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Bryan Bottarelli is a self-described “tinkerer” who has a knack for spotting trends in the markets. And he’s the author of a newsletter called the “Bottarelli Letter” that’s famous for its uncanny ability to “prediction” which stocks are poised to rise and which stocks are poised to fall. So, how does Bottarelli pick his winners? The answer is simple: he doesn’t pick ‘em.

Hello, today I’ll be looking at Bryan Bottarelli of Momentum Traders Alliance, LLC’s trading service called “Trade of the Day Plus.”

Bryan proposes “one easy transaction” every Wednesday evening in his presentation for the service. And that his suggestions have resulted in an 83 percent victory rate for customers since the program started in October of 2020.

Is it true?

I’m dubious of some of the promises made by Trade of the Day Plus, but I couldn’t discover anything that suggests it’s a scam, and there’s a year-long money-back guarantee.

In any case, I’ll share all I’ve discovered about Bryan Bottarelli and his trading service in this post to help you determine whether it’s suitable for you.

Review of the Trade of the Day Plus

I initially learned about Trade of the Day Plus after receiving an email that directed me to a presentation on the Momentum Traders Alliance website.

Bryan-Bottarellis-Trade-of-the-Day-Plus-Is-It-LegitSource: http://p/851YR49TPULT2YRDSWARWARLTOMT/ETPUX8FR/

Bryan begins his presentation with a discussion of “extracting income” from the market each week, headlined “Wednesday Market Trend That Has Returned 83 Percent Winners.”

And 19 of the 23 transactions that were concluded were winners.

The 83 percent number is a measure of how many of Bryan’s trade suggestions have worked out, not the amount of profit his subscribers have earned on each transaction.

Even still, if accurate, that’s a very high victory rate.

Later in the presentation, he gives a detailed analysis of the model portfolio’s wins and losses, so you can see how much each transaction has produced on average.

In any event, Bryan claims that this is the technique he developed after years of working as a trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), and that it’s all about exploiting a weekly “market trend.”

After years as a trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, I mastered my technique…


The Trade of the Day Plus service’s primary “selling point” is that it’s easy to use, has an 83 percent win record, and takes little time to set up.

All you have to do, according to Bryan, is check your email on Wednesday and view the video he sends you.

The video explains the trade he advises and gives updates on the model portfolio’s other current transactions.

If you believe the transaction is worthwhile, you may place it using your own brokerage account.

Bryan Bottarelli’s Trading Strategy: How Does It Work?

Bryan Bottarelli’s “Trade Of The Day Plus” approach includes trading equities with a 60-day average hold time, and he advises utilizing options to enhance profits.

His picks aren’t restricted to a single industry; he essentially suggests any company that he believes has a 25% or greater upside potential.

Bryan, on the other hand, claims to do “a heck of a lot of due diligence” over the course of three days (Monday to Wednesday) in order to choose the one trade opportunity he shares with subscribers each week.

Monday is probably the busiest trading day of the week, according to Bryan, and it is on this day that he begins compiling his “watch list” of possible trade possibilities.

Overall, Bryan says he makes a list of 10 to 20 equities he’s interested in and looks for trades with at least a 25% upside potential in a “pretty short amount of time.”

If the 25% threshold is reached, Bryan suggests selling half of your position and increasing the profit objective on the new trade to 50%, with a goal of 100 percent profits.

We established a 25% profit objective as our initial profit goal. When we reach that level, we sell half of our stake and increase our profit goal for the following half to 50%. We usually aim for 100% to close the remaining part of the trade at that time.

Bryan also suggests utilizing options to “turbocharge your growth” and offers members a free booklet called “Options for Dummies 101” as a thank you for signing up.

You may speculate on the price of a stock, up or down, without holding the underlying shares, using stock options. Options trading is more complex than normal stock trading, and it may raise your negative risk, but it can also enhance your upside potential.

In any event, Bryan claims that on Tuesday, he “weeds out the companies” from his list that he doesn’t believe are worth investing in, reducing the list to around five stocks. These companies, he claims, make his list because they are still trading at levels that are within his technical criteria.

Wednesday is the last day in Bryan’s procedure, and it is on this day that he will propose the trade. He doesn’t go into detail about how he chooses the winning stock from the last five or so, but he does claim he spends three days analyzing the markets in order to identify one trading opportunity.

Bryan creates a two-to-three minute video and sends it to subscribers through email after he has decided which investment he is bullish on. This video explains all you need to know about what he’s suggesting and how to take advantage of it.

It’s then up to you to determine whether or not you wish to accept his advice. You may even make the transaction he advises in your own trading account if you wish to.

The video also gives you updates on Bryan’s prior suggestions, so you’ll know when he recommends changing or leaving a transaction.

Track Record and Trade of the Day

One of Bryan’s major claims regarding Trade of the Day Plus is that since its inception in October 2020, it has recommended 83 percent successful deals. He claims that 19 of the 23 trade suggestions he made were successful.

He even goes so far as to promise it as a condition of entering the military:

Our model portfolio has given readers the opportunity to complete 23 transactions since October 2020, with 19 of them being winners.

Finally, based on my model portfolio, I promise you’ll see AT LEAST an 83 percent success rate in the next year.

Is the 83 percent success rate real?

It’s difficult to say without knowing Bryan personally or having been a member of his service from the beginning.

What I can tell is that throughout the presentation, he gives a list of 33 transactions that he claims reflects Trade of the Day Plus’ whole track record from its inception.

No, 33 isn’t a mistake. I was perplexed at first since he also claims to have suggested 23 transactions since the program started. But, after a closer look, I believe I’ve figured out what’s going on.

Bryan basically displays a total of 33 transactions, but from what I can see, some of them are just trades where a part of the position was closed out to earn a profit.

Bryan’s chart, for example, indicates that he advised purchasing Rocket Companies on February 4th, 2021, and selling it on March 2nd, 2021, for a gain of 26.81 percent. The same suggestion closed on March 3rd for a 69.53 percent gain, according to a new line of the same chart.

So, based on the statistics provided by Bryan Bottarelli, his service seems to have an 83 percent victory rate. Of course, this does not reveal the average gain of each suggestion, but according to Bryan, $1,000 might have turned into $3,071 in profit since the company’s start.

Even after accounting for the four losses, a $1,000 investment in each of these transactions might have resulted in almost $3,071 in return.

And when you do the arithmetic, this implies that from October of 2020, his trading service has generated a total gain of 207.1 percent. In addition, the date shown on the website is July 2021.

So, if my calculation is right, that’s a 207 percent increase in only nine months.

I can’t tell for sure how true Bryan’s claims are, but 207 percent in nine months isn’t the craziest claim I’ve heard circulating around. And I can’t see someone as well-known as him providing a phony performance chart because the Federal Trade Commission would be all over it.

In any case, even if what he says is accurate, it’s essential to be aware of the dangers and the fact that none of his suggestions are guaranteed to earn you money.

What Are the Benefits of Joining?

The weekly trade suggestions are the primary benefit of being a Trade of the Day Plus member. Subscribers will get a fresh trade suggestion and a short video that takes you through the transaction and updates you on the model portfolio every week for the next 12 months.

In all, you’ll get 52 trade suggestions.

Bryan also sends out bonus reports that include his most recent stock recommendations as well as tips on how to earn from IPOs and trade options.

What is the price and what is the refund policy?

According to Bryan, the cost of joining the program is usually $249 per year. He claims, however, that the service is presently available for $49.

It also comes with a “double guarantee.”

The first element of the guarantee, as far as I can tell, is that if the service doesn’t maintain an 83 percent win rate throughout the length of your subscription, you receive a free second year.

The second aspect is that you may request a refund at any time during the first year.

I’m fairly sure I’ve never seen such a promise. In most cases, it’s either one way or the other. As in, if you’re unhappy with it or it doesn’t function as expected, you can either receive a free second year or get your money back. But, as far as I recall, this is the first time I’ve seen both of them.

If I don’t beat the 83 percent success rate I showed you in my model portfolio in the following year, contact my team and I’ll give you a second year for free to make up for it.

Yes, you read it correctly. If you’re not happy for any reason within the following year, you may receive a FULL refund.

That’s a complete guarantee, if it’s genuine.

Nobody, however, can promise that you will earn money since no one can foresee the future. As a result, there is always a danger. There is no way to get your money back if you follow Bryan’s advice and lose a lot of money.

Bryan Bottarelli: Who Is He?

Bryan Bottarelli is the “Head Trade Tactician” at Momentum Traders Alliance, LLC, a trading research firm. He’s also a member of the company’s three trading services.

One is Trade of the Day, a free daily e-letter. Another option is Trade of the Day Plus, which is essentially a step up from the free service we mentioned earlier in this article. The War Room is the name of his second service.

Momentum Traders Alliance, LLC was founded and is managed by an unknown person. The only individuals mentioned on the business website are Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla (the “Head Fundamental Tactician”). As a result, I believe it is fair to infer they are the company’s driving force.

Bryan holds a business degree from Indiana University and began trading at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in 1999, according to his profile on the Momentum Traders Alliance website. He claims to have been taught by one of America’s best floor traders.

Bryan then allegedly “walked off the CBOE floor” in 2006, launching Bottarelli Research, a trading advice business that shuttered in 2018.

The domain for Momentum Traders Alliance was registered in 2018, thus I assume this is the business that replaced Bottarelli Research.

Bryan offers his newest insights and stock selections on the Your Trade Of The Day Youtube channel as part of the free “Trade of the Day” email newsletter service.

As of this writing, this is his most recent video (not an endorsement):


Is Trade of the Day Plus a genuine business?

Because there are so many frauds and overhyped programs out there, I’m usually suspicious about trading, investing, and earn money online schemes.

So, when I initially watched the Trade of the Day Plus presentation and heard the section about a “guaranteed” 83 percent success rate, I was skeptical.

However, as I gained more knowledge, I grew less suspicious.

For one thing, he gives you the entire history of the service before you join, which is something I haven’t seen other gurus in the area do.

Second, assuming he’s right and my math is accurate, a 207 percent increase in nine months isn’t exactly extraordinary.

Third, the service comes with a one-year money-back guarantee, plus a free second year if it doesn’t work out.

Of course, none of this ensures that the service is genuine, but it helped alleviate some of my doubt when I first found it.

What are the opinions of others?

I couldn’t discover many reviews for Trade of the Day Plus during my investigation, but I did locate over a dozen for Momentum Traders Alliance on the Better Business Bureau website. I also discovered several testimonials for Bottarelli Research Options, an old consultancy Bryan used to run.

Overall, there seems to be a balance of good and negative feedback. However, I couldn’t discover many evaluations for Trade of the Day Plus, which may be due to the fact that it’s a new business.

In any case, I believe it is worthwhile to read other people’s evaluations. Because, although the majority of programs have negative evaluations, a large number of identical concerns over a long period of time may indicate how useful a product is.


Every Wednesday, members to Trade of the Day Plus, a trading research service run by Bryan Bottarelli of Momentum Traders Alliance, get one new trade suggestion. It also promises to provide trades that win 83 percent of the time to subscribers.

Personally, I wouldn’t join this or any other trading business expecting to win 83 percent of the time. Because it doesn’t seem very feasible to me.

Nobody can ensure you will earn a profit, no matter what “guarantees” are in place, since no one possesses a crystal ball. Furthermore, there are just too many factors to consider.

Trading and investing, in any event, are hazardous endeavors. So it’s possible to lose money no matter what technique you’re employing, what asset you’re trading, or who you’re following.

Is it really worth it?

If Bryan’s claims about how successfully his service has worked so far are accurate, and you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied, I don’t see why you shouldn’t check it out with a demo trading account or anything.

Then, if all goes well, you may start trading with real money.

Sign up for the free Trade of the Day email subscription to get started. Before you put any money on the line, you may want to learn more about Bryan and his approach.

Whatever you choose to do is entirely up to you. My goal with this was to make your choice a bit simpler for you, not to attempt to persuade you in one direction or another. I hope it was of use to you.

We’ve been doing our best to learn the ins and outs of the markets this week, and we’ve made some great deals. Some more than others. But today we’re going to share one of them with you, and we hope it helps you make some money.. Read more about bryan bottarelli webinar and let us know what you think.

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