We are in the year 2022 and the world is on fire, literally. Power grids have been knocked out because of a solar flare event that has left most of America without power for days or weeks at a time. This is one reason people must produce their own energy with renewable sources if they want to survive. And so what better way to generate electricity than by using candles? Luckily, nowadays it’s really easy to make your very own candle!

The “legal requirements for selling homemade candles” is a topic that will be covered in this blog. The legal requirements for selling homemade candles are often overlooked and it can lead to huge profits.

A Comprehensive Guide on Making Candles at Home to Sell

Making candles to sell is at the top of our list if you’re searching for a successful side business you can do from home. 

Who doesn’t like the sensation of a clean sink, fresh linens, a fantastic movie, and a brand new candle to light? C’mon, it’s so relatable that it’s gone viral on social media!

Big manufacturers recognize that humans like the aroma of burning candles and have cashed on this by developing different smells for every season and occasion. They know that people are prepared to pay a lot of money for this!

Selling candles is a terrific option to supplement your income in this manner. Don’t know how to produce candles to sell at home? Don’t worry, this book will teach you all you need to know to start your own candle-making company.


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Scented candles are quite popular because they provide a sense of love and warmth in a room. According to candles.org, one out of every five women says they use candles to adorn both the inside and outside of their houses! 

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Why did you decide to start making candles to sell?

Making and selling candles is one of the simplest businesses to start since it involves no formal certification and very little initial investment.

It’s simple to learn — you can find recipes on YouTube and Pinterest, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. 

You can harness your inner entrepreneur, work your own hours, and be your own boss by making and selling candles. It empowers you to be innovative, take risks, and create your own company!

How many companies allow you to get started without spending tens of thousands of dollars for a storefront and inventory? Uhhh… Exactly! 


Starting a Candle Business: A Beginner’s Guide

What is the best way to start a candle business?

You’ve probably figured out that producing candles to sell is a good business concept. This does not imply that the procedure will be straightforward. However, you must remain concentrated when confronted with difficulties.

If you wish to establish a candle company, you’ll need to do the following:

• Research and brainstorming

• Increase your knowledge base

• Gather your ingredients and supplies.

• Experiment with a variety of scents.

• Develop your own brand

• Make sure your social media profiles are up to date.

• Make a marketing strategy decision.

• Make a few of your most beautiful candles

• Take pictures of your products

• It’s all about the market!

Each of these aspects is discussed in depth below, starting with brainstorming your ideas and ending with making your first sales!


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How to Make Candles to Sell: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Research and brainstorm

Planning is essential before beginning any large undertaking or company operation. You must investigate your rivals, generate ideas, establish reasonable goals, and have a sound strategy that lays out precisely how you will reach these objectives.

How many hours a week are you able to devote to candlemaking? 

How many hours per day can you devote to developing material for your social media accounts (hello, promotions, advertisements, flyers, and videos!)?

How much money do you want to make every month from this venture? When do you want to be making this much money?

How much does a candle cost to make? 

How do you intend to outperform your rivals? What distinguishes and distinguishes YOUR product?

What are the month’s most popular scents?

What are the best-selling products for the major brands?

Your brainstorming sessions will cover a lot of information. Keep in mind that every great company began with a solid strategy! Make a list of everything. Get a planner dedicated to all of your business-related musings!



Visit Amazon to see Planner.


2. Increase your knowledge base

Maybe you’ve done some candlemaking before, or maybe you’ve never done any at all. It makes no difference. Learning new talents and expanding your knowledge has never been easier thanks to the internet! Anyone can learn how to create candles and sell them!

You may watch free videos on YouTube, follow free lessons on Pinterest and Google, or pay for courses on sites like Coursera.

You may discover new techniques for making your candles stand out from the crowd. You may also study and develop your business and marketing abilities in your leisure time. 

All of these may assist you in your candle-making endeavors!


making candles to sell


3. Gather your ingredients and supplies.

After you’ve done your study, it’s time to go out and get the materials and ingredients you’ll need to get started manufacturing your sellable candles. The following are some of the most prevalent items:

– Wax for candles

– Dyes and colorants

– Pot Pouring

– Ingredients

– Deodorants

– Source of Heat

– Molds

— Candle-holding containers

– Wicks

– A thermometer is a device that measures the temperature of an object.

– Digital scales and other weighing and measurement devices

Labels – (Reach out to a local business to get these customized)

– Shipping boxes and packaging materials


You may invest in additional equipment as you get more skill and start making money. As a newbie, I recommend keeping things basic at first. Below is a full instruction on how to produce candles using these items.


4. Experiment with various styles, scents, and ingredients.

You may begin experimenting now that you have all of your materials and ingredients. Do you recall all of your research? This is going to come in helpful right now!

Take a look at the most popular perfumes, colors, and designs from all the major brands and put your own touch on them. Make them even larger and more impressive. 

Make your own distinctive fragrances. Come up with some creative names. Experiments should be based on what’s popular and trendy.


5. Create a Personal Brand

Building your brand doesn’t have to be the fifth step in this process; it can begin right now. While you do study and experiment with the creation of your candles, this might be a work in progress.

It is, however, a critical step that should be regarded as such. You’ll need to consider your business name, brand colors, and brand aesthetics.

Do you like pink and lovely, pastels, or loud and strong colors? Whatever you decide, make sure it shows up in your logo, social media sites, product photographs, and candles.

You know how you can look at a candle and immediately know what brand it is and where it was purchased? That’s also the objective for your candle-making company!


branding factors for selling candles


6. Create your social media accounts

You’ll want to acquire and reserve your social media handles as soon as you’ve decided on your company name! Try to get it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and any other social media sites you intend to utilize.

After you’ve reserved your handles, you may create your social media profiles using your logo, brand colors, and style. 


7. Make a marketing strategy decision.

Being able to promote your product to improve sales is an important component of manufacturing candles to sell. 

The second most crucial component of this “How to Make Candles to Sell” article, after the actual product development, is your marketing plan. 

Because your marketing plan has an impact on your earnings, it’s critical to conduct your homework and make an informed conclusion.

Taking aesthetic photographs of your products that are on brand, posting on social media at the right times, finding creative ways to grow your audience (hello giveaways! ), choosing the right influencers to collaborate with to promote your products, planning perfectly timed launches, and deciding when you’re willing to spend money on ads and promotions are all part of your marketing strategy.

Remember that you may have to pay a little to get a lot, but you’re attempting to supplement your income, so these investments must be worthwhile.


8. Make a few of your most beautiful candles

You’ll have worked out your greatest mixes after a lot of tinkering, and they’ll probably become your biggest sellers. To begin your candle-making company, you’ll want to make a few of them. 

These are the ones you’ll take photos of on your social media profiles. Make sure they’re attractive and consistent with your brand.


woman making candles to sell


9. Take pictures of your products

You’ll need the most beautiful photos when you initially start selling candles! One of the most difficult aspects of selling scented items online is that the aroma cannot sell itself. This is why the images and videos must perform twice as well.

There is no space for sloppy images in a successful candle manufacturing company. The niche is one that lends itself to beauty and aesthetics, and the market is extremely competitive. 

If you want to succeed in this industry, you’ll need to make sure your photos are gorgeous, consistent with your brand, tastefully arranged, and well-curated. Consider delicate overlays, stunning props, fresh flowers, and crocheted blankets…

When shooting pictures, keep in mind that natural light is better, so position yourself near a window or door. Even if your phone is capable of producing professional-looking photos, you should still look at online tutorials and short courses to learn more.

You could want to hire a professional photographer or invest in extra photographic equipment, props, or gear as your company expands.


Market, Market, Market, Market, Market, Market, Market, Market, Market, Market, Market

You’re finally ready to sell! YAY!

You’ve done your homework, built your product, photographed it, and uploaded it on the internet. So, what’s next? Why not just wait for the sales to come in? Certainly not! You must ENSURE that those sales go place! You must ENTICE people to desire your stuff!

Step #7 described some of the marketing tactics that might help your company grow. You may combine them all to make your candle-making company a success!

Why not debut your new winter line on the day after Thanksgiving, for example? Launch with amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices, as well as a giveaway with all of the new Christmas fragrances!

Perhaps you could collaborate with a few other companies on the giveaway. Make it a contest that people want to participate. You’ll all acquire new fans and eyeballs on your merchandise.

Tease your audience by revealing details about the launch, giveaway, and sale throughout November. Use reels and tales to give your brand a more human touch.

Yes, I understand you want to learn how to generate money from home. You’ve come to learn how to create candles at home and sell them. But I want you to think about more than simply selling on the internet. I’d want for you to DREAM BIG.

Allocating certain days to visit stores and businesses to demonstrate your items and offer yourself as a candle provider should be part of your marketing plan. This will advance you to the NEXT STAGE! You’ve got this!

There are a plethora of brilliant methods to promote your candles and excel at selling them from home. Continue reading and learning about best practices and tried-and-true strategies! Perhaps you might look at books like The 1-Page Marketing Plan!

  1642430900_590_q Visit Amazon to see the book.


How to Make Candles to Sell – A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s get into the real step-by-step procedure of producing the candles now that you know how to set up your candle manufacturing company for success.


1. Gather all of your materials.

There are many different varieties of candles, and each one requires different tools and equipment to make. If you’re just getting started, you should pick the sort of candle you’ll be manufacturing and buy equipment specifically for that style of candle.

Container candles, votive candles, dipped candles, pillar candles, and more types of candles are available. Today, the container candle is arguably the most popular, since it is used to beautify millions of houses all over the globe!


Here are the essential materials you’ll need to get started:

– Wax Melting Materials 

A double boiler may be purchased, or two pots, one with a smaller aluminum pot within the other, can be used. The wax will be kept in the inner pot, while the hot water will be kept in the outer pot.

A thermometer — To keep track of the temperature of the wax, you’ll need an accurate thermometer, such as a candy/cheese thermometer. Make sure the thermometer isn’t touching the pan, otherwise your reading will be incorrect. Also, avoid allowing your wax to come into close contact with the heat source. If heated to roughly 300 degrees or above, wax may ignite a fire. So don’t let it get too hot!


– Wicks

Wicks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including flat wicks, square wicks, and cored wicks. The most frequent wicks used in container candles have a zinc core! The wick is held upright by the metal core as the wax is poured into the jar.

If you choose a wick without a metal core, you’ll need to attach one end to the jar’s bottom (hot glue works well!). Then, to tie the wick to, acquire a wicking bar to go over the top.


– Wax

When producing candles for sale, there are numerous kinds of wax that may be utilized. Beeswax, stearin candle wax, soy wax, and synthetic wax are among them, although paraffin wax is the most popular.

Paraffin wax may be purchased as slabs or pellets. If you’re just getting started with container candles, use wax with a lower melting point.


– Deodorants

The majority of consumers purchase candles for the aroma. Choose aromas and smells that are both popular and safe. Remember to read the instructions to make sure you’re using the proper amounts.


– Additives

The color of your candle will be determined by the scent you choose. A lavender scented candle, for example, is generally light purple in hue. Color and scent are inextricably linked.

To get varied colours, you may use dyes and pigments. Pigments just cover the exterior of the candle, while dyes affect the color of the whole candle, both inside and out.


– Molds & Containers

Molds and containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Be inventive!


Vybar – (Optional)

Vybar 260 is an excellent ingredient for container candles, since it helps to increase the aroma.


how to make candles at home to sell - ingredients


2. Create a Workspace

Remove any combustible objects from the area and make sure you have everything you need. Always have a fire extinguisher and baking soda (for tiny wax fires) on hand, for example. 


3. Bring the wax to a boil.

To melt your wax, use your double boiler. Of course, if you’re just getting started, you may stick to using two pans, but this will be a bit more messy and complex.

Add the wax to the inner pan after breaking it up into tiny pieces. Keep an eye on the water level in the outer pan to prevent it from drying out.

Keep monitoring the temperature with your thermometer.


4. Spray with Fragrance

The amount of fragrance you use will be determined by how intense you want the candle to smell. 1–2 tbsp of scent per pound of wax is a decent rule of thumb.


5. Put the colorant in.

To color your candle, you may use either dyes or pigments. Dyes are available in liquid or block form. Try them both out to see which you prefer. 

Alternatively, pigment flakes may be used to provide color.




6. Set up the Wicks & Containers

Make sure your wicks and containers are clean and dry before putting your wick to the bottom of the container.


7. Add the Wax.

It’s time to pour your wax into your containers and molds after you’ve added all of your ingredients and gotten your desired hue. Take care!


Allow time for the wax to cool.

Allow your wax to cool before seeing your gorgeous candles take shape! Congrats!


blue scented candle in lantern


Additional Candle-Making-for-Sale FAQs:

Making Scented Candles for Sale

It’s as simple as experimenting with various smells to make scented candles to sell. All you have to do now is follow the instructions above, but add the perfumes.

Use around 1–2 tbsp of fragrance per pound of wax as a general rule of thumb.


How to Make Sellable Soy Candles

Many individuals choose to buy environmentally friendly candles. You’ll need to start selling soy candles in this instance! Simply replace the paraffin wax with soy wax flakes to make soy candles. Soy wax is also less difficult to deal with.


To Begin Selling Candles, You’ll Need the Following Items

• Wax Melting Materials (such as a double boiler, pouring pot etc.)

• Wicks

• Wax

• Deodorants

• Pigments and dyes

• Containers and Molds

• Temperature meter

• Measurement scale (digital)

• Labels

• Shipping supplies and boxes

To make your life simpler, all of them are linked above.


Is there a market for candles? FAQ: Is there a market for candles?

According to the National Candle Association, “annual retail sales of candle goods in the United States are expected to be at $3.14 billion.” If it doesn’t demonstrate that there is a market for candles, I don’t know what does!

So, certainly, there is a sizable market for selling candles, and producing candles to sell is unquestionably a lucrative business venture!


Where Can You Make the Most Money Selling Your Homemade Candles?

Knowing where to obtain the most sales is an important component of learning how to create candles to sell from home for a profit. You can make more money by using any (or all!) of these sites. Obviously, the more people that see your stuff, the more money you make!

So, where do you go to sell your handcrafted candles? Let’s start with the online candle-selling possibilities!


Instagram is number one.

You can reach a large audience via Instagram, and it’s completely free to use. You may use stories, reels, standard postings, and sponsored adverts. Many companies are thriving on Instagram!


2. Use of Facebook

You can sell candles on Facebook in the same way that you do on Instagram. You can build a business profile, a business page, utilize Facebook Marketplace, and run sponsored advertisements on Facebook. On a daily basis, you may reach out to thousands of individuals in your area using Facebook!


3. Etsy

To start your own Etsy business, all you need is 20 cents! You may post your items and advertise them on this forum from the comfort of your own home. 

Etsy has 81.9 million active shoppers, according to Backlinko! Oh, my goodness! That’s a lot of people looking at your stuff!


how to make candles to sell online


4. eBay

eBay will let you publish your things for free if you post fewer than 250 items each month. For most listings over this amount, you’ll have to pay 35 cents. When it comes to selling candles online, eBay is a requirement!


5. You have your own webpage

What a dream it would be to create your own online shop and website to sell your candles. Isn’t it amazing?!

Creating your own website may be daunting, but trust me when I say it’s not as difficult as it appears. You can get your URL (www.yourbusinessnamehere.com) and hosting from a firm like Bluehost, and then launch using wordpress.org by following the step-by-step instructions. This complete guide on how to set up can be found here.

After you’ve put everything up, you can use a plugin like WooCommerce to create your shop. 

Using Shopify as an alternative to creating an online shop is a viable option. Simply join up and follow the instructions. Remember that learning new things and adjusting to change is an important aspect of running a successful company!

The benefit of having your own website and online shop is that you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank your site higher in Google for candle-related queries. This will dramatically enhance your revenue by broadening your possible consumer base!


selling candles online


Offline Candle Sales

You may also devote some of your spare time to pitching and selling your items to local retailers. You may be able to persuade them to carry your line! What an incredible opportunity!


Is it possible to earn money by selling handmade candles?

Yes, you certainly can! As previously said, creating candles to sell from home is an excellent method to supplement your income since there is a need for them.

People nowadays are increasingly supporting small enterprises and promoting locally produced goods. People like homemade and handcrafted goods.

You have an edge over big brands and mass-produced candles because you put your heart and soul into each of your one-of-a-kind candles. People are even ready to pay for it!


You should follow a few regulatory criteria and industry standards when it comes to candles and candle products.

The ASTM International standards group established and published the Industry Standards to assist you in making a high-quality candle.

One of these safety criteria is to have warning labels on candles that remind consumers to always burn candles in plain sight and to keep candles away from youngsters and readily flammable items. 

The Heat Strength of Glass Containers Standard, the Fire-Safety Design Standard, and the Candle Accessories Standard are among the other safety requirements.

Visit the National Candle Association’s website to learn more and obtain all the specifics on the different safety standards. It will be necessary to acquire and obtain the official standards and requirements from ASTM. 

Another method is to use the Regulatory Robot on the CPSC’s website to check that you’re making safe and compliant candles. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, is the agency in charge of regulating candle production.

The Regulatory Robot is a tool designed specifically for small enterprises (like yours!) to help you navigate the regulations for creating and selling items. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your product, and a report will be prepared that will tell you of some of the compliance requirements.

These include the FHSA Labeling standards (e.g., placing WARNING, DANGER, or CAUTION on your goods, “Keep Out of Reach of Children,” manufacturer’s name and address, and so on). 

The study will also include information on regulatory requirements, such as the laws for metal-cored candlewicks that stand alone.

Did you know that solo metal-cored candlewicks are prohibited unless the lead concentration of each wick’s metal core is less than 0.06 percent of the metal core’s weight? As a result, “Conforms to 16 CFR 1500. 17(a)(13)” must be printed on the exterior box or wrapper of metal-cored candlewicks. More information may be found here.

You may need to be aware of additional legal obligations.

Take a look at the Regulatory Robot from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It’s really beneficial in meeting these standards and ensuring that you’re providing a safe and high-quality product!


Is FDA permission required to sell candles?

Making candles to sell from home does not need FDA permission. In truth, items such as scented candles are controlled by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) rather than the FDA.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides a very useful online tool called the Regulatory Robot that can assist you in creating a high-quality candle that you can sell while adhering to all of the requirements and being compliant.


More information about how to sell candles made at home

– Can I produce and sell my own candles?

Yes, you certainly can! Making and selling candles is an excellent way to work from home and supplement your income. 


– What is the best way to sell candles from home?

This full instruction would have shown you how to produce candles at home and sell them. Almost everyone may get started with a little initial cost. It’s as simple as manufacturing candles, photographing them, and promoting them from the comfort of your own home!


Yes, candles may be sold online. Selling candles online is, in fact, one of the simplest methods to expand your candle-making company!

These days, almost everyone (even their dog!) has a social media page. Everyone is online these days! And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about running a company, it’s to go where the people are. 

So, if you haven’t already started selling your candles online, please do so as soon as possible! You’re squandering your money!


– How much does a candle cost to make?

When all of the components are taken into account, the cost of making a candle might vary from $3 to $6. (depending on the brand of your supplies). Candles range in price from $10 to $100, so you may make a profit of 100% or more!

Of course, if you need to buy all of the ingredients as well as all of the equipment, it will cost a lot more to get started. However, with your initial investment, you may manufacture a lot of candles, and some of the instruments will last you for years!


– Is it lucrative to make candles?

If candle manufacture wasn’t lucrative, it would have gone out of business a long time ago! Candles have been a mainstay in every family and a component of gift giving for every event and season for as long as I can remember.

There’s a reason for this, and it’s rather straightforward. The candle-making industry is a lucrative one! It has a market, and it sells for a lot of money!

When you consider how much it costs to produce a candle and how much a candle sells for, there’s no question that the candle-making industry is quite successful!


– How much do you earn from candle sales?

The amount of money you earn selling candles is determined on the amount of effort you put in. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes This is a rather general response. But, to tell you the truth, this is the case.

Each month, one individual might earn thousands of dollars while another earns just a few dollars. Consider this: once you begin selling candles, you are a businessperson, an entrepreneur. And as a company owner, the amount of money you can earn each month is limitless.

Put as much time and effort into generating new items, maintaining your social media, and selling your products as you can, and you’ll soon be earning a full-time income!


Yes. Making and selling candles is completely lawful. There are, however, a few regulations and standards that you must follow in order to remain compliant and produce high-quality items.

For further information, go to the CPSC’s website and look for Regulatory Robot.


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Final Thoughts on How to Make Profitable Candles

What are you waiting for now that you know there is a market for handmade candles and you know just how to make your candle-making company a success? Gather your resources, identify your distinctive product, begin selling, and watch the money come in!

Do you have any additional suggestions for making candles to sell from home? If you have any other tips or tricks, please share them in the comments section below. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Remember to like us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for more money-making ideas!


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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Candles for Huge Profit How to Make Candles to Sell from Home

In 2022, the average person will spend $100 on candles. This means there is a great opportunity for you to start a candle business at home. Reference: how to start a candle business at home.

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