Inflation is a measure of how much the price of goods and services increase over time. In December 2017, inflation was found to be 2.2%. This means that prices in December were 5% higher than they had been 10 months earlier (December 2016). Everybody’s favorite burger chain just got more expensive!

The “inflation calculator” is a website that allows users to calculate the inflation rate for any given year. The site also provides a graph of the inflation rate over time.

Burger costs soar due to inflation



Consumers in the United States are paying more for common things, with inflation reaching 8.3 percent year over year in April. Food costs, in particular, have risen significantly, as seen by a recent shopping trip for hamburger components.


Infographic: How Inflation Changed the Price of a Hamburger | Statista Statista has a lot more infographics.

Meats have seen some of the most significant price rises among food goods, with ground beef currently costing about 15% more than it did in April 2021 and bacon costing 17.7% more than it did a year ago.


On the other hand, the price of tomatoes increased by just 0.4 percent in a year, indicating that certain items were less affected by inflation than others. Fresh vegetables had the lowest rate of inflation of any food group, with a price rise of just 6.2 percent.


Energy, which, along with groceries, is the most volatile category in the Consumer Price Index, pushed up total prices even higher. Energy prices have risen by 30.3 percent since April 2021 as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions. Energy costs had already returned to pre-pandemic levels one year earlier, therefore this rise is unrelated to the base effect.


In the wake of the Covid-19 lockdowns, which continue to disrupt global supply lines, inflation has already begun to climb in 2021. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which saw energy supplies interrupted by sanctions and Ukrainian items absent from international markets, drove it even higher.

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As a consequence, inflation is spreading over a wider spectrum of goods. For example, although the cost of old automobiles and trucks had already risen dramatically by 2021, the cost of new vehicles had already increased by 13% over the previous year. Inflation is indirectly boosting another sustainable behavior: using public transit, thanks to the high expense of petrol and vehicles. Over the last year, the category increased by 2.7 percent, a far lower growth than most other expenditure categories.


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In every state, this is the bacon to try.



Let’s be clear about something. This list isn’t based on any kind of scientific research. It’s absurd to think that some bunch of Americans I’ve never met could select better bacon than I could. People, I’m familiar with bacon. I consume a lot of it. It’s much too much. I’ve even done some reporting on it, but “investigating” bacon in no way qualifies one as a connoisseur. It’s something you have to live and breathe. You have to be the kind of child who used to play hooky from school by pretending sickness, then started frying bacon as soon as his parents went for work, devouring a whole package by himself. Then, on Sunday, when there was no bacon in the home, they’d ask, “Hey, what happened to the bacon?”

“I don’t know,” lied the boy, then went to his room and laughed.

You have to be the type of adult who worries that his long, deep love affair with bacon (and fried chicken) is leading to a legitimate heart condition, but can’t seem to muster the willpower to slow down, despite the warnings of both his GP and cardiologist, both of whom appear to be smart, well-meaning people… Isn’t it sugar, not saturated fats, that’s the issue? (I’m also not a fan of chocolate-covered bacon.) The texture is revolting.)

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The following is a list of the most gorgeous, savory, and, in some instances, unique bacon I could discover in every state – and I’m referring to both brands and recipes (It was originally published in 2018 and updated.) And, no, I didn’t try every single one of them. Do you believe a bacon whisperer like me has to sample the bacon before deciding if it’s excellent or not? Through the screen, I can sense the bacon. You will, too, if you pay close enough attention to this slideshow.

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istockphoto / Fudio



Let’s ignore the fact that this bacon is really popular on the internet. What’s good about this bacon (apart from how lovely it is) is that you can purchase it unsliced, which means you can cook it as thick as you like. Fairhope is where I need to be.


Bacon by Bill-E



This shoulder bacon looks amazing, even if it’s a little thinner than I like. Given the cut, it’s a little slimmer than classic breakfast-style hog belly bacon, but they’ve got all of that and more. In overall, their assortment of smoked meats seems to be fantastic. I have to go to Anchorage.


No. 9 Butcher Block



The Meat Shop has a bacon heritage, having been named the finest bacon in town by the Phoenix New Times. “Bacon aficionados around town almost cry at the sight of the porcine wonder dish in all its splendor from the fine people at The Meat Shop in south Phoenix,” according to the New Times. Who are we to blame them? The Wilson family has been breeding and keeping pigs for over a century, and it shows in the quality of their bacon.” I need to travel to Phoenix as soon as possible.


Facebook / The Meat Shop



In Arkansas, bacon is a major business. Arkansas Peppered Bacon is one of the state’s hallmark varieties. I’m not sure whether Coursey’s makes peppered bacon – they just have a Facebook page, and this Yelp photo of their menu shows no trace of it – but I can assure you that their bacon is authentic. People travel hundreds of miles to get their bacon, sausages, ham, and sandwiches fix (which are supposed to be simple but incredible). I have to go to St. Joe.


Facebook / Coursey’s



There’s something wonderful about being able to stroll into a restaurant and get a pile of bacon wrapped in brown paper, then leaving to roam aimlessly while eating bacon. Bacon Bacon Bacon offers a plethora of creative bacon meals – their Cuban sandwich sounds fantastic – but in the end, it’s the bacon that I’m after. I have to return to San Francisco.


Bacon Bacon Bacon



Tender Stomach bacon is made from the “ultra-tender bellies of Certified Awesome pigs,” according to their website. They cure it for 12 days, and although I usually prefer for bacon with a hint of bacon taste, I’ve heard that a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich made with habanero bacon is something I should try (as soon as I can locate some gluten-free bread, since I’m so health aware). While these people are located in Denver and sell their products in retailers all around Colorado and beyond, they also operate a mail order company. Regardless, I must go to Denver.


Tender Stomach



Aside from the apparent delectability, Nodine’s juniper smoked bacon has one of the nicest descriptions I’ve ever seen on a bacon purveyor’s website. “There is nothing like this bacon in terms of taste. This is the closest we can get to conventional bacon, and it’s far from it. Our fine bacons will be ruined by overcooking. “Cook with Care.” Ma’am, yes. I need to travel to Torrington as soon as possible.


Nadine’s Smokehouse is a restaurant owned by Nadine.



Sure, this bacon is served at a golf club (which may or may not appeal to you), and yes, it is known as “Millionaire’s Bacon” (which, when combined with the golf thing, may or may not be further off-putting). The fact that it’s crunchy and laced with chili powder, cayenne pepper, and brown sugar adds to the appeal. Many consider this bacon to be the star of the club’s legendary all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch, which takes place on certain Sundays and is available to the public, as photographer Sun, RIchard faithfully photographed. I need to be to Newark as soon as possible.


Sun, RIchard



Many people visit Siesta Key for the beaches (which are among the greatest in the nation), but I have relatives there who rave about the bacon at Sun Garden. Now, this essay is about bacon, but fried chicken is the one item that may enhance bacon. The Mississippi Queen meal combines bacon and chicken and waffles, two of the state’s most popular dishes. After you’ve finished eating, take a lengthy stroll on the beach. I have to return to Siesta Key.


Sun Garden Cafe is a cafe that serves breakfast, lunch,



The Old Fashioned Heritage Bacon from Market on Pine Street took up the 2018 Flavor of Georgia award. “Rather of pumping our bellies with phosphates and curing solution, we employ an old-world dry curing procedure that eliminates moisture and concentrates taste,” according to their website. I need to travel to Atlanta as soon as possible.


Market on Pine Street



There are too many reasons for me to visit Hawaii to name them all. The Bacon Steak at Pancakes & Waffles in Aiea is now one of them. Although I couldn’t locate it on the menu, Lee A. Tonouchi’s piece “Attack of the 50 Foot Bacon” persuaded me. I need to go to Aiea as soon as possible.


Frolic / Lee A. Tonouchi



Mac ‘n cheese with bacon is nothing new, but the version known as The Mac at John Berryhill’s restaurant, Bacon, in Boise, is a cut above. Food & Wine rated it as one of the best macs in the country. I need to get to Boise.


Boise Bacon



When it comes to bacon, Quality Meats from the Publican is a butcher, café, and market, and there are two types: thick cut pub bacon and thinner cut slab bacon. You can’t go wrong with either, and if you don’t need it right away, you can always order it in the café and take it home in a package. I need to travel to Chicago as soon as possible.


Quality Meats from the Publican



Applewood Smoked Bacon from Goose Smoking is a national favorite. Their “meat locker” in Indianapolis is only available to the public once a month, and you’ll have to sign up for their newsletter to find out when. Don’t be concerned. Goose the Market is always accessible to the public, and they always have the nice things (their bacon is also available through mail order and various stores across the country). I need to travel to Indianapolis as soon as possible.


Goose Smoking



Farms Vande Rose’ artisanal applewood-smoked bacon has long been praised by journalists. They were just rated the greatest bacon in America by one newspaper. Their bacon is available in butchers and markets around the nation, or you may contact them directly by phone or email. That’s correct. There isn’t a sophisticated web shop. Simply phone or send an email. On the website, it’s right there. Regardless, I need to go to Waucoma.


Farms Vande Rose



If you go through the comments on Steve’s Facebook page, you’ll notice remarks from customers who use words like “renowned.” “I’m going through withdrawal,” one resident commented when the business shuttered for a brief time some years ago. They send their bacon all across the country, but I still have to travel to De Soto.


Steve’s Meat Market is a place where you may buy meat.



The fact that this is referred to as “Grilling Bacon” by the guys at Father’s is a nice touch. It seems to be suitable. You could absolutely grill it, but you could also cook it on the stove or, better yet, in the oven. I’d want to try sous videing their bacon. In any event, Father’s has a long history. The Gatton family has owned the farm since 1840, but it wasn’t until 1945 that they started selling country hams, for which they are famous. I need to be to Bremen as soon as possible.


Country Hams from Father



As I previously said, I am not usually a fan of dessert-style bacon. The exception is Elizabeth’s praline bacon. This French Quarter eatery understands what they’re doing. This bacon has been made for over 20 years, and the texture is exquisite. It’s also not a dessert-related issue. It’s a matter of when. Don’t even think about the Hurricanes. Nothing beats wandering around New Orleans with a handful of praline bacon in your hand. I need to return to New Orleans as soon as possible.


Elizabeth’s Restaurant is a great place to eat.



A restaurant with a bacon motif that also serves as a comedy club is a notion I can get behind. These folks, on the other hand, take their bacon quite seriously. Take a look at the options on the menu. Their bacon burger has really pleased me. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen nearly that much bacon on a single burger (prove me wrong, internet). I need to travel to Auburn as soon as possible.


Bacon House is a place where bacon is made.



Bacon and baseball, I think, would be America’s two favorite pastimes. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? You won’t have to choose if you go down to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Thick, Hungarian bacon is covered in Old Bay and a maple glaze and served in a six pack of empty beer bottles at Dempsey’s, which is directly next to the stadium. I need to travel to Baltimore as soon as possible.





The Bacon Delivery Service has become somewhat of a Boston tradition, to the point that they’ve even created a Bacon Truck Cafe. The original is a moving target, but the locations are provided here if you wish to try it out. If you decide to attend, I recommend the morning burrito. Bacon, pork carnitas, scrambled eggs, tater tots, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo, avocado, and corn salsa are among the ingredients. Carnitas AND bacon! I need to travel to Boston as soon as possible.


The Bacon Delivery Service



John Drummond’s Smokehouse has been operating since 1913, and although they transport their iconic Granddads Bacon (and a lot more) everywhere in the United States, I’d want to visit this small piece of the bacon cosmos. They’ll chop your bacon as thick as you want it, and it’s just a few kilometers from Lake Michigan’s western coast, as Jon Jakoblich pointed out in his 2013 review. So, I suppose a bacon barbeque by the lake is in order. I need to travel to Muskegon as soon as possible.


Bacon from John Drummond’s Grandfathers



This is the second Steve’s Meat Market is a place where you may buy meat. to make the list – the other one is in Kansas. Unlike Kansas Steve’s, Minnesota Steve’s doesn’t appear to do any online sales, which is killing me. People rave about this bacon and truly celebrate the founder, Steve Eaker, who died several years ago. And while they aren’t selling online, they are charting new territory when it comes to sales. They are home to the first ever meat-vending machine in the state of Minnesota. I need to get to Ellendale.


Steve’s Meat Market is a place where you may buy meat. / Steve’s Smokey Acres



“Chef John Currence always had a love affair with breakfast,” according to the Breakfast was a disaster. website. Fortunately for us, he’s willing to share his passion with the rest of the world. This spicy, house-cured Tabasco and brown sugar bacon has received amazing reviews from far and wide. Breakfast was a disaster. presently has five locations around the United States, including eateries in Alabama and Florida. Nonetheless, I believe I owe it to everyone to go to the original. I need to travel to Oxford as soon as possible.


Breakfast was a disaster.



The Hickory Smoked Bacon at Meats Smoked in the Woods, which has been operating for 70 years, is a great standout among the cornucopia of smoked meats (though their Applewood Smoked Bacon is no slouch either). Their websites state the following. It has been named a “German Silver Medalist” and a “National Grand Champion” after winning over 20 accolades. I need to travel to Bowling Green as soon as possible.


Meats Smoked in the Woods



The Honey Moonshine bacon from Maddison Smokehouse is named from the brine, which contains a “large helping” of Willie’s Montana Honey Moonshine from Willie’s Distillery in Ennis. “The meat takes on taste from the moonshine’s three Montana grains, molasses, and, of course, honey,” according to the Maddison Smokehouse website. It’s a touch sweet, but with a lively edge.” I need to travel to Ennis as soon as possible.

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Madison Smokehouse is a restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin.



Since 1916, when Thomas Stoysich moved from Hungary and started working in Omaha’s meat-packing facilities, the Stoysich family has called Omaha home. Tom’s Market was founded in 1949, and he sold it to his son, Frank, in 1960. Frank Jr. took control when Frank Sr. died in 2011. The hickory smoked bacon, among other things, is a local favorite. Take a peek at their testimonials page, for example. There are lots of passionate followers online, as well as photos of deployed troops wearing Frank Stoysich T-shirts. I need to be to Omaha as soon as possible.


Meats by Frank Stoysich



Blondie’s Bacon Creations is a food truck that mostly operates in Las Vegas, although they also travel to other cities (people hire them for parties). They don’t have a website, but their Facebook page is brimming with photos of their bacon concoctions. A excellent bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is a piece of beauty, and theirs is the genuine thing, with a still-dripping fried egg and fresh jalapeos. I need to travel to Vegas as soon as possible.


The Bacon Creation of Blondie



At the Smokehouse in the North Country, there are far too many delicious bacons to pick from. Applewood Smoked Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Cottage Bacon, Fruitwood Uncured Bacon, Pea Meal Bacon, and Peppered Bacon are among the varieties available. The Cob Smoked Bacon, on the other hand, is my personal favorite. “In Northern New England, corn cob smoking was handed down to settlers by the area’s native Abenaki people as a natural technique to preserve meat,” according to the Smokehouse in the North Country website. Farmers gathered fields of corn each autumn and placed them into towering, wire-mesh corn cribs to dry them in the sun and air. Then they created slow-burning fires in smokehouses powered by dried corn cobs, over which they hanged freshly cured bacon from their own pigs.” That’s some bacon background for you. I need to travel to Claremont as soon as possible.


Smokehouse in the North Country



Mangalista is known as the Kobe beef of pigs, and the title is well-deserved. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve had the wonderful fortune to experience this stuff. If you haven’t already, place an order. Everything, even the bacon, is bananas. Their meat is available for purchase online as well as at local farmers markets and savvy restaurants. Msefund Farm is located in rural New Jersey, some 70 miles south of New York, and its Mangalista pigs are “kept without beta-agonists or hormones, antibiotic-free, trans-fat-free, and given a natural diet.” I need to travel to Branchville as soon as possible.


Msefund’s Mangalitsa



I think that all restaurants are bacon themed in some way, but Bacon Jam is a diner dedicated entirely to bacon. Bacon is used in a variety of meals. Bacon batter pancakes, maple bacon French toast, and even a Defibrillator are on the menu. Two slices of deep-fried bacon served with bacon gravy on the side. The bacon cinnamon bun, though, is the one that jumps out to me. The right balance of salty and sweet. I need to be to Albuquerque as soon as possible.


Facebook / Bacon Jam



This is a tough decision for me to make. There are so many fantastic bacon suppliers and equally excellent bacon recipes all around the state. The ultimate New York bacon experience, though, for me, is at Peter Luger, an old-school Brooklyn steakhouse established in 1887. Their bacon is exceptionally thick sliced, grilled, and served sizzling. Before you receive your big and equally magnificent steak, you order it by the slice as an appetizer. When I initially went there around 15 years ago, it was the first time I had ever had a bacon starter like this. It’s just a huge hunk of bacon. It had a significant impact on my life. There are other excellent New York steakhouses that serve bacon, but none will ever compare to Luger’s. They were the first of my kind.

Bacon is now available in packets at Luger’s. You may order it over the mail, and it’s also available at select grocery shops. It’s tasty, but not nearly as excellent as the restaurant’s offerings. It seems to be thinner, and you can’t usually prepare it the way they do. Also, bear in mind that getting a reservation at Luger’s is difficult, as I just discovered… twice. You must make your reservation weeks in advance. You may either go for lunch (everything is the same) or attempt to snag a table at the Long Island location. Nonetheless, I must return to Brooklyn.


Steakhouse Peter Luger



North Carolina is known for its bacon. There’s a plethora of options down there. The Nahunta Pork Center, on the other hand, is a pork superstore. It’s as if Walmart just carried pork. They offer every cut you can think of, but their bacon is exceptional. You choose your slab, which is then cut to order and packaged for you. I used to go to summer camp in North Carolina as a youngster, and I’m still irritated that we never came here. They have two facilities, one in Pikeville and the other in Raleigh, however they do not send things that need to be refrigerated. So, I suppose I’ll have to go to Raleigh (or Pikeville).


Nahuta Pork Center is a pork processing facility in Nahuta, Japan.



Honey pepper bacon is thick sliced and cooked with affection at this family company. The Schweitzer family farm is a recent addition, but it is a genuine dream come true. Their website notes, “From even before Travis and Trina Schweitzer were married in August of 1997, Travis had always wanted to open a butcher shop. Until they moved out to their 40-acre farm in January of 2015, it never felt like the appropriate moment for Trina. Travis and Trina had always wanted to pursue something that would enable them to work alongside their seven children and teach them the virtues they were taught as youngsters.” Brunch at their place on Sunday must be fantastic. I need to go to Moffit as soon as possible.


Gourmet Meats by Schweitzer



This Columbus-based artisanal bacon business was created by four friends who began cooking bacon in their garden some years ago. Bacon, 1803. now comes in over 30 savory and sweet varieties, like rosemary orange balsamic, maple bourbon, and porter brown sugar, to name a few. The number one taste, according to their website, is maple espresso. You may be asking why 1803 was chosen. The year 1803 was the year that Ohio became a state. I need to travel to Columbus as soon as possible.


Bacon, 1803.



Farm Bacon Acres was established in 2012 as a family farm in northeast Oklahoma. They only produce Tamworth pigs, an unique species that is notorious for being unsuited to industrial farming conditions. Bacon Acre Farms is everything from ordinary. “Workers do not use loud voices or hit animals,” according to their website. There are no electric prods utilized. When animals are transferred, they are permitted to self-load and unload on trailers rather than being pursued. Piglets are treated lightly, with needle teeth not removed and tails not docked. Animal quality of life takes precedence over quick development, and superb taste takes precedence over contemporary improvements at Farm Bacon Acres.” Photos and videos may be seen on their Facebook page. The resultant meat, particularly the bacon, has garnered a reputation as some of the greatest in the world. I need to go to Jay as soon as possible.


Farm Bacon Acres



Applewood and hickory smoked bacon are widely available, while alder smoked bacon is less common. It imparts a little sweeter and milder smoke flavor, and Otto’s Sausage Kitchen’s variation is well praised. “We opted to buy some of your bacon when we went by yesterday,” one of their followers said on their Facebook page. I’m surprised we took so long. Why didn’t you tell us—no, demand—that we get some sooner?!” I need to travel to Portland as soon as possible.


Otto’s Sausage Kitchen is a restaurant that specializes on sausages.



“Weavers at the Lancaster County Farmer’s Market,” a buddy from Philadelphia said when I asked for bacon ideas in Pennsylvania. Their bacon is unrivaled! “There will be no competition.” On their Facebook page, Weaver’s defines it as follows: “Smoked in-house to ensure the highest quality.” Bacon that doesn’t cook down and isn’t entirely made up of fat. You and your family will not be able to eat any other bacon after trying ours!” Weaver’s is available at two locations as well as eight farmers markets. I need to be to East Petersburg as soon as possible.


Weaver, S. Clyde



I recommend you become familiar with the absolute greatness of the Polish grocery store if you haven’t already. Having lived in Brooklyn for a time, I’ve seen several of these pork temples. I’ve always like smoked pork tenderloin, but the kind folks at Krakow in Woonsocket have come up with a unique dish that’s now on my must-try list. It’s called The Three Little Pigs, and it has two kinds of kielbasa, bacon, sauerkraut, apples, brown sugar, and onions in it. If you go, be sure to phone ahead to confirm that they arrived. I need to go to Woonsocket as soon as possible.


Krakow Deli, Bakery & Smokehouse



People that like Farms Four Oaks seem to be completely committed. “I just placed an order for grits, bacon, and other comfort foods for us Carolinans in exile in Oregon.” We wish we could order some of your delectable delicacies! “We can’t wait to return for our next visit,” one admirer said on their Facebook page. “These people produce some incredible ‘pepper-coated bacon.’” “The results are really outstanding when coupled with fresh tomatoes and an above average bread,” remarked another. I need to travel to Lexington as soon as possible.


Farms Four Oaks



Meats & Sausage from Hudson takes pride in being “not just USDA inspected, but also organically certified, and an animal welfare approved factory.” Hudson offers its own line of meats in addition to processing meats that you bring in, and its bacon is well-received. “The taste is subtle and wonderful,” according to this article on It’s soft and virtually dissolves in your mouth. My mouth is watering just thinking about it in a BLT with fresh tomatoes straight off the vine.” I need to travel to Hudson as soon as possible.


Meats & Sausage from Hudson



Many people visit Benton’s shop in Madisonville, but they also ship anywhere in the United States. They’ve been there since 1947 and have a devoted following, such as this Facebook commenter: “We purchase the bacon over the phone and have it transported to California.” Without a doubt, the best bacon on the planet…our most recent order was for 40 pounds!” When it comes to purchasing, you have a few alternatives. “Either unsmoked or hickory-smoked” hams and bacon are offered. Hickory smoking is done behind the shop in a small wood-burning smokehouse, which gives the meat a characteristic smoky taste that many customers love.” I need to travel to Madisonville as soon as possible.


Smoky Mountain Country Hams from Benton’s



Smokehouse Bear Creek was founded by the Shoults family in 1943 with only a few smoked turkeys. Since then, the Shoult family has been engaged in the company for five generations, and it has expanded to a 43,000 square foot factory that produces a variety of goods, including a few different varieties of bacon. Their Hatch Chili Bacon has been featured on a number of television programs, including The Rachel Ray Show, and I’m interested in trying it. “With a tinge of sweetness and a dash of spice, this Hatch Chili Bacon is the ideal alternative when you want the familiarity of ordinary bacon but kicked up a level!” they say. I need to go to Marshall as soon as possible.


Smokehouse Bear Creek



Christiansen’s Family Farm is a pork-obsessed establishment. “This may seem funny, but our pork is an artistic manifestation of our enthusiasm for great food,” they say of the setting in which their Berkshire pigs reside. Pork that is the best available is made possible by a mix of pig breed (genetics), premium GMO-free feed, natural stress-free environment, and humane treatment.” It’s also wonderful that they provide sugar-free bacon, which is also their most popular option. In Utah, Arizona, and Las Vegas, they ship their bacon and provide local pickup. I need to travel to Fairfield as soon as possible.


Christiansen’s Family Farm is a farm owned and operated by the Christiansen family.



Cob-smoked bacon is something we learnt about in New Hampshire (it’s a New England thing). Dakin Farm is a family-owned and operated farm in, a Vermont tradition for more than 50 years (albeit the farm was founded by Thomas Dakin in 1792), takes it to the next level with their maple-coated bacon. This eatery has so much delicious food that it will make your head burst. Just remember to include the bacon. I need to travel to Ferrisburgh as soon as possible.


Dakin Farm is a family-owned and operated farm in



This was a difficult one. Jeb the Butcher, as he’s called on Facebook, is the owner of Jeb’s Meat Market and Diner, where he produces a variety of bacon. I’d start with his conventional smoked bacon since it’s so beautiful. However, he also prepares a thinner cottage bacon, which is more common in England. He also has a number of excellent instructive films. I need to travel to Carrollton as soon as possible.


Jeb’s Meat Market is a meat market owned by Jeb.



Shadow of Rain Meats gets its bacon from local company Jack Mountain Meats, which gets its pork from Eastern Washington’s Pure Country Farms. Jack Mountain Meats slices their bacon three ways—Sunday, rashers, and cottage—then smokes it over hazelnut shells after maturing it for eight days. Pure Country is devoted to sustainable hog rearing. Shadow of Rain’s vintage car dealership, now converted food store, sells this painstakingly prepared goods in person or by delivery in select Seattle locations. I need to travel to Seattle as soon as possible.

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Shadow of Rain



Jowl bacon is made from the pig’s cheeks, and as you can see, it’s a little fattier. It has a sweeter flavor than hog belly bacon. Guanciale, an Italian kind of jowl bacon, may be rather expensive. Fine Meats at a Rapid Level, which just opened its doors in 2017, sells both classic and jowl bacon. However, their jowl bacon looks especially wonderful, and judging on the positive feedback they’ve received on Facebook, it seems that you can’t go wrong there. I need to travel to Lewisburg as soon as possible.


Fine Meats at a Rapid Level



Wisconsin is bacon country, and Nolechek’s faces stiff competition (including the high-end bacon behemoth Neuske’s). “It is a great bacon and you won’t be able to restrain yourself once you sample it,” says Nolecheck’s won the 2015 grand championship for bacon for the state of Wisconsin. Thankfully, they ship since their hickory smoked, honey cured bacon, as well as a few other items on their website, looks incredible. I need to go to Thorp as soon as possible.


Meats from Nolecheck’s



On the Meats from Wyoming’s Past website, there is just one sort of bacon for sale. It’s simply referred to as bacon. It’s only that it’s been dry cured for a week and smoked with applewood. Meats from Wyoming’s Past’ (which launched in May 2017) proprietors are both physicians, which is interesting. Drs. Frank and Catherine (Caety) Schmidt, an orthopedic surgeon and anesthesiologist, said they created the firm to provide more people access to organically produced meats. “As a physician, I’m worried about nutrition and how it influences the human body’s lifespan. We have been able to serve our children natural beef that we farmed, as well as natural 4H-raised pig and lamb in my own household…. Wyoming’s people have a unique talent to contribute to the world.” On the Meats from Wyoming’s Past website, Frank is cited. Anyone who has visited Wyoming knows it’s a special place, and this bacon, at the risk of sounding cornier than the good doctor, seems to be no exception. I need to get to Cody as soon as possible.


Meats from Wyoming’s Past



I’d want to express my gratitude for accompanying me on this bacon adventure. We’ve merely scratched the surface of what this nation has to offer in terms of amazing bacon. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the bacon (like I am), check out this post we wrote about 13 delicious bacon replacements. Don’t worry, meat eaters: it isn’t entirely vegan. Some of it is present, but there is also prosciutto. Until next time, bacon aficionados… republished this story.





This restaurant, which opened in 1730, is the country’s oldest.


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