Book Tok is a new startup that allows authors to connect with their fans and readers. This top 10 list highlights the most popular influencers on Book Tok.

The “booktok usernames” is a list of the top 10 most popular Book Tok influencers accounts. The list includes their username, number of followers, and total number of posts.

Are You on Book Tok? Top 10 Most Popular Book Tok Influencers Accounts

It should come as no surprise that I am a huge fan of literature. So, while I’m not offering books for others to read, I like receiving book suggestions for myself. Book Tok is one of the greatest places to go for new book suggestions and reviews.

What exactly is Book Tok?

Book Tok is a Tik-Tok niche where users may share book suggestions, debate books, literary tropes, and anything else relevant to books. It has swiftly become a major factor in publishing and book sales.

Are you a member of Book Tok? These are the top 10 book influencer accounts on Twitter. 

According to a recent survey, Ayman Chaudhary is an Ayman Chaudhary is an Ayman is the most popular influencer on Book Tok.

The survey, done by the writing program ProWritingAid, looked at the amount of followers and likes on TikTok for over 30 literary accounts to see which one was the most popular.

The account @aymansbooks, operated by 21-year-old Ayman Chaudhary is an Ayman Chaudhary is an Ayman, got attention for the first time in late 2020 when Ayman posted a 57-second video in which she suggested a book she had just finished by stating, “Stop what you’re doing, shut up, and read this book!” Thousands of people bought V.E. Schwab’s The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue as a result of this brief movie, making it a New York Times Best Seller within weeks.

Ayman’s following has grown since then, due to her book suggestions, hauls, ideas on how to broaden your bookcase, and amusing drawings about tales she’s just completed. All of this built up to about 750 thousand followers and nearly 70 million likes in little over a year, making her the most popular Book Tok influencer.

With 538,600 followers and over 24 million likes, Juan, Pauline, the owner of @thebooksiveloved, comes in second. Regardless of her vast collection, Pauline pushes for economical reading. She recognizes the difficulties some people have when it comes to purchasing hard copy books, so she recommends eBooks and other alternative methods to enjoy wonderful tales.

The top three are rounded out by @abbysbooks, which is operated by Parker, Abby, a 22-year-old Brit who joined the group and grew in popularity during the early weeks of the epidemic.

Her account has 429,200 followers and about 30 million likes as of today. Abby’s material includes anything from lighthearted cartoons about being a book fanatic to fantasy suggestions and book re-enactments.

With 499,500 followers and 20.7 million likes, Headley, Jaysen and Jenna Starkey is a model and actress.’s profiles are in fourth and fifth position, respectively, with 370,900 followers and 13.3 million likes.

The Top 10 Most Followed Book Tok Accounts

Rank Name Username Followers Likes Score
1 Ayman Chaudhary is an Ayman Chaudhary is an Ayman aymansbooks 748,100 68,700,000 20.00
2 Juan, Pauline thebookiveloved 538,600 23,700,000 10.65
3 Parker, Abby abbysbooks 429,200 29,800,000 10.07
4 Headley, Jaysen ezeekat 499,500 20,700,000 9.69
5 Jenna Starkey is a model and actress. jennajustreads 370,900 13,300,000 6.89
6 Munny Munny Munny Munny Mun (Kelsey) munnyreads 351,800 14,100,000 6.75
7 Cait caitsbooks 279,900 14,600,000 5.87
8 Selene moongirlreads_ 223,100 18,500,000 5.68
9 Jordan, Amy amyjordanj 275,300 8,300,000 4.89
10 Penguin Books is a publishing house based in the penguin teen 262,500 8,300,000 4.72


“Books have always been a huge part of most people’s life, and their memories are filled with the tales their parents would read before bed or the first book they ever learned to read,” said a ProWritingAid spokeswoman.

“The purpose of Book Tok is to remind people of what it’s like to fall in love with a book and the sense of reading a tale that is mostly constructed by your imagination.” It successfully mixes a traditional and a new media, making it accessible to a wider population through TikTok. In a world that considers kids no longer have the attention span to read books, it’s intriguing to note that the list is full of young people.

“It’s also remarkable to see the true power of Book Tok, as several novels have recovered popularity or became NY Times best-sellers as a result of the platform, from Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles to Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us.”

ProWritingAid, which provides world-class grammar and style checks as well as more in-depth reports to help customers improve their writing, performed the research.




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