Retirement is an important time in life, when people are changing from working careers to spending more time at home. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some jobs out there for retirees who still want to make money and have a sense of purpose and adventure. These low stress jobs will give you the satisfaction of doing something while also providing financial stability throughout your retirement years.,

The “low-stress jobs after retirement near me” is a list of 75 best low stress jobs that people can do after they retire.

Retirement Jobs That Are Most Relaxing and Fun and Pay a Small Fortune

The days of equating retirement with complete inactivity are long gone. The latest trend in post-retirement employment is low stress work. 

You’ve put in a lot of effort throughout whole life; it’s time to consider enjoyable professions after you retire! What precisely is available that you may enjoy while making a little amount of money? 

Even if you don’t really need to work, it’s always a good idea to keep yourself busy and keep your bank account full. 


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The truth is that during the last several years, views around retirement have altered. According to a recent research, 19% of those who had already retired and 27% of those who were about to retire planned to work at least part-time during retirement. 

Whatever your preference for employment, finding enjoyable and stress-free jobs after retirement is a need.

Let’s look at the top positions for retirees so you may make the most of your golden years while earning a nice living. 


After retirement, low-stress employment

The list of best After retirement, low-stress employment, is a mixture of online work, light outdoor jobs and fun manual tasks. Take your pick!

It’s important to understand that the phrase “stressful work” is a relative one, and what one retiree may find challenging may be enjoyable for another. 

Even while some people like the idea of working their way into retirement, not everyone does. For instance, a person who has worked only in a corporate setting could want to have a family and undertake some farming. 

Similar to this, a former farmer could be wanting to capitalize on internet work as a retired side business while taking a break from the sun.

Regardless of how you wish to spend your senior years, we have you covered with our selection of entertaining retirement jobs that pay well!


After retirement, low-stress employment - pie chart showing percentage of retired persons that currently work part-time


The 75 Best Positions for Seniors

1. A survey respondent

There are few things better than being paid to take surveys when reviewing enjoyable retirement jobs that pay well.

Major brands engage survey agencies to do market research. They pay you to express your opinions, preferences, and ideas that you would want to see progress. 

You can earn hundreds of dollars each week, from the comfort of your own home! As long as you have a computer or smart device, your access to After retirement, low-stress employment has never been easier!



Consultant 2.

You won’t have to work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do! The original cliché, but maybe the greatest one to use to describe “consulting” as one of the finest careers for retirees.

When you retire, you don’t have to completely give up your work if you enjoyed it and had a great career. If your employment wasn’t stressful, you could be able to stop working a 9 to 5 job or merely take the chance to leave a certain business.

Enjoy working as a consultant in the same job part-time. You may establish your own rules and regulations and go on performing the task you like at your own speed. 

Experts such as doctors, attorneys, engineers, accountants, financial specialists, IT professionals, tradespeople, and others might decide to leave their particular employment but can continue to make excellent money advising after retirement. 

There’s no reason you can’t make six figures after retirement if you’ve had a good career and a lifetime of expertise.

You can be your own boss, do what you enjoy and earn good money! This makes consulting one of the best After retirement, low-stress employment!


3. Contractor

One of the finest occupations for retirees is freelancing on websites like Fiverr and Toptal, which is similar to the idea of consulting.

Being a freelancer allows you to continue earning money at your own pace regardless of your skill level or area of specialization. 


After retirement, low-stress employment - older woman with laptop


Participate in focus groups.

Brands commission market research firms to conduct consumer trend investigations. They need to be aware of consumer preferences, product needs, and product annoyances. 

Then, these businesses organize paid focus groups, where participants are compensated to gather in-person or online to evaluate goods and services. You are compensated for taking part and sharing your research and comments. 

Just by attending live focus groups that Survey Junkie organizes, you may make up to $150.sign up for survey junkie CTA

5. Tutor

Tutoring is one of the best low-stress careers for retirees. You’ve amassed a lifetime of knowledge; share it with others by instructing them. 

You may start a physical or online class for a high school subject or topic even if you desire to leave what you were doing and embrace a career shift. 

You may also include online English teaching on your list of the top careers for retirees. Online English instructors may earn up to $22 per hour with VIPKid. 


6. Author

One of the finest low stress jobs for retirees that you may explore is becoming a blogger if you are passionate about a subject, knowledgeable in a certain field, enjoy writing, and love generating money. 

Blogging may earn you hundreds of dollars every day, and the work is mostly done for you! For further details, see the article on how to create and run a successful blog.

The blogging industry often fits the category for enjoyable retirement careers that pay well, with six figure incomes being quite frequent. 


7. Watch Videos to Earn Cash

After retirement, low-stress employment can be entertaining and profitable! Many Get Paid To (GPT) sites pay you to watch entertaining videos. 

Although it could be a component of a marketing campaign, public awareness initiative, or social experiment, you have the choice to make excellent money by just viewing films. 



8. Writer

You’ve probably seen everything in your life. Why not become a writer after you retire and drink pina coladas? You may either be creative and create a fiction book or write a factual book based on your professional experiences. 

You may always work with your neighborhood publications, big websites, or local newspapers to provide your part-time article writing skills. Companies are prepared to pay authors $25 to $50 per hour. 


9. Editor

The role of an editor doesn’t travel too far from enjoyable post-retirement occupations in the writing industry. You may edit papers as a freelancer or on a part-time basis for an organization or specialized publication.

In addition, if you have knowledge with the necessary tools, you may edit music or films as well. 

Editors working part-time might easily make $25 per hour. 


best jobs for retirees - man sitting by a computer


10. Play online games

Have you ever thought about the possibility of earning money by playing enjoyable and relaxing games while evaluating the best careers for retirees? It’s a fantastic way to let off steam and make money!



Eleven. Small Business Owner

Everyone has at some point considered starting a small company. Perhaps you should start your own family company once you retire.

Small businesses that are well-located tend to evoke images of enjoyable retirement careers that pay well. 


12. Online Product Sales

These days, opening an internet business and using social media to advertise is fairly usual. Customers may be contacted by phone and online, and then products can be sent and delivered by mail or courier. 

You could even do sporadic walk-in business out of your garage. 


13. Watch commercials for cash

Sit back, relax and get paid to watch ads! Utilize your spare time or even do it full time if you wish. Watching ads would slot in nicely with your other After retirement, low-stress employment. 



14. Pet Caregiver

You may find a long number of exciting, engaging, and well-paying retirement jobs on Rover if you love animals and are interested in pet sitting, grooming, or walking dogs. 


Delivering Driver

It doesn’t get much easier to find low-stress employment for retirees than food delivery with Instacart. 

Additionally, you might look at other possibilities for delivery services that you can use with your own car, like Amazon Flex. 

Deliveries may bring you a healthy $25 per hour with tips. 


16. Earn Money for Internet Research

By using Swagbucks as your search engine, you may get money just by surfing the web. Your search history is utilized in market research studies, but your personal information is kept private. 

sign up for swagbucks CTA


Run a Dropshipping Company

After retirement, low-stress employment cannot get better than opening your own online store without the risk of managing inventory and taking care of shipments.

Dropshipping works in this way, and Shopify can help you get started! 


18. Welcomer

The very friendly individuals that welcome you into the business at the entrance are known as store greeters. On the list of the greatest careers for retirees, it is quite well-liked. 

Greeters, such as those who work at Walmart, may get up to $17 per hour, with $12 being the typical wage. 


19. Market crafts

Make and sell customized crafts and advertise on social media if you like being creative.

After retirement, Etsy has a ton of enjoyable opportunities in the handmade industry. 


20. Examine and Test Products 

Reviewing items may be a part-time or full-time job. Numerous websites give you free items and offer rewards of up to $500 for reviews. 



Representative of Customer Service

You can think about working as a customer service representative if you like answering calls and engaging with people online or over the phone.

In general, you may anticipate earning somewhat more than $14 per hour. 


fun jobs after retirement - woman with headset at desk


22. A virtual helper

Virtual assistants may serve as a company’s administrative or personal assistant. You would earn $20 per hour working remotely from the convenience of your home. 


23. Earn Cash on Reward Sites

Numerous incentives are available on get paid to (GPT) websites to do activities for cash. Additionally, they compensate you via rewards programs just for utilizing their platform to carry out regular online chores.

Rakuten pays users with free cash back just by utilizing them to do routine online purchases. It’s as easy as purchasing food or anything else you need, then receiving payment.

Live your life such that you may use these websites and constantly earn money passively. 



Be a proofreader 24.

Check out all the information about enjoyable retirement jobs that pay well for proofreading if you like reading! Earn an average of $22 per hour working from home. 


25. Organize your social media profiles

In the present world, having social media accounts is crucial for marketing and gaining customers. Celebrities and businesses spend a lot of money to maintain their accounts. 

A social media manager’s hourly wage should be around $18.50. 


a librarian

As a librarian in a municipality or school, you may make almost $30 an hour!


27. Operate a web shop

You may sell secondhand books online if you like reading and have amassed a collection over time. Additionally, you may look around for discounts to restock your supplies.

Flipping old textbooks is another profitable venture. 


28. Creative

If you have an artistic side, love painting or sculpting, now is the time to live your passion! After retirement, low-stress employment, as an artist! Sign me up!


30. Switch Items

Watch for discounts, visit consignment shops or garage sales, and sell stuff for a profit. 


30. Create and market apparel or jewelry

Create amusing prints or create your own look and identity! Create your own jewelry or apparel and sell it. 


Visit Printify to produce customized goods or unique designs on shirts, hats, mugs, and other items to sell. Additionally, because they handle the inventory for you, you wouldn’t need to stock any. 


32. A graphic designer 

Graphics artists make an average of $17 per hour. Consider it an option for After retirement, low-stress employment if you are into that field of work. 

With Canva, launch your new profession!


33. A stenographer

Find out how to become a transcriptionist and make over $3k per month by reading this. You would listen to tapes while transcribing the information into written papers. 


Data entry expert, 34

Data entry professionals may work from home and make more than $16 per hour. You get to handle papers, update databases, and update documents. 


35. Find Work Submitting Online Forms

Nowadays, practically anything that is legal or government-related needs filling out an online form since not everyone is computer literate.

If you charge people a fee for assistance with filling out and submitting online forms, you may make a respectable part-time income. 


Be a video blogger 36

Being a vlogger is probably the epitome of After retirement, low-stress employment. You literally get to have fun and enjoy new things, while recording it. 


best jobs for retirees - woman in kitchen vlogging


36. Playtime

love children? Do you think $20 an hour is a reasonable wage?

Look at for entertaining positions in the child care and babysitting industries after retirement. 


38. Examine incoming calls

To ensure customer service quality, businesses employ supervisors to listen to incoming calls. You may fit that description and make more than $18 per hour doing it!


Influencer on social media

You may make money as an influencer if you use social media and have a sizable following. Earn money from brands by promoting their goods and services.

You may make at least $17.50 per hour. It all depends on your level of popularity. 


40. Receive payment for referrals

Many GPT websites provide you bonuses for signing up friends and relatives. Earn money by promoting them. 

Every time you add a new employee, Rakuten pays you $30. They also get $30. Spectacular!


41. Examine Music

Slice the Pie and Songs Xray let you listen to and evaluate music for cash.


Review Websites 42

With Respondent, evaluate websites to be paid while helping to create the next great online platform.


43. Concierge in a hotel 

You may be the really kind and accommodating hotel front desk agent. You’ll earn excellent tips in addition to an hourly wage of often above $15!


44. Pay for Storage Space

With Neighbor or Stashbee, you may earn money by renting out a parking space, your garage, or any other vacant area on your property that can be utilized for storage.


45. Rent a vehicle

You may make money by sometimes renting out your automobile or a spare vehicle you might have.

For passive and stress-free occupations for retirees in the auto rental and ride-sharing industries, check out HyreCar, Turo, or Getaround. 


46. Promote using your vehicle

Advertising on your automobile might provide a passive income of up to $600 each month. Visit Carvertise now!


Be a Paid Volunteer (47)

If you want to go all out, you may join The Peace Corps or another major volunteer group. If not, you may look at Seniorcorp and Volunteers of America to experiment with the idea a little. 

In addition to getting to experience different places, cultures, and occupations after retirement, you would also get transportation, lodging, and other amenities. 


fun jobs after retirement - group of volunteers


48. A voice actor

Voiceover actors are paid $40 per hour and have a flexible schedule. You may soon become the voice of a game, commercial, or app. 


49. Sell Concepts

Sell ideas to Henkel or Sharper Image if you have an inventive streak or a creative mind.


Handyman Services 50.

Offering handyman services in your neighborhood might bring in more than $20 per hour. This is a great chance if you love and are excellent at doing repairs around the house. 

Find a variety of entertaining retirement jobs that pay well by visiting TaskRabbit or Angi. 


Landscape design

If you are the supervisor, the hourly wage for a landscaper increases to $20. Try it out if you like gardening. 


Car detailing 52.

Earnings for car detailers may reach $14 per hour. Consider automobile cleaning as one of your low stress jobs for retirees if you like driving and find taking care of others pleasant.


53. Visual arts

Painters may make more than $18 an hour. The task is one of the greatest careers for retirees since it is generally undemanding. 


54. Tool Rental

Consider beginning a tool rental company if you have a lot of extra equipment lying around or if you have the money to invest in a few powered and non-powered instruments. 


55. Woodworking 

On average, carpenters make $22 per hour. If you like woodworking and are skilled at it, you may make a lot of money while reducing your stress.


56. Automotive Repair Services

If you like working on cars, you might work as a mechanic on the side and earn a respectable $22 per hour. 


Offer Relocation Services

You may make more than $17 per hour, plus tips, by providing moving services if you have your own vehicle or are prepared to work with someone who does.  

You can start your search for After retirement, low-stress employment, with a moving job at Bellhop. They pay over $20 per hour. 


58. Market a Course Online

You must be an expert in some field, I’m sure. Make an online course on it and make money off of it.

There are possibilities even if you desire to ignore your job life and merely concentrate on issues like: unwinding, effectiveness, fitness, motherhood, or anything technological.

Create and offer online courses on any subject of your choice to add your own unique spin to exciting employment after retirement. 


59. Rent your possessions

With Fat Llama, you can rent out nearly everything you have lying about your home. 


Photographer 60

You may pursue a career as a professional photographer if you enjoy taking pictures. You may get work as a photographer for private or public events and make an average of $16 per hour. 

You may also take random photos of the environment, yourself, and other people, and sell them to DepositPhotos to get extra money. 


best jobs for retirees - man with a camera


Live off Interest (61). 

You cannot get more peace of mind in the pool of After retirement, low-stress employment, than by living off of interest.

Spend your money wisely! With a high yield savings account, you may make up to 25 times more interest than you would with a regular one. 

Open a CIT Bank Savings Builder High Yield Savings Account to get started!


Individual shopper

Personal shoppers work for $14 per hour on average doing other people’s shopping. 


Tourist Guide

Consider working as a tour guide if you reside in or want to retire to a well-known tourist area. 

Being a tour guide is one of the most enjoyable retirement careers since it pays well, with an hourly wage of around $23 and daily tips of about $50. One of the finest occupations for retirees without a doubt!


Taxi Driver 64

When you drive for Uber or Lyft, you may choose your own schedule and make $50 to $150 per hour. There are no better low-stress careers for retirees than these! 


65. Respond to inquiries for cash

With JustAnswer, you can be paid to answer questions online!


Make Lists for Cash (66)

Use Listverse to create lists of odd facts, intriguing locations, and noteworthy occasions. 


67. Use crowdfunding to buy real estate

Real estate investing is a terrific way to generate money in retirement. What happens, however, if you are getting near to retirement and are now considering your income possibilities and the finest employment for retirees?

By dividing projects into manageable pieces and enabling many people to contribute, crowdfunding makes real estate accessible to the ordinary person. 

To find some enjoyable real estate-related occupations after retirement, check out CrowdStreet’s crowdfunding platform.


68. Work on a Farm

Consider the finest occupations for retirees in the same manner your ancestors did if you like the outdoors or environment. Start a tiny farm and add some fruits, veggies, herbs, and even a few animals. 

It’s really rewarding, healthy, and enjoyable. 

Instead of launching your own business, you might work on a farm and get around $16 an hour. 


low stress jobs for retirees - man and woman picking tomatoes


69. Become a Minister

Become a preacher in your senior years and spread the good news while growing spiritually. On average, pastors make $18.50 an hour. 


Be a Musician (70)

Love making music or singing? It’s time to pursue your musical aspirations. You would get pay from jobs paying $35 per hour with plenty of tips!


71. Store Manager

The hourly wage for store employees or attendants might reach approximately $13. You get to assist clients while looking for a job that works with your schedule. Even additional commissions are offered by certain shops. 


Warehouse Manager 72

Depending on your location, warehouse managers may make more than $27 an hour, and the work is often relaxed.


73. Inventory Expert

If you can find work as an inventory specialist in a slow-paced setting, you can expect to make roughly $17 per hour, making this one of the greatest occupations for retirees. 


Security Watcher 74

A Security Monitor is one of the most After retirement, low-stress employment that you can get. You get paid around $14 per hour to keep an eye out. 


Crossing Guard 75

Being around kids keep you young, fun and vibrant. Get you a job as a crossing guard and earn $14 per hour on average. It’s super relaxed and at the pinnacle of After retirement, low-stress employment!


low stress jobs for retirees - man and woman picking tomatoes


Expert Advice on After Retirement Fun Jobs

• Only switch careers if you really want to.

You may have spent all or a significant portion of your life in a certain field or comfort zone. Change may feel frightening.

However, there are a ton of other options and enjoyable occupations available to you after retirement. Be open-minded!

There are several chances for you to work part-time as a freelancer or consultant in your industry if you choose to continue with what you already know. You may create a blog about it as well!


• Pursue what brings you joy.

Search through the list of After retirement, low-stress employment and pick one or a combination of a few that will make you happy!


• Take it slow.

Pace yourself while you work. After retirement, there are several ways to create money and support yourself comfortably while working at your own pace.


• Adopt online

Numerous websites and internet platforms make it easy to work from home. Many enjoyable retirement occupations that pay well are available online if you keep an eye out for them. 


• Benefit from free money

Don’t pass up the opportunity to earn free and simple money online!

A gold mine may be found on websites like Rakuten, Swagbucks, RewardSurvey, InboxDollars, and Survey Junkie.


• Use a variety of methods to consistently earn money.

Create a personalized income strategy that fits your lifestyle. Profit from online incentives, online employment, and outdoor opportunities in a way that suits you. 

Strike a balance and earn income to suit you and what you enjoy. Only then would you have your perfect approach to After retirement, low-stress employment!


fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune - older couple fishing on beach


The Most Common Issues Regarding Low Stress Jobs for Retirees


Which profession has the lowest stress levels?

Making money doing what you love might relieve your tension. All of the available alternatives pay well, and you may choose to make as much money as you desire. 

Get paid to (GPT) websites like Rakuten, Swagbucks, RewardSurvey, InboxDollars, and Survey Junkie can let you make a full-time living online while relaxing at home or elsewhere. 


What is the best-paying, least demanding job?

Go through the list of 75 After retirement, low-stress employment and pick a few options that work for you! They are all high paying and low stress. 

Depending on your preferences and interests, a choice may be stressful or not. 


What is the simplest, most stress-free job?

Use the following sites to make money: Rakuten, Swagbucks, RewardSurvey, InboxDollars, and Survey Junkie if you are entirely open to new employment prospects.

Nothing could be simpler!


What jobs are available to me after retirement?

There are several opportunities for enjoyable retirement occupations that are well-paid. The top 75 are mentioned above. Choose one, or maybe a few, that suit you.


What is a worthwhile second job to pursue after retirement?

You have the choice of working solely online, outside, full- or part-time. You must also determine if you want to deviate much from your usual course of action or remain relatively closely to it. 

Browse the list to locate a second job that suits your requirements!


What can I do to generate money once I retire?

There are many alternatives available, whether they are found online, outside, or at traditional brick and mortar businesses. You have an option from the 75 greatest careers for retirees mentioned above. 


How can I find work once I retire?

You may find your next career by reviewing the 75 low-stress jobs for retirees.


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Survey Junkie Hack: Make Money from Surveys (21 Tried & True Tips)

Making Candles to Sell at Home


Final Thoughts on the Best After retirement, low-stress employment 

You may now select from a fantastic choice of enjoyable careers after retirement! You may choose to use an offline strategy, a purely online one, or a mix of the two.

Alternatively, you may stick to a single job type or mix it up as you see appropriate. There is money to be made, and it will give you piece of mind. Do whatever brings you joy. A wonderful time! You deserve it.

Do you know of any other After retirement, low-stress employment? What are your retirement plans? Share with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

For more money-making advice and motivation, follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. 



The 75 Best After retirement, low-stress employment – High Paying and Fun!

The “best retirement jobs with benefits” is a list of 75 low stress jobs that retirees can take up after they retire. The list includes data entry, driving, and other similar tasks.

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