We all strive for different things when it comes to success in life. Some want to be famous and be rich, others want to become a famous athlete, some want to be able to travel the world and others want to be able to see the world, etc. Now, what is success for you? What is success for me? What is success for many people?

Success is a relative term. What one person considers a successful career could be another’s nightmare, and while some people are comfortable with their success, others seem to be itching to go bigger. When it comes to personal finance, it can be difficult to choose where to go next.

As everyone knows, the definition of success isn’t the same for everyone. Some people want to be the next Bill Gates, while others want to be the next Howard Schultz. Some want to be famous, others want to make a difference. Although these people may have different career paths and aspirations, they all want to be successful. And the question is, how?. Read more about how do you define success?” interview question answer and let us know what you think.

word-image-215 A few months ago, I started working with a life coach. In a particularly engaging session, she asked me to write down the words I would use to describe myself. My pen hit the paper and I scribbled the following:

  • Mother
  • Woman
  • Recorder
  • The fortune hunter
  • Blogger
  • Friend
  • Girl
  • The optimist

I looked at the list with a big smile. For the first time in my life, I didn’t write down my former profession. In the past, I would have counted a former software engineer among the descriptions. The current list looks quirky and fun, but it wouldn’t have worked for me in the past. Why? Because it doesn’t detail my ability to make money. Until about a year ago, I equated my self-worth with my former profession. I couldn’t value myself more than the money I was making. Fortunately, that has changed.

Are you focused on achievement or success?

This became clear in the following exercise. This time the life coach asked me to create a vision for myself in the future. I wrote the following words: After we finished writing, we discussed the concepts on the page. What does it mean to be successful? she asked, and my mind immediately went to money. I don’t like that word, I said quickly when I realized it. I crossed out and underlined the word, instead I ran.

Definition of success

Happiness, contentment, peace and a sense of accomplishment come before success. And yet, it was that little word at the end of the list that kept grabbing my attention. Later that night I looked up definitions of the word and came across the following:

  • Achieving wealth . 1С8 1Д9
  • A person or business that has achieved success, measured by obtaining wealth .

There are other interpretations of course, but these are the ones that immediately caught my attention. Although this word means many things, my brain is still stuck on these ideas.

Gravity of success

In my mind, the term success has some weight – a weight associated with white picket fences, praise and large bank accounts. For most of my teenage years, my entire twenties, and half of my thirties, I searched for the almighty dollar like Indiana Jones searched for the Holy Grail. My efforts have paid off. By the time we were thirty, my husband and I had accumulated over a million dollars in cash, real estate and investments. We have succeeded financially. So nine years ago I left my well-paying job to raise my son. It was a difficult decision, but I came to the conclusion that we have enough money. Plus, my husband continued to earn a high income, so I didn’t have to add extra money to the pile I already had. I quit my old job as a software engineer, but I was hopelessly underpaid. After years of chasing money, my whole personality seems to have turned into hoarding money.

Definition of completed

Why did I miss that paycheck? Because I was still holding on to a warped definition of success. I always dreamed of wealth, even though I knew deep down that success didn’t have to do with accumulating more wealth. When I wrote my goals for my life coach, I didn’t put success at the top of the list. Instead, the emphasis was on happiness, contentment, peace and a general sense of accomplishment. In fact, I put the word out and aside. The definition of ormeans to perform or complete an action – to finish what you started to do. In my opinion, money has nothing to do with this definition, but I still make the connection between the two.

Relationship between money and success

By writing down the words that define me and my future desires, I have created a vision of my realized self. What does it mean to be realized? How do I present myself after achieving my goals? I drew a picture of my children and snuggled under a warm blanket in our cozy living room. In my picture she is smiling while I write stories for her. Money is not part of my image, and yet it is. If I hadn’t saved up before they were born, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy their company now without having to earn more. This fact has not gone unnoticed. While money is not my priority in the future, I will not be able to achieve my other goals if I focus so much on acquiring wealth. I can set aside my ideas of success, but somewhere in the back of my mind I still see a financial problem looming on the horizon. It’s easy to see why the water is murky.

Basic knowledge of money

After working so hard to increase my income, it became easy to focus on one aspect of my journey. When I quit my job, I found it hard to let go of the financial aspect. There are several reasons for this. In the beginning, my husband and I stayed together as our money grew. In the beginning I didn’t earn much, but over the years my salary has increased dramatically. As the numbers in our bank accounts grew, we felt like we were doing great things together. When I decided to quit my job, I felt guilty about giving up my salary while my husband continued to do the normal 9-to-5 job. Although we achieved financial independence, we still had an expensive goal to achieve. We wanted to build a house by the sea. It was not right to send him on this journey alone. For years I thought I was adding value to our relationship by putting money in our bank accounts. When I decided to stay home, I wasn’t sure what to bring. I had my identity so closely tied to my former career that I couldn’t see my value after I stopped working. It was a long way to see me from the outside.

My definition of success

Today I see success in a very different light. I want to achieve big goals without worrying or obsessing about money. But as crazy as it sounds, I don’t think I can redefine success until I declare myself financially free. Believe me, I wish I had. Money is not the measure of success, but I didn’t realize that until my bank accounts were full of it. I could not acknowledge this fact without first collecting it. My vision of the future does not involve me as Scrooge McDuck swimming around in a chest full of gold coins. It’s not about wealth at all. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. My definition of success is not the number of zeros in my bank account. It means helping others, getting through difficulties, loving others and feeling loved. It means being satisfied, constantly learning and always doing your best. These are the real treasures of life.Years ago, I wrote about the concept of success. All of us have heard the saying that success is the ability to build a better life for yourself, and many of us have dedicated ourselves to making that a reality. But what is success, and how is it defined?. Read more about how do you define success brainly and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define success best answer?

We’ve all heard the phrase “if you can dream it, you can do it” over and over again. While that may be true, there is a different side of this equation: if you can’t dream it, how are you going to make it happen? Some people choose to follow passion, others go to school for training. Still others decide to work full-time, studying at night. And then some are blessed with wealth. Quoted straight from the blog… “For me, success has been about making a positive impact on the world around me, with the help of others. It’s the drive to give back and make a difference.” That means there’s a large side of your life to be a success in. We can help guide you in that direction by answering a few questions:

What is a good definition of success?

Success seems to be a highly subjective term. To some, it means buying a new car or house while to others it means founding a new startup. But what does success mean to you? Is it how much money you make, or how many friends you have? Is it about your personal life, or the life of your kids? Or maybe the success of your company?…Whatever success means to you, it should be a measurement of your happiness. What is more important to you? Every day is a new adventure and an experience that will shape our lives. Many of us dream of being successful, of being happy and of having a rewarding life. However, it is very difficult to know what success really means, as everyone has his own idea of what it is and how should it be achieved.

What is your personal definition of success?

We all know what success looks like on the outside, but what about on the inside? Is it all about money and material possessions? Or is it about self growth and self development? On a personal level, what does success look like? For me, the answer is obvious, but it’s also very subjective. Maybe you think success is about moving up in your career, having a lot of money in the bank, or even the number of people you know. Maybe you think success is about doing something that you love and finding happiness in it. Maybe you think success is about raising a family and providing for your family. There’s no right or wrong answer to that question, and the only thing that matters is that you make your own success your The definition of success is different for everyone. It’s different for you at this moment, and the next moment, and the one after that. The person you will be in the future.

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