveys. That was my biggest problem with this service. Note, however, that this depends on your profile. Sometimes the surveys were not very convenient to fill out, and this service feels like the least successful platform, a bit cheap. I probably got a little less than CHF 100 from LINK.


Completing online surveys can help you make extra money online. You won’t get rich from them, but if you’re willing to put in some time, they can help your budget generate some extra income. Of the different types of side jobs, this is probably the easiest job to start with. All you need is a computer or smartphone and you’re good to go. In all the time I used these platforms, I only earned just under 500 CHF. You have to remember that you are trading your time for money. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it. But if you have some free time and want to make some money, this could be a good place to start. If you want to increase your income, you need to learn a few ways to increase your income. Should I be talking about side jobs and ways to make money in this blog? Have you ever conducted an online survey? Get our best strategies and tips delivered straight to your inbox. Get free advice on your finances to help you become financially independent!The internet has been a money making machine for many years. More and more companies are offering online surveys because of the low cost and large return on investment. This has created a huge market for online surveys and an abundance of survey opportunities. Thousands of people are making money online by filling out online surveys. If you want to make money online, starting with online surveys is a great place to start.. Read more about swagbucks legit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which paid survey sites are legitimate?

There are a lot of online paid survey sites nowadays, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you realize the sheer amount of choice. However, it is possible to find paid survey sites that are legitimate and are worth your time and effort. Some paid survey sites are better than others, and you don’t want to waste your time on a site that won’t pay you for your time. One of the oldest ways to make some extra money from home is to take paid surveys. They are typically short surveys that take only a few minutes of your time, but can be pretty lucrative. In fact, some members of the Make Money Online Forum report making thousands of dollars a year just from taking paid surveys. However, not all paid survey sites are created equal and some are scams. This guide will go over the most popular paid survey sites and will help you weed out the bad ones, so you can start making money with paid surveys right away.

Do online surveys really pay you?

The idea of making money by completing online surveys is so simple, yet so many people fail to make any money at all. After all, the concept is extremely straightforward: you complete online surveys and get paid every time. Sounds simple enough, right? However, this is why many fail to see any money at all for their work. In order to get paid, you must follow a few simple rules and guidelines when it comes to online surveys. Back in the old days, people would fill out surveys in exchange for prizes. Nowadays, they fill them out in exchange for money. The term “online surveys” refers to a wide range of polls and questionnaires, taken on a computer or mobile device, that are paid for by companies looking for feedback. Instead of getting a sticker or a tote bag for your time, you receive cash—and often, the opportunity to get a sneak peek at a new product or service. The amount you can earn depends on the length and type of survey. Some surveys pay a few cents, others pay a few dollars. In general, the longer and more in-depth a survey is, the more you can earn. You can also

How much can you make with online surveys?

The best survey sites will let you set your own hours so you can work while you’re at school or at work, and you can even do surveys of your choosing—not just what they decide to give you. For the most part, it’s best to take the surveys and study how they work first, so you can figure out which types of questions you’re best at and what you’re more likely to get paid for. But don’t spend too much time worrying about that. It’s better to jump in and start taking surveys and getting used to it. When you’re just starting out you can expect to make about $3 to $5 per hour. But if you’re going to put in about 20 hours a week doing surveys online, Making money online with surveys is a popular side hustle. But how much money can you actually make with online surveys? The answer is: it depends! A few surveys may earn you a few dollars, while others can pay much more. And the amount you earn is often determined by how long the survey takes to complete and the number of questions included. That’s why, when you want to maximize your earnings with online surveys, it’s important to target the highest paying surveys available.

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