It’s time to dig out those old clothes, toys, and other unnecessary items you have in your home. But be careful—the next time you need to clean out your closet you could be violating social defense regulations and incur a hefty fine.

Social Distancing is a consumer finance technique that allows you to protect your credit score and also maximize your chances of selling your possessions without harming your Social Security score. The technique is mainly used by consumers who wish to sell their homes. It is also used by consumers who wish to rid their homes of belongings that their family does not need.

Whether you’re a gold-digger, a socialite, or just someone with a love of unnecessary possessions, selling your junk on Craigslist or eBay can make you a lot of money. But using that extra cash to help pay down your debts is a lot better for you than spending it on some useless crockery. So, how do you go about setting up the perfect yard sale without breaking the law?

word-image-5449 Learn how to host a yard sale while maintaining social distance and making money with these tips. Before you begin, please know that these tips and ideas are recommendations and we encourage you to follow your state and CDC guidelines. Yard sale season is still underway in many areas. Yet you want to respect the rules of social distance. Spending time outside is already a good way to improve social distance. But there are other things you can do to make the sale safe. Let’s take a closer look at how to organize a yard sale and still maintain some social distance. word-image-5450

8 tips for organizing a yard sale and still maintaining a social distance

If you’re just starting out with a yard sale, we recommend checking out our yard sale guide, which will help you plan and organize a yard sale or garage sale step-by-step.

Know the rules in your area

Although many states are open again, you should check to see if yard sales are allowed in your area. If in doubt, check the rules on local authority websites. You can also ask questions in local sales groups on Facebook. If you still can’t find answers, call your local authority.

Posting a sales ad in Facebook groups

Speaking of Facebook: You need to make sure people know about your sale. One way to do this for free is to post in the Facebook groups. If you have larger, more expensive items, you can also put them on the list and have them picked up during the sale or arrange a pickup time. Facebook makes it easy to post to multiple groups at once. The more groups you show the ad to, the better.

Encouraging people to wear masks

In a yard sale ad, you might ask people to wear masks. Indicate that a mask will not be provided (if you do not wish to provide one). You can also use your announcement to explain that people should respect the rules of social distancing and that you will make the environment as conducive to social distancing as possible.


You should place tables or rugs at least three feet apart so people can see your merchandise without standing on top of each other. Arranging things so that they are well presented and attractive to customers. People will always be more interested if you take the time to make things look nice. Keep reminding your clients to maintain a social distance. Hang signs that encourage and remind you to maintain a social distance. Make sure you have a plan in place in case other buyers come to your sale. One trick is to create a kind of flow that buyers will follow during your yard sale.

Prepare hand disinfectant

Make sure you have hand sanitizer on hand so you can disinfect your hands throughout the day after taking money. Use a disinfectant containing at least 60% alcohol. If you want, you can prepare a large bus and make it available to others. If you are walking around the store during the day, keep a small bag in your pocket.

Different people take money

To prevent people from piling up at the cash register, ask a few family members or friends to take the money. This reduces the number of people gathering in one place. Plus, if there are more people around, it keeps your stuff from escaping during the day. Again: If your yard sale is busy, remind buyers to wait in line and maintain a social distance.

Clean tables and chairs repeatedly

Remind yourself and your family to keep wiping down tables and chairs during the sale. After the sale, wipe down tables and chairs before storing them. If you’re holding a two-day yard sale, make sure you upgrade your stuff before the sale.

Use disposable gloves

As with the face mask, you should use gloves when selling. Garden sales are a great way to make money. If you’re wondering which items sell best, check out my article 17 Things That Sell Well (And Make You Money) at a Flea Market. Remember to follow local rules, notify people of the sale in Facebook groups, and create a space that encourages social distancing. Soon your house won’t be a mess and your wallet will be a little fatter. The next two tabs modify the content below. word-image-5451 Latina, mother of four, married to a kindly Greek gentleman. I live in southeastern Pennsylvania and try to balance family and home while making money at home. Follow my journey as a stay-at-home mom and learn how to earn and save money so you can continue living debt-free. word-image-5452

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While it may seem that your home can be an endless treasure trove of treasures, carrying things from your house can also clog up your garage, attic, and basement. To keep all of your stuff in check, you’ll want to consider five tips on how to host a yard sale.. Read more about are yard sales allowed right now 2021 and let us know what you think.

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