Selling online is a lucrative business, but it requires a lot of time and effort. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the mistakes that many first-time sellers make when trying to start their own store. This article will help you avoid those pitfalls so you can focus on growing your sales!

Etsy has a policy that states that you can have only one Etsy shop. However, if you have an Etsy shop and another website where you sell your products, you can still use Etsy to list your products on your other websites.

Can I Have Two Etsy Shops - Everything You Need to Know!

Are you having success on Etsy and wondering whether you can have two shops? Yes, you CAN have two Etsy businesses, as your question implies.

If you want to understand how to establish two Etsy stores, including all the technical details and criteria so you don’t miss a step, keep reading.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Take out your pen and begin your adventure to discover how to establish a new Etsy business.

Everything You Need To Know About Having Two Etsy Shops

At a glance, the following will be investigated:

1. Am I allowed to have two Etsy shops?

2. How Do I Start Another Etsy Store?

3. Is it possible to use the same payment information for my second Etsy shop?

4. Can I open a second Etsy shop with the same email address?

5. Can I open a second Etsy shop on the same laptop and with the same web browser?

6. Can I have many Etsy stores?

7. How Do I Run Two Etsy Stores?

8. Do I Have to Tell You About My Second Etsy Shop?

9. Benefits of Having Two Etsy Stores

  • Various Product Categories
  • Track the Progress of Your Product
  • With more shops, Etsy’s prices will not rise.
  • Learn from a variety of stores.

Cons of Having Two Etsy Stores

  • Creating Two Etsy Stores
  • Administrative Anxiety
  • Expenses for Paid Tools Will Rise
  • Multiple Social Media Accounts to Manage
  • Difficulty Scale

11. What Should I Think About Before Starting A Second Etsy Store?

12. What Is The Best Way To Manage Multiple Etsy Stores?

13. How Do I Transfer Items From One Etsy Shop To Another?

14. How Do I Link My Etsy Store Accounts?

15. Is it Possible to Remove My Etsy Store?


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Is it OK if I have two Etsy shops?

YES! You may run two Etsy businesses simultaneously! However, keep reading to see whether launching a second Etsy store is the best move for your company.

The most important thing to know while running two Etsy businesses is this:

  • To register for the second store, you must use a separate email address.
  • Your first store must already be in good standing and comply with all Etsy standards. If not, all of your stores may be closed.

can i have two etsy shops how to open a second etsy shop

How Do I Start A Second Etsy Store?

To start a second Etsy store, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your Etsy account.
  • Select Sign Out.
  • Please sign in.
  • Select Register.
  • You should use a new email address for the second store.
  • Select Register.
  • Click the Sell on Etsy button.
  • Open your Etsy Shop by clicking
  • Then just follow Etsy’s instructions for designing and setting up your second business.

That’s all there is to it, right? Does this imply that everyone should start two Etsy shops? Not at all!

Continue reading to learn about the aspects you should consider before opening a second Etsy business.

can i have two etsy shops can i use the same payment details for my second etsy shop

Is it possible to use the same payment information for my second Etsy shop?

There is no problem with this. You may make payments using the same credit card and bank account. To make the procedure even easier, you should join up for Etsy Payments.

When you sell on Etsy, the easiest method to be paid is via Etsy Payments. It functions similarly to a traditional merchant accepting money. 

It accepts the following cards and payment methods:

  • Credit and debit cards are accepted.
  • Gift Cards & Credits on Etsy
  • PayPal
  • Pay with Apple
  • Pay using Google
  • Klarna

Etsy Payments is simple to sign up for. To understand more about the various nation criteria to participate in this, go to the Etsy Payments page.

You only need to submit certain key details, such as:

  • Household Address
  • a working bank account
  • Credit or debit card that is valid

Is it possible to use the same email address for both Etsy shops?

You can’t use the same email address for several Etsy businesses, unfortunately. Only one email address is allowed per Etsy business. 

Fortunately, creating numerous emails is free, but you must be careful with your login details. Hopefully, this clarifies whether you can have two Etsy businesses on the same account.

can i have two etsy shops Can I Use The Same Laptop And Web Browser For My Second Etsy Shop

Is it possible to use the same laptop and browser for my second Etsy shop?

Do not be concerned if you are concerned about having many Etsy stores due to devices. Using the same laptop or web browser to log in to your second Etsy store is not a problem.

You must, however, log out of Etsy using your web browser and enter back in using the second credential. It’s one of the drawbacks of responding “can you have more than one Etsy shop?”

However, there are workarounds. You may store your passwords in Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer for your first Etsy shop, and both for your second Etsy shop.

That way, you won’t have to worry about getting a headache from logging in and out of your Etsy businesses. 

Is it possible for me to have more than two Etsy shops?

Yes, you can have many Etsy stores. Having two Etsy stores follows the same guidelines. You may have as many Etsy stores as you like as long as you follow the following rules:

  • You adhere to Etsy’s rules.
  • To register each account, use a separate email address.

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can i have two etsy shops What Are The Rules For Having Two Etsy Shops

What Are The Requirements For Having Two Etsy Stores?

To stay in good standing, like with any internet company, you must follow the regulations.

Here are some key guidelines for running two Etsy shops:

  • Follow Etsy’s rules to the letter.
  • Do not open a second store only to sell the same item, since this can clog up the product search results and confuse your customers.
  • Maintain your transparency. Tell us who you are, how many stores you own, and what you sell.

The final two items are difficulties that Etsy merchants have brought up in the past. 

Unfortunately, dishonest vendors had opened a second or third business selling the identical items. They tweaked their photographs and made changes to their descriptions to make them stand out.

However, the product on offer was practically the same. This is a shady strategy that offers the vendor an unfair edge by clogging up the search results.

Furthermore, listing down the several Etsy stores you operate makes you look honest as a company owner. It may even be beneficial.

You could, for example, have one business selling children’s clothing and another selling adult clothing.

A mother may enjoy your adult clothing shop listings and then visit your children’s store to show her support. Isn’t it great that you announced all of your various stores?

Must I Make My Second Etsy Shop Public?

Yes, your second Etsy store should be made public. While you are allowed to have two Etsy stores, it is strongly recommended that you disclose your second shop.

The fact that a second Etsy store offers the identical items is the key reason why someone would not want to reveal it. 

This is against the rules, and if Etsy discovers it, you may shut down all of your Etsy businesses.

Etsy is a community-based platform. Sellers are kind and helpful to one another. This has the benefit of demonstrating your honesty and openness.

You are permitted to have numerous Etsy stores, but you must declare them. As previously said, if done correctly, it may even be advantageous in terms of increasing your consumer base.

If you’re asked, “Can you have more than one Etsy store?” maybe this clarifies matters for you.

The Benefits of Having Two Etsy Stores

The juice has arrived! You now know how to set up and run a second Etsy store. But why are individuals wondering whether they may have two Etsy businesses, and why are they doing it? 

Here are a few great reasons to have two Etsy businesses.

1. Various Product Categories

If you just had one Etsy store and sold clothing for adults, teens, and newborns. Having two or three Etsy businesses, one for each age range, may be beneficial. 

This implies you’ll receive more relevant keywords and be more noticeable in your chosen niche market. You’ll be able to reach a wider audience. 

While all three age groups may have visited your single shop previously, it’s likely that they were underwhelmed when they saw clothing that didn’t match their search criteria. 

As a result, they may have purchased that one item that grabbed their attention, but they are unlikely to return to your store since it was crowded with items that did not appeal to them.

Consider what would happen if you went into a stationery store and found food, clothing, and shoes. You’d be perplexed, wouldn’t you? 

Please start a second or third Etsy shop if you have different categories to sell.

can i have two etsy shops Track the Progress of Your Product

2. Track the Progress of Your Product

You will be able to notice clearer product performance if you split your items over two shops based on the niche you are targeting.

How prominent is it in search results, and how many hits does it receive? These are crucial statistics that you might notice with two Etsy stores since your keywords are more focused and match search intent.

3. With more shops, Etsy’s prices will not rise.

The beauty of Etsy is that there are no fees for having several businesses. Rather, the number of things you list and the amount of money you make.

If you separate your various sorts of items into multiple storefronts while keeping the prices the same, your sales conversion will be significantly higher. 

That seems to be a fair bargain, correct?

4. Learn from a variety of stores.

A/B Testing is a phrase used in marketing to describe split-testing. You run two ads that are almost identical but for one detail. The picture, product title, call to action, or anything else might be the one difference.

This is done so that the marketer may figure out which advertising works the best and devote all of the money to it.

Consider operating two Etsy businesses with a similar idea. Yes, your items fall under several categories. However, you may use various descriptions of your goods in each store, or the kind of photographs you shoot may change.

If you see that one business is outperforming the other significantly, you may investigate the holes and replace them with what the more successful shop is doing well.

The Drawbacks of Having Two Etsy Stores

Let’s move on to the downsides of having two Etsy businesses now that you’ve learnt about the benefits.

1. Creating Two Etsy Stores

Imagine going through the process of putting up your Etsy store for the second time because you didn’t like it the first time. 

You must create several logos, color schemes, design templates, the About Me page, and other elements.

2. Administrative Anxietys

Remembering which store to update, checking in and out of the multiple accounts, and refilling your stuff might give you a headache.

3. Using paid tools will raise your costs.

If you use paid tools to run your Etsy store, such as an inventory management, you will need to renew your subscription for your second shop.

Multiple Social Media Accounts to Manage

4. Multiple Social Media Accounts to Manage

If you want to connect your Etsy stores to your social media accounts, establish separate accounts for each Etsy shop. 

Imagine monitoring and updating many profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest on a daily basis. Isn’t it exhausting? Yes, it is.

5. Difficulty Scale

You will struggle to rank on search listings as a new Etsy store. Because your new Etsy business has no previous consumer base or reviews. It’s like starting from scratch.

What Should I Think About Before Starting A Second Etsy Store?

Before starting a second Etsy business, you should think about the following factors:

  • Do you have a lot of traffic but no purchases because your items are cluttered?
  • Do you have enough free time to run two Etsy stores?
  • Are your items distinctive enough to generate sales?
  • Do you already have clients that support your decision to open two stores?
  • Are you able to appeal to various client target groups?

If you answered yes to the majority of the questions above, you’re in good shape to establish a second Etsy store.

How Do You Run Multiple Etsy Stores?

You may be asking how to keep track of many Etsy stores. This is feasible if you stick to a plan.

Attempting to kill yourself by doing everything by hand would rob you of your life and make you unhappy.

Fortunately, there are a variety of tools available to assist you in managing your Etsy stores and alleviate your stress.

Free resources:

  • Canva – Create amazing photographs and posters for free.
  • eRank is a free keyword research tool for Etsy sellers.
  • iPiccy – Online picture editor for free
  • Trello is a free tool for managing your Etsy store.
  • Get Response – Use free email marketing to communicate with your Etsy fans.
  • Free Stock Photos on Pixabay
  • Free Stock Photos on Unsplash
  • Zoho is a free inventory and customer relationship management software.

Please keep in mind that although the programs listed above are free, their functionalities may be restricted. 

You may always test it for free to see how much it benefits your company before upgrading to the Pro versions with more features if your budget and requirements allow it.

How Do I Move Items From One Etsy Shop To Another?

Unfortunately, there is no way to move or transfer your purchases across retailers. Etsy has enabled you to establish several stores under the guise of not having identical items.

As a result, this product migration procedure will be manual, and you will have to redo it completely. Remember to remove your old listing after you’ve published your new shop’s product listing.

Hopefully, this clarifies another aspect of your query: “Can you have many Etsy stores?”

How Do I Sync My Etsy Accounts?

You cannot manually sync both Etsy store accounts. It can only be done with the help of third-party developers. 

You must integrate your data and provide the developer access to it after you have selected a third-party developer with whom you wish to collaborate.

You must enable Integrations on your Etsy account by following these steps:

  • Go to Etsy’s Shop Manager.
  • Go to Integrations.
  • Examine the integration and make the necessary changes.

If you want to achieve this, you’ll need to download third-party applications like:

These are subscription-based services. It functions like an agency, with access to your Etsy data and the ability to do tasks like as inventory management and product synchronizing on your behalf.

Is it possible to delete my Etsy shop?

Yes! You may deactivate your Etsy store whenever you want, but you must first check the following items:

  • You don’t have any orders that haven’t been completed yet.
  • There are no unresolved cases in your caseload.
  • There are no unpaid balances on your account.
  • For your records, you’ve stored all of your sales data and history. (Do this since you never know when you’ll need it, such as for taxes.)

However, deleting your Etsy business completely is irreversible. So please be really certain that this is what you want to do before permanently removing it.

Alternatively, if you choose to take a break and just shut your business, you may do so and reopen it when you are ready.


That’s all there is to it, guys! This is the most thorough guide to learning all there is to know about having two Etsy businesses. 

I hope you have an in-depth understanding of whether this is suitable for you or not. It will be highly doubtful if you are still asking, “Is it OK if I have two Etsy shops?” 

Good luck with your second Etsy store, and I wish you much success and profit on your eCommerce adventure.

“Should I have two Etsy shops?” is a question that many sellers ask themselves. It’s important to know the rules before you go ahead and make your decision. Reference: should i have two etsy shops.

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