It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve been on vacation and I am finally getting around to writing about my experiences with Swift Salary. I’m not going to bore you with the details of my trip, but I will be writing about all the cool things I did while on vacation, in addition to the lessons I learned along the way.

Debit cards are a great way to manage your expenses on the go, but so many of us prefer to charge our accounts with credit cards. These cards offer many perks, ranging from frequent rewards programs to fraud protection and zero transaction fees, but they can also be a major source of debt in the event of an emergency. When signing up for a card, make sure you check the fine print to see how much you’ll owe in fees if your account is overdrawn, and be aware of any other penalties that could occur if you go over your credit limit.

On Swift Salary, the second quarter of 2021 was a very quiet month. In comparison to the second quarter, revenue is down 35%. However, traffic is increasing.

Due to a particular project I’m working on, as well as spending time updating old articles and attempting to enhance my site performance for the Google Core Web Vitals upgrade, I’ve fallen behind on my content production objectives.

Overall, I believe I could have optimized more this quarter in some areas, but hey, no regrets. I’m looking forward to what Q3 has in store.

Other income forecasts for 2021:

Highlights from the first quarter of 2021

Added New Content

I’m not going to lie, this is a pitiful amount of new material for a quarter. I still have a lot of work to do in terms of producing more consistent material and updating older stuff on a regular basis.

Content has been updated.

Other minor changes

  • The Swift Salary footer has been updated to include a search box, social icons, and a logo.
  • I ran another Pinterest ad, this time for receipt scanning cashback applications; I expected this one to be a success, but it didn’t do very well.
  • I improved the performance of my site by optimizing my Mailerlite forms, deleting my table of contents plugin (after removing it from all articles), and using the OMGF plugin to store Google fonts locally, among other things. There is still space for development in this area. I’ve been putting off putting Cloudflare in place, but it’s on my to-do list.
  • Crunchbase — I created a Crunchbase profile for Swift Salary.


During the quarter, I wrote a variety of things:

  • I’m ruminating on some concepts. I can think about a concept and how I’m going to implement it for hours. You have to simply do it at some time.
  • Developing a strong attachment to writing. Sometimes I’ll write something and attempt to modify it a million times to make it perfect, when the best option is to delete it entirely and start again.
  • Trying to stay away from stuff. When I’m confronted with a tough issue or choice, my brain attempts to distract me by checking my phone or doing anything else. That is the easy way out, yet it accomplishes nothing.
  • Urgency. Just a thinking experiment: if you needed to increase your income by 100% in three months, what would you be working on right now? Why aren’t you concentrating only on those issues? (This is a difficult one since some activities seem to be productive and worthwhile when, in reality, they aren’t.)
  • Another strange/scary idea I had lately was that I live by an algorithm. Because Google accounts for almost all of my traffic, I am completely reliant on it. This isn’t ideal.

Q2 2021 Blog Income and Expenses

All earnings and expenditures are kept in Canadian dollars. Money that has really reached my bank account is used to calculate my income.

Income Distribution: $9,294.53 Gross Profit

The following is a monthly breakdown:

  • $4,076.66 in April
  • $1,969.40 in May
  • $3,248.47 in June

As you can see, my revenue in May was much lower than in April. And, strangely enough, traffic was only down 10.92 percent, so the income drop seems to be a little odd at first sight. Here’s what I discovered after additional investigation:

  • My affiliate revenue was mostly to blame for the decrease. In April, affiliate revenue was $2,755.74, but in May, it was just $940.10. This is a 98 percent decrease.
  • Because traffic dropped particularly on articles that were producing strong affiliate revenue, affiliate income fell dramatically despite just a 10% drop in traffic (e.g. top survey sites).

Here’s the whole earnings breakdown:

  • $5,503.99 in affiliate commissions:
    • $85.99 for Impact Radius
    • $2,665.26 MaxBounty
  • $3,788.59 in advertising:
  • Other sources of income ($1.95):
    • $1.95 through PayPal (I’m guessing this was given to me as part of a class-action lawsuit?)

As I anticipated in my Q1 2021 earnings report, revenue dropped this quarter. Due to decreased visitation, my ad revenue was much lower than in Q1, and my affiliate income suffered as a result.

Breakdown of Expenses: $1,662.16 Spent

  • $120 for Zoho Books
  • Ads on Pinterest – $100
  • $141.24 for MailerLite
  • $112.21 for Tailwind
  • $224.38 Deposit Photos (AppSumo)
  • $110.74 for Freepik
  • Fees at the bank – $205.46
  • $500.65 for writers
  • $24.50 for GSuite
  • $12.52 for Copyscape
  • $9.90 for Slack
  • $13.91 for Keywords Everywhere
  • $165.30 for courses
  • $16.94 for a domain
  • $24.41 Content Views Pro Plugin

Last quarter’s income report said that I anticipated my expenditures to rise this quarter as a result of increased outsourcing. The problem was that I couldn’t keep up with the amount of outsourcing I was doing, so I had to slow down. At the moment, I’m the main bottleneck in the operation of this blog.

* $7,632.37 in total net profit

The following is a breakdown of the traffic: 216,697 pageviews.

2021 Q2 traffic report Google Analytics

In Q2, I had 59,805 more pageviews (a 26.55 percent increase) and 37,751 more users than in Q1.

What are the causes for the income decrease despite the increasing traffic? Well, it’s nearly completely because of my ad income.

Mediavine, my ad network, pays on a NET 65 basis. That is, I was paid in April for income generated in January. And, since my traffic was down in the first quarter, so did my ad income. In fact, the ad income differential between Q1 and Q2 is a whopping 61 percent ($7,137.59 vs. $3,788.59).

This large disparity is due to the fact that ad RPMs in Q1 are usually the lowest of the year, while RPMs in Q4 (which I would get paid for in Q1 2021 owing to the NET 65 payments) are typically the greatest.

Overall, this is just increasing my desire to increase my affiliate income, since ad revenue may vary greatly.

4,720 people have signed up for your email list.

In April, there were 4,880 subscribers, and by June, there were 4,720. This is a 3% drop.

What are the chances of this happening?

So, I began actively pruning my list and removing inactive subscribers. I still have 661 subscribers who haven’t opened an email in the past six months, so they may be deleted as well.

That’s not to say I didn’t receive any new subscribers. My growth graph and averages are as follows:

Swift Salary Q2 2021 Mailerlite list growth and averagesMailerLite is the source of this information.

The large discrepancy between the “List growth” data and the “Avg. subscribe rate” chart is due to the fact that many individuals who sign up for my list or email courses never confirm their email address. I’m not sure what I can do in this situation.

This quarter, I sent out my Swift Saturday newsletter on a weekly basis. To join up, go to this page.

This quarter’s open rates for the newsletter averaged 14.325 percent, a little increase over the previous quarter. Unfortunately, several messages with very low open rates ((< 10%) lowered the average significantly. I’m not sure what happened to them, but I believe they were filtered into the promotional filter.

This quarter, I had some very wonderful feedback from newsletter subscribers, and that’s what keeps me going. Even if the open rates are lower, it’s worth it if I can assist just one person.

Goals for the second quarter of 2021

  • My Start Here page has been updated — This is still something I need to accomplish! (Upgrade: The first portion of the update has been completed.)
  • More reviews and guides – I set a target for myself last quarter to publish 12 new reviews and at least 8 new guides. I fell behind because I still don’t have the outsourced processes in place. At the moment, optimizing this is one of my top objectives.
  • More interviews – I had several set up for last quarter, but they didn’t work out. Right now, it’s not a top priority.
  • My Make Money Online course has been updated — This still needs to be updated.
  • Continue to improve site performance – I’d want to get Cloudflare up and running by the end of the quarter.
  • Release the Hustle Finder (name is still being worked out) – I’ve been working on this for a while now, trying to figure out precisely how to make it work. Keep an eye out for further information.
  • Experiment with Tik Tok more — This isn’t a top priority, but it’s something I’ve been considering for a long. I had previously posted two Tik Toks before uninstalling the app owing to security concerns and the fact that it was very addictive. I’m eager to get back in now that you can upload through the web.
  • More old reviews should be updated – Some of them haven’t been updated in a long time.
  • Update previous articles – Same as before.

Last Thoughts

I hope you found this income report to be interesting and informative. In these reports, I usually find it beneficial to reflect on the past… I strongly advise you to do the same for your own company!

In relation to:

Do you want to create your own money-making blog? Sign up for my free Blogging for Beginners course or read my guide on how to start a blog.

I go through the technical aspects of blogging as well as how to choose a topic/niche for your blog, how to come up with content ideas, how to attract readers, and, most significantly, how to earn money blogging in the course.

Do you have any queries regarding the blog income report for this quarter? Leave a comment in the box below!

How I made $9,294.53 blogging in Q2 of 2021

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