The cryptocurrency industry is booming, with a market cap of nearly $700 billion. Domain Money offers investors the opportunity to participate in this growth by investing today. Domain Money features an advanced blockchain technology that allows for decentralized domain trading on the open market and removes third party centralization from its process.

The “domain money reviews” is a website that provides information about investing in blockchain technology. The site also includes reviews of other cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Domain Money Review 2022 | Invest in Blockchain Tech and More

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single program that allowed you to invest in both equities and cryptocurrency at the same time? You can with Domain Money!

Domain Money is a new investment tool that allows you to create a portfolio that includes both conventional and digital assets. It also provides managed portfolios, a cryptocurrency rewards credit card, and a bevy of additional tools to help you get the most out of your money.

We’ll take a deeper look at what Domain Money has to offer in our Domain Money review. We’ll go through all of the app’s features, prices, and limits so you can determine whether or not it’s worth it to sign up.

What Is Domain Money and How Does It Work?

Domain Money is an investment platform that allows users to trade stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. It also offers a variety of managed portfolios for those who choose to invest in a more passive manner.

The startup was created in 2021 by a group of highly experienced financial sector professionals, including Adam Dell, who formerly worked at Goldman Sachs as the head of product for Marcus. Its mission is to assist clients in accumulating wealth by providing a variety of self-directed and actively managed accounts that provide exposure to the wider financial markets.

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What Is Domain Money and How Does It Work?

On use Domain Money, you must first download the app to your mobile device and then establish an account by following the steps. You may then connect your bank account to your Domain Money portfolio to transfer cash or deposit particular cryptocurrencies. All financial transfers to your account are subject to a $5 minimum.

A self-managed brokerage account allows you to buy stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrency as soon as your account is filled. If you want a more hands-off approach to your money, you may invest in Domain Money’s managed portfolios. After you’ve made an investment, you can use the Domain Money app to keep track of your account and make transactions at any time.

Types of Investing Accounts

Domain Money currently only accepts individual taxable brokerage accounts. You can’t create a joint account with the firm right now, and it doesn’t provide any tax-advantaged retirement accounts like IRAs (individual retirement accounts).

Creating a Bank Account

Creating a Bank Account with Domain Money is fairly straightforward as the app will walk you through all the steps you need to complete to get started. However, to open an account, you need to be a US resident over the age of 18.

You must give the following information as part of the account opening process:

  • Name in full
  • Year of birth
  • Number of the Social Security Administration
  • Physical location
  • Number to call
  • Information about available positions
  • Information about the source of funding

Additionally, as part of the Domain Money onboarding process, you may be requested to produce a copy of your government-issued ID.

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Features of Domain Money

Domain Money account customers get access to a variety of investment-related options. If you join up, you may expect to get the following benefits.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Domain Money’s crypto trading terminal, which allows you to purchase and sell over 45 different cryptocurrencies, is one of its primary advantages.

For any of the cryptocurrencies available on Domain Money, you can make both market and limit orders. Crypto transactions done via Domain Money, on the other hand, have a $5 minimum.

Trade Stocks & ETFs

Domain Money provides stock and ETF transactions for US-listed stocks in addition to crypto trading.

All stock and ETF transactions in the Domain Money app have a $5 minimum order, much like crypto. However, you may place market and limit orders on stocks and ETFs via the business. On the site, you can also acquire fractional shares of most assets.

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Edge of the Domain

Edge of the Domain is one of many managed portfolios (called “strategies”) offered by Domain Money. The goal of Edge of the Domain is to give investors exposure to high-performing cryptocurrencies that have a potential for long-term growth.

Since Edge of the Domain is a managed portfolio, the exact assets that it invests in can vary. For the most part, the Edge strategy invests in 10 to 20 different cryptocurrencies. There’s currently a $100 minimum investment for the Edge strategy plus a 1% annual management fee.

Metaverse Domain

Metaverse Domain is another one of the company’s managed portfolio strategies that investors can buy into. Metaverse Domain portfolios consist of a mix of stocks and cryptocurrencies that are directly related to the growing metaverse industry. 

This portfolio usually contains 10–20 stocks and 10–20 cryptocurrencies that rebalance as needed. Its currency annual management fee is 1% and the company has a $500 minimum investment for the Metaverse Domain strategy.

Balanced Domains

With Balanced Domains, investors can opt into a managed portfolio that seeks to accrue long-term growth. This portfolio has a target asset allocation of 50% stocks and 50% cryptocurrencies. Most of the stocks are mid-and large-cap US equities while the cryptocurrencies are chosen for their growth potential.

To get started with Balanced Domains, you need to invest a minimum of $500. There’s also a 1% annual management fee for all assets held in this portfolio.

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Access to the domain

The company’s final managed portfolio is called Access to the domain and it has a target portfolio allocation of 20% crypto and 80% stocks. The selection criteria for assets in Access to the domain is generally similar to that of Balanced Domains, but there’s more of an emphasis on stocks and less on crypto to mitigate the risk of digital assets.

Like other Domain Money strategies, Access to the domain has a 1% management fee. There’s also a $500 minimum account balance for all new investors.

Credit Card for Cryptocurrencies

Domain Money is in the process of launching a Credit Card for Cryptocurrencies that customers can use to earn free crypto on all of their daily purchases. 

Although the credit card isn’t generally accessible right now, anybody having a Domain Money account may join the card’s waitlist. We don’t yet know how the incentives will function with the company’s credit card, but we do know that it will be issued by WebBank and that you will be able to manage it using the Domain Money app.

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Borrow Money on a Domain

The Borrow program is one of Domain Money’s newest services. The application is currently in beta, and it has not yet been made available to all users. 

The Borrow program, on the other hand, aims to allow investors to use up to 40% of their portfolio as collateral for a WebBank loan. The interest rate on these loans is 7%, but there are no origination costs. The concept is that by utilizing your portfolio as collateral, you may prevent having to sell your assets when you need money and avoid a taxable event. 

Keep in mind that crypto and securities-backed loans come with risks, particularly if your assets lose value before you pay off your obligation. For advice on your individual financial circumstances, speak with a financial expert.

Overview of the Portfolio

To help you keep tabs on your investment performance, Domain Money offers a nifty Overview of the Portfolio tool.

Simply go to the ‘Portfolio’ page on your Domain Money app to utilize this feature. Total net contributions, lifetime returns, current asset allocation, active managed portfolios, recurring trades, and transaction history are all available here.

Money Signals on the Domain

Domain Money’s Signals feature is a one-of-a-kind function that allows you to instantly access up-to-date information about the world’s financial markets.

You may utilize Domain Money’s three major Signals to locate prospective investments right now. These are the following:

  • Social Sentiment – The Social Sentiment indicator looks for assets with the greatest rise in favorable sentiment on social media from week to week. In other words, it tracks a rise in favorable sentiment toward a given item.
  • Trading Activity – The Trading Activity indicator tells you which assets on Domain Money have had the most trading volume rise in the last two days.
  • Project Development – The Project Development indicator highlights an asset that has had the most growth in its development week over week. The premise is that initiatives that attract a large number of developers, especially in the cryptosphere, are more likely to flourish in the long run.

Keep in mind that signals are not recommendations to purchase or sell assets. Instead, they’re meant to assist you in swiftly identifying prospective investment possibilities so that you can do your own investigation.

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Recurring Purchases

Domain Money has a recurring purchase feature to help you expand your portfolio over time. With this function, you may set up automatic cryptocurrency, stock, or ETF purchases at the touch of a button. You may also put money into Domain’s managed portfolios on a regular basis.

As is the case with all trades on the platform, Recurring Purchases have a $5 minimum trade value. But you can choose between daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly Recurring Purchases to help you take advantage of the power of dollar-cost averaging.

Watchlist & Asset Comparison

Domain Money provides a useful watchlist and asset comparison tool to help you keep track of all your possible investments.

You may add any asset to your watchlists on Domain Money, making it simple to keep track of the price activity of hundreds of cryptocurrencies and equities. Furthermore, the company’s comparison feature allows users to compare up to four assets on price and social sentiment charts side by side, making it simpler to locate your next investment opportunity. 

App for mobile devices

As of the time of writing, Domain Money is only available on its iOS App for mobile devices. The app itself is highly rated and many investors find that it has a sleek, user-friendly interface. On the app, you can manage your portfolio, place trades, and do market research.

Domain Money does not have an Android app or a web-based trading platform at this time. In the near future, it plans to deploy both a web platform and an app on the Google Play store. 

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Fees for Domain Names

Domain Money investors get access to a platform with a minimal cost structure. For self-directed investors, there are no monthly or yearly account fees, while Domain Money charges a 1% account administration fee for managed portfolios.

Domain Money does not charge investors any fees for buying and selling stocks and ETFs. On all crypto transactions, the business levies a 1.49 percent fee.

There aren’t many expenses associated with investing with Domain Money apart from the restricted trading and managed portfolio fees. Keep in mind that once this service is operational, the firm will charge variable network costs for crypto withdrawals, although this is a very normal price across crypto investment platforms.

Money Security on the Domain

Domain Money is a security-focused platform that protects your account with a variety of high-end features. End-to-end AES-256 encryption protects the whole platform. It also employs a cutting-edge passwordless authentication method that makes it impossible for malicious actors to access your cash.

Users of Domain Money may also get up to $500,000 in SIPC insurance on their assets and $250,000 in FDIC protection on their cash. 

On crypto assets, the corporation has an undisclosed amount of insurance from Gemini, Domain Money’s custodian. For further security, the majority of crypto owned by customer accounts on the site is stored in offline, air-gapped cold storage.

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Customer Service at Domain Money

If you have a query concerning your Domain Money account, the company’s thorough online support sites may address most of your inquiries. For account-related issues, Domain Money also provides email and live chat help.

Pros of Domain Money

  • The program is very user-friendly and has a simple UI.
  • Trading account minimums are low ($5 per transaction).
  • Trade stocks and ETFs without paying a commission.
  • Managed portfolios in equities and cryptocurrencies are available.
  • Account management fees for managed portfolios are reasonable (1%).
  • Signals are a set of proprietary market research measures.
  • Opportunity for a Credit Card for Cryptocurrencies and portfolio-backed loans
  • Client assets are protected by innovative security solutions and adequate insurance coverage.

Cons of Domain Money

  • The number of market research and technical analysis tools available is restricted.
  • When compared to big exchanges, crypto trading costs are a little excessive.
  • Only certain cryptocurrencies are accepted as deposits.
  • With a limited track record, this is a new firm.
  • There is currently no Android or web-based app available.

Alternatives to Domain Money

Not sure that Domain Money is the right investing app for you? Here are two Alternatives to Domain Money to consider instead.

Titan Invest is a company that invests in companies.

Titan Invest is a company that invests in companies. is an investment platform that offers managed portfolio accounts. With Titan Invest is a company that invests in companies., anyone can open a fully managed portfolio that invests in around 20 stocks that the company has identified as having a high potential for future growth.

One of the main benefits of Titan Invest is a company that invests in companies. is its simplified fee structure. You only need $100 to open an account and the company charges $5 per month in management fees for accounts with balances of less than $10,000. Accounts over $10,000 are charged a 1% management fee, which is competitive for an actively managed portfolio.

The drawback to Titan Invest is a company that invests in companies. when compared to Domain Money is that it only invests in a relatively small number of stocks. This provides a large potential for growth but also a high risk of loss. Additionally, Titan Invest is a company that invests in companies. doesn’t offer self-directed trading. But if you want help diversifying your portfolio and you’re willing to accept some risk, Titan Invest is a company that invests in companies. is worth considering. Read our full Titan Invest is a company that invests in companies. review to learn more.


Betterment is a well-known money management and investing firm in the United States. Its main selling point is its extensive list of robo-advisor accounts, which allow you to diversify your portfolio while also investing in ETFs that match your beliefs or financial objectives.

One of the significant benefits of Betterment over Domain Money is that it allows you to create individual and joint taxable brokerage accounts as well as a variety of tax-advantaged IRAs. Betterment also boasts extremely cheap management fees (ranging from 0.25 percent to 0.40 percent), and you may start with only $1.

Betterment, on the other hand, only allows ETFs in its portfolios, so it’s not the best option for crypto investors. You’ll have to search elsewhere if you want to trade individual stocks since the firm doesn’t allow self-directed trading. However, if you’re looking for a high-quality, low-cost robo-advisor, Betterment is a good choice. To discover more, read our entire Betterment review.

For Whom Is Domain Money Intended?

Domain Money is a one-stop shop for investors looking for a straightforward and easy method to buy and trade stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The company’s simple user interface and easy design make it an excellent alternative for beginning investors and anybody looking for a straightforward trading platform.

Domain Money’s selection of low-cost managed portfolios also makes it a good choice for hands-off investors looking for a straightforward method to have exposure to both crypto and conventional assets.

Domain Money’s basic interface, on the other hand, isn’t appropriate for expert investors looking for high-end technical analysis tools or the capacity to place complex order types. The firm’s crypto trading costs are also a little higher than those offered by Coinbase Pro, so it’s better for those who are prepared to spend a little more for convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Domain Money

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Domain Money, as well as our responses.

Is Domain Money a Real Business?

Domain Money is a reputable organization that invests in bitcoin and stocks. The firm was created by a group of seasoned financial executives, including Marcus’ former head of product at Goldman Sachs. Domain Money is also an SEC-registered investment adviser that offers self-directed investing options via trustworthy custodians.

How can I get cryptocurrency out of Domain Money?

There’s no way to get cryptocurrency out of your Domain Money account right now. The corporation is, however, working on allowing cryptocurrency withdrawals in the near future. In the meanwhile, you may sell your cryptocurrency for US dollars and then withdraw the funds to a bank account outside of the United States.

Is it possible to deposit cryptocurrency into Domain Money?

In your Domain Money account, you may deposit supported coins. To deposit cryptocurrency, open the Domain Money app, go to your trade dashboard, and click the “Deposit Crypto” button on the coin you want to deposit. This will provide you the wallet address for sending cryptocurrency to your Domain Money account.

Last Thoughts

Domain Money may be a newcomer to the fast expanding field of investment applications, but it’s already built a reputation for itself in terms of usability and usefulness.

The company’s simple crypto and stock trading interface is a great place to start for novice investors, and its managed portfolios are a great alternative for those who want a hands-off approach to investing.

More sophisticated traders, on the other hand, may find Domain Money’s streamlined trading interface and lack of comprehensive market analysis capabilities to be lacking. Crypto trading costs at the firm are also a little more than at a large exchange.

However, if you’re a new trader or want the assistance of a managed portfolio for your stock and crypto investments, Domain Money has a lot to offer.

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