Venture 73 is a startup that Dave Lashmet is involved with. Venture 73 is a new twist on an old concept, allowing consumers to pay their credit card bill on an installment plan. Lashmet is convinced that the service has enormous potential.

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I recently got an email from Stansberry Research with the subject line “Venture Opportunity #73,” which directed me to a presentation on their website.

According to the presentation, Stansberry Research is sending out a “urgent purchase alert” to all members for the first time since 2015 about a “technology firm that may be on the brink of a trillion-dollar windfall” that could help you convert $10,000 into $50,000. (5X).

What’s the big deal?

In summary… Stansberry Research has named Dave Lashmet’s newest stock choice for 2021, a U.S. semiconductor firm, Venture Opportunity No. 73.

You may read a report titled “Venture #73: The Pentagon’s Chipmaker” to find out which business Dave Lashmet is optimistic on by joining his investment advice service, Stansberry Venture Technology, for $2,500.

I wanted to know what business he was teasing without paying $2.5K, so I decided to look at the presentation more closely, and I’ll show you what I discovered in this post.

a brief description of Venture Opportunity #73

According to the Stansberry Research presentation, “Venture Opportunity No. 73 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in what may soon be the answer to a raging worldwide financial and technological crisis” affecting 169 sectors.

Unlike other Stansberry Research presentations I’ve talked about on this site, this one didn’t include Dave Lashmet, the guy who made the forecast.

Instead, it’s a 42-minute film in which journalist Tom Mustin goes through Dave Lashmet’s Venture #73 forecast from beginning to end. is the source of this information.

Tom begins by discussing some of Dave’s previous forecasts, such as Venture Opportunity Nos. 57, 59, and 62, all of which included “breakthrough” healthcare companies.

Tom then goes on to discuss how America’s infrastructure is in jeopardy, and how silicon semiconductor chips are at the heart of the problem.

The epidemic, as Tom points out, is to blame, since it has disrupted supply chains and boosted demand for gadgets as people spend more time inside.

He claims that getting the chips you need to create your product may now take up to 18 weeks, which is creating issues since semiconductor chips are used in almost every kind of technology.

Tom goes on to say that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing produces 84 percent of the chips required to address the worldwide shortfall (TSMC).

And, if you haven’t been keeping up with the news, Taiwan is at the heart of growing tensions between China and the United States, as China seeks to reclaim control of the island.

Tom Mustin claims that:

It would be like taking a treasure trove full of America’s finest technology and trade secrets if China invaded Taiwan. 

China would get access to all of our chip designs, which power tens of thousands of American goods.

They might then use that knowledge to develop lower-cost alternatives and undercut competitors all across the globe…

They could simply shut off our connection to Taiwan if they wanted to damage our economy and our fundamental capacity to operate as we do today.

That would be a disaster…

Tom Mustin is a writer, producer, and director (source:

According to Toms, this provides Dave Lashmet’s “Venture No. 73” two of the “strongest tailwinds you could possibly conceive” for an investment since 1) semiconductor chip makers are in high demand, and 2) there is a “urgent diplomatic necessity” to build chips in the United States.

It also seems to be at the heart of a $1 trillion opportunity:

Dave predicts that $1 trillion will be spent over the next ten years to re-establish America as a chip-making superpower… and everything is in order for Venture No. 73 to take center stage.

I’ll show you the business I believe Dave is optimistic on in the following part.

“Venture No. 73” Stock by Dave Lashmet

Tom gives little hints regarding Dave Lashmet’s “Venture No. 73” stock, most likely because Stansberry Research wants you to join Stansberry Venture Technology to discover out.

As previously stated, when you join Stansberry Venture Technology, you will get a report titled “Venture #73: The Pentagon’s Chipmaker,” which has all of the information on the business Dave is bullish on, as well as instructions on how to get started.

That said, I believe I’ve figured it out.

The following are the hints Tom gives in the presentation:

Most ordinary investors are totally unaware of Venture No. 73. Its shares just recently became public.

It’s also one-hundredth the size of Apple… Many of its immediate rivals are roughly a tenth of the size of this company.

Congressmen and women have visited the business behind Venture #73’s offices in recent weeks.

It’s exactly what our country is screaming for… an American chip manufacturing business… that is entirely owned and run in the United States

The administration has already made numerous agreements with No. 73.

This is due to their expertise in producing a complex kind of semiconductor used in military equipment such as fighter aircraft, drones, and satellites.

They agreed to lease a factory to them for $1 per month for the next 20 years in exchange for more Department of Defense contracts.

Currently, about 350,000 shares change hands each day.

Unfortunately, most of these hints are imprecise, leaving me with nothing to go on. I spent a lot of time looking for a US semiconductor firm with a market value 1/100 that of Apple, which would give it a $25 billion (ish) market cap, according to my estimates.

And it didn’t help me at all.

However, I think it is SkyWater Technology, due to an article on Stock Gumshoe and a line in the presentation regarding the company’s $1 per month leasing arrangement (SKYT).

SkyWater Technology, according to my study, matches the most of the clues:

  • It’s a semiconductor chip company based in the United States.
  • The business just went public (April, 2021).
  • It has a number of agreements with the US government.
  • According to a Stansberry Research study of SkyWater Technology, the business has a plant with a $1 per month lease for the next 20 years.
  • On a daily basis, around 400,000 shares are traded (but the price recently went up so 350,000 is what it may have been when the presentation was released).

The bit about being 1/100 the size of Apple is the only element that doesn’t make sense.

As of this writing, Apple’s market value is approximately $2.45 trillion, implying that the business Dave is optimistic on has a market worth of around $25 billion. As of this writing, SkyWater Technology has a market capitalization of about $1 billion (August 2021).

So, unless I’m missing something or Stansberry Research is evaluating these businesses’ “size” using a different measure, I’m not sure what to make of this.

In any case, you’ll need to join up for Stansberry Venture Technology to find out for sure and to learn more about why Dave is promoting the business.

What Is Stansberry Venture Technology, and How Does It Work?

Stansberry Venture Technology is a monthly research advisory conducted by Stansberry Research’s Dave Lashmet that suggests stock market “venture capital-like possibilities.”

Dave “scours the public markets for little-known, small-cap businesses that are developing the next miracle medicine or technology,” according to the Stansberry Research website.

Small-cap companies have a market value of $300 million to $2 billion, and they are more speculative than large-size stocks, according to the website.

However, since the program promises to assist members earn 5X to 10X profits, you should evaluate the risk vs return potential before deciding whether it’s appropriate for you.

Essentially, after you learn about Dave’s monthly suggestions and the library of special reports, you may determine whether or not you wish to follow his advice with your own trading account.

Aside from the dangers associated with small-cap stocks, the major disadvantage is the expense.

To get started, you’ll need $2,500 (plus a discount if you join via the presentation), and Stansberry Research recommends a minimum investment of $50,000.

You don’t “have” to have that much, and even if it’s a more expensive service, there’s a lot of value to be had all things considered.

What do you receive if you become a member?

The primary benefit of becoming a member of Stansberry Venture Technology is having access to Dave’s monthly newsletters, which explain his newest “Venture Opportunity” for the month.

You also receive access to Dave’s 43 other open suggestions, as well as frequent updates, access to the video collection, and the whole history of special reports.

The report “Venture #73: The Pentagon’s Chipmaker” is one of them.

Is it possible to obtain a refund?

Stansberry Venture Technology does not come with a cash return from Stansberry Research. Even so, they offer you 30 days to test it out, and if you’re not satisfied, you may receive a credit to spend on another Stansberry Research service.

Dave Lashmet, who is he?

Stansberry Venture Technology is edited by Dave Lashmet. Unlike other financial experts I’ve seen in this area, his expertise seems to be more based in the developing technology underlying some of the businesses he promotes than in finance.

Dave spent 25 years as an independent technology analyst and roughly a decade writing and lecturing on technology and health at major colleges in the United States, including Harvard Medical School and MIT, according to his biography on the Stansbery Research website.

Dave is also the co-inventor of three pending patents and the inventor of three U.S. patents relating to software and hardware.

Dave’s experience in technology might be a major plus considering the kinds of possibilities he suggests (new tech firms).

Personally, I’d prefer listen to someone who has firsthand knowledge and is actively engaged in the industry than a stock analyst.

However, I’m not sure how well his suggestions have fared over time, apart from the three instances given on the Stansberry Research website.

  • ID Biomedical is a biomedical company that specializes on (331 percent gains)
  • 12th Business Venture (93 percent in 12 days)
  • 59th Venture (137 percent in 36 days)

As a member, you do have access to the archive of special reports. So you could go through them to evaluate how well his suggestions have done on average.


According to Stansberry Research, Dave Lashmet’s “Venture Opportunity No. 73” is a U.S. semiconductor chip maker with a “potential to earn five times your money or more.”

SkyWater Technology, I think, is the business, based on my study (SKYT).

You’ll have to subscribe to Stansberry Venture Technology, Dave’s investment advice service, to find out for sure and receive all the facts.

On the one hand, I thought the presentation was fascinating. And, if SkyWater Technology is the business he’s suggesting, I’d say it’s a fantastic investment given the projected future need for semiconductor chips in the United States.

Speculating in the stock market, on the other hand, is dangerous. So, although Dave’s forecast may come true, and I think his business is genuine, there are no assurances you’ll earn money, much less 5X or 10X returns. It’s even conceivable that you’ll lose money.

In any case, I hope you found this useful.

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