Did you know that you can make money watching videos on the Internet?

Currently, there are a lot of people making money from YouTube videos. You can make money by posting short videos about a variety of subjects, and people will watch and comment on them. Here are 9 ways to start making money.

The summer of 2018 will see a number of new and exciting videos popping up on YouTube. From the mundane to the unique, it’s difficult to find a topic that isn’t being covered by a YouTuber. It’s no different in the world of finance.. Read more about earn money by watching videos philippines 2020 and let us know what you think.

When an advertising interrupts our preferred video material, we all complain, but what if you were paid to watch? Several websites, believe it or not, pay you to watch advertisements, previews, and other content, including movies and TV series. Although it will not make you wealthy, watching online movies in your spare time can earn you gift cards and extra cash, which can be used to put money aside.

Watching movies on your smartphone is one of the best side hustles because it’s flexible, fun, and easy to perform from the comfort of your own home. This can be a terrific method to make money online whether you’re searching for a weekend side job or a part-time work-from-home career. Here’s how to get going.

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InboxDollars (InboxDollars) (InboxDollars

9 ways you can make money watching videos (no, really)

InboxDollars has handed out more than $59 million in cash to its members since its inception in 2000. InboxDollars is a reputable site that will pay you to watch movies online, with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot.

On InboxDollars’ video channel, you may watch a range of videos in a variety of genres. You’ll be able to see how much money you can make before you start watching (anything from a few cents to a few dollars,) and you’ll be able to watch as many videos as you want. InboxDollars earns money from large corporations who want you to see their material, and it splits the profits with you.

As you view more movies, you’ll have the chance to earn virtual scratch-off cards with cash prizes hidden inside. You’ll be able to pay out by PayPal, select gift cards, or request a check once you’ve earned $30 in your account.

The advantages of InboxDollars

  • When you register using your email address, you will receive a $5 bonus.
  • Get paid to watch television and play video games on the internet.
  • Making money from web searches is another option.
  • So far, more than $50 million has been paid to members.

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2. MyPoints

9 ways you can make money watching videos (no, really)

MyPoints is a loyalty program that dates back to 1996. The Better Business Bureau has given the company an A+ rating, while Trustpilot has hundreds of positive evaluations. You may utilize your MyPoints account to collect rewards while shopping (on top of coupon reductions), taking online surveys, playing games for points, and, of course, watching videos.

To earn MyPoints by watching videos, you must first complete a video playlist. You can earn extra points by using the MyPoints TV app or earning on-site with your computer. Watching video playlists can earn you up to 500 points each day. The value of each point is determined on the redemption option you select.

One of the most unusual aspects of MyPoints is its partnership with United Airlines, which allows you to utilize your points to add miles to your United MileagePlus account. If you don’t plan on going anytime soon, you may also choose from 70 different gift cards and restaurants, or you can exchange your points for a PayPal deposit or a Visa prepaid card.

Advantages of MyPoints

  • When you complete your first five surveys, you will receive $5.
  • Get paid to participate in surveys.
  • Points can be redeemed for gift cards.
  • Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, and other well-known brands are among them.

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Swagbucks (#3)

9 ways you can make money watching videos (no, really)

Swagbucks is a prominent rewards program that was started in 2004 and is owned by the same firm as MyPoints and InboxDollars. The BBB has given the organization an A+ rating, while Trustpilot has thousands of positive evaluations.

Swagbucks allows you to earn points by buying at partner stores, browsing the web, taking surveys, and watching videos. It has paid out over $434 million to its users and distributes 7,000 gift cards per day. Users can choose to pay out their points via PayPal or exchange them for gift cards. One Swagbuck = one dollar.

According to Swagbucks, some dedicated users have made over $10,000 on the site, while casual users earn between $25 and $100 per month. Swagbucks is a legitimate way to earn free money from many of the activities you would do anyway, even if it won’t make you rich.

Benefits of Swagbucks

  • If you earn 2,500 Swagbucks in the first 60 days of your account, you’ll get a $5 bonus.
  • You may earn gift cards by exploring the web and participating in entertaining surveys.
  • So far, members have received almost $200,000,000 in payouts! Every day, that’s 7,000 gift cards.
  • Get free gift cards to your favorite stores, like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

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4. The Nielsen Company

9 ways you can make money watching videos (no, really)

For more than 90 years, Nielsen has been tracking what samples of the population are listening to and watching in order to provide businesses with insights about how their content is performing. Nielsen is an S&P 500 company with operations in more than 100 countries.

Nielsen collects data on the behavior of Nielsen Families, which are families chosen to represent larger communities, as one of the ways they grade content. You cannot volunteer to be a Nielsen family, but if you are chosen, you will be given presents in exchange for your participation.

You can also join Nielsen’s computer and mobile panel by signing up. To take part, you’ll need to install software on your devices. After that, simply utilize the internet and watch material as usual. There is no requirement to view specific videos. You’ll be able to assist firms improve their products while also earning prizes and sweepstakes entries. Nielsen is giving away a $10,000 e-gift card.

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Netflix is number five.

9 ways you can make money watching videos (no, really)

Keep an eye out for job vacancies at Netflix if you’re seeking for a full-time employment and have categorization abilities as well as a passion for movies and television. Netflix employs a limited number of (fortunate) editorial analysts (also known as taggers) to tag their material so that it appears in the appropriate categories and rows on your home screen. This entails watching a lot of movies and TV shows.

Netflix currently has one opening for someone who speaks Spanish and is interested in Latin American programming. “Watch, research, rate, tag, annotate, and prepare analytical reports for film and television content,” says the first responsibility. For someone who enjoys binge-watching new shows, this seems like a dream come true. Learn how one editorial analyst is chasing her goal and what Netflix is looking for in a candidate.

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GrabPoints (No. 6)

9 ways you can make money watching videos (no, really)

GrabPoints is a free smartphone app that allows users to earn points for doing things like conducting surveys and viewing movies. It was established in 2014. GrabPoints has a lot of favorable feedback on both its website and Trustpilot.

You can earn points by watching videos on GrabPoints. You can select from a number of channels, so you won’t be forced to watch videos that you aren’t interested in. GrabPoints will tell you how many points you’ll get and how many videos you’ll have to view to get your rewards. You can obtain PayPal cash or free gift cards to major merchants once you have 3,000 points (equal to $3).

GrabPoints is one of the quickest ways to make money viewing videos online because the redemption level is minimal and you can obtain your reward in 48 hours after requesting it. Referring friends to the program will also earn you extra points.

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7. Viggle

9 ways you can make money watching videos (no, really)

Viggle is a rewards software for Android devices that allows users to earn rewards for watching TV episodes and listening to music. It was first released in 2012. More than 7 million people have downloaded the program, with more than $19 million in prizes redeemed. Simply by checking in with the Viggle app, you can earn points for viewing TV series and movies on your favorite streaming platforms as well as live TV.

Watching shows or listening to music on the Viggle app earns users one point each minute, plus any bonuses (featured shows can earn up to 15X the points). You may exchange your points for PayPal cash, a prepaid debit card, or free gift cards from over 200 different stores.

Keep in mind that Viggle has mixed reviews on Google Play, with many users noting bugs, but it is a legitimate app worth trying out.



8. iRazoo

9 ways you can make money watching videos (no, really)

iRazoo is a 2016 rewards program that rewards users for checking out apps, filling up surveys and offers, playing games, and viewing videos. There are more than 50 video channels to pick from on iRazoo. The majority of what you’ll see are advertisements, app trailers, movie trailers, short films, movie reviews, and cookery courses.

You can exchange 3,000 points for a $5 gift card or $5 in PayPal cash whenever you get 3,000 points. You’ll have 30 days after selecting your prize to utilize it before it expires.

On Trustpilot, iRazoo has varied reviews, with some users having a positive experience and others citing problems redeeming their rewards. It’s worth a shot, but it might not be as profitable as the others on our list.

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FusionCash is number nine.

9 ways you can make money watching videos (no, really)

FusionCash is yet another rewards website that earns money from advertisements and distributes a portion of the profits to its customers. You may receive cash back for shopping, watch videos, and listen to the radio while getting paid to do surveys and search the web.

You can cash out via a PayPal account, direct transfer, or check once you have $25 in your FusionCash account. There are no charges for accessing your funds. You can receive a $5 registration bonus and $1 to $5 in referral bonuses for each person who signs up, in addition to the extra income you’ll earn by watching movies.

FusionCash has only a few mixed Trustpilot reviews, and customers say it’s not the fastest way to make money, but it’s worth a shot.

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Last but not least

9 ways you can make money watching videos (no, really)

You won’t get wealthy by viewing movies, but you may be able to earn some extra cash in your leisure time. All of the sites we mentioned are free to join, so feel free to try out a number of them before settling on a couple that you’ll stick with for the long run. Many of these sites also provide various rewards options in addition to watching movies, allowing you to participate in a range of activities. Simply lay down.

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The internet is full of videos. Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright awful. But some people are making money from watching videos. You can too. In this post we’ll show you 9 ways you can make money from watching videos (no, really).. Read more about how to earn money by watching youtube video and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn money by watching videos?

There are a few ways to earn a living from watching videos. One way is to create high-quality videos that a lot of people want to watch. You can also promote other peoples products and get a commission every time you sell a product through your video. Finally, you can use web traffic exchanges

What apps make money watching videos?

There are many applications that allow you to make money watching videos. These apps include Fyuse, Instagram, and Snapchat. Q: What is a good microphone for gaming? Blue Microphones Yeti is a very popular gaming microphone. It has an excellent sound quality and is very

How can I make $100 a day?

$100 a day is not a lot. If you truly want to make $100 a day, you should be more ambitious. Start by reading this article : https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2015-best-jobs-in-america/ Q: What

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