May is a time of year that many in the U.S. celebrate Memorial Day, which is the last Monday in May. This holiday is largely different from the actual Memorial Day, which is a statutory holiday observed on May 30, the actual date which was originally set to honor those who died serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of things to do on a short week until well into the next week. Well, not this year! This Memorial Day weekend, celebrate by going to the beach, hitting up your favorite local park, or taking a road trip to a new place. But how do you save money on things you need to go on your trip, like gas? These are 7 Last Minute Frugal Ideas For Memorial Day Weekend (2021 Style) that you can consider doing, all of which would cost less than $10 each.

What a great way to spend Memorial Day weekend! The weather is perfect, the bar is open, and you can enjoy this long weekend for hours without ever spending a single penny.

word-image-6284 word-image-6285 Memorial weekend is fast approaching! Don’t worry if you’re trying to celebrate the weekend without breaking your budget, we have some frugal last minute ideas for Memorial Day weekend. word-image-6286 This year, after the mass vaccination and reopening, we are still not at the same level as before, and we will continue to push for safety to stay healthy. This will therefore be reflected in this post. Now back to this Memorial Day post. The beauty of people is that they adapt, and some of us money nerds have been adapting for a while and don’t care. You see, we are already saving as much money as possible this year, but we also want to have fun! We are going on a family vacation this summer, and frankly, we spend a lot of money in the summer because the kids are out of school. We have a good summer budget that we respect, but the truth is that we don’t want to overspend at all. Honestly, I don’t make plans for Memorial Day weekend because I’m always busy and lose track of time. Then it hits me. Reminder: Memorial Day 2021 is the 31st. May. The kids are already home due to school closures, and depending on where you live, school is still open until June. A good, safe, economical and fun Memorial Day weekend is what many of us are looking forward to. Before we discuss these frugal ideas for Memorial Day weekend, let’s take a moment for those who have no idea what Memorial Day is. Yes, unfortunately many people need to be reminded why we have a three day weekend at the end of May.

What is Remembrance Day

Active Service Memorial Day, traditionally held on May 30, but now officially celebrated on the last Monday in May. It is a holiday in the United States of America, not an international holiday. For more information, click here. word-image-6287

7 budget-friendly ideas for Memorial Day weekend

The backyard is that

Many people took the time to beautify their homes this weekend. Why not use your garden and enjoy it with your friends and family? If social distance is necessary, be creative! Enjoy the weekend with family and close friends. But if you live in an area where the restrictions have been lifted, do so. Use your garden for family fun, and the best part : It won’t cost you much. You don’t spend money on gas or tickets to go to the park or pool. Seriously, your garden is a great frugal idea for Memorial Day weekend that is very affordable for you and your family to enjoy. word-image-6288

Barbecue like a boss

This is one of the reasons I love summer barbecues. There is something special about a family barbecue when everyone enjoys a delicious meal prepared on the grill. Instead of going to a barbecue restaurant, do it at home! Thanks Rona, food prices will rise due to inflation, so budget accordingly. You can still find your summer favorites on sale, but keep in mind that they’ve gotten a little more expensive this year. If you want to stock up on meat, buy it in advance and stock up if possible. You can also buy meat in bulk if you have the option. To help you keep the cost of your grill down, here are some tips:

  • asking people to bring food
  • Make a menu plan
  • Cook the food you have
  • Buy products on sale
  • Use coupons and apps to make money
  • Keep the barbecue menu to a minimum


word-image-6289 A picnic is another frugal idea you can do last minute on Memorial Day weekend, it’s affordable and your family will love it. It’s also ideal if you live in an area where social distance is limited, as you don’t need a crowd to enjoy a good picnic. If you want to picnic in your backyard or at a local park, picnicking is one of the best ways to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and save money at the same time. How to make your picnic very affordable:

  • Find an affordable or inexpensive location.
  • Find creative ways to reduce the cost of the picnic.
  • Bring your own dishes from home.
  • Use an old blanket.
  • Keep the menu simple.

Visit to local swimming pool

word-image-6290 Many local pools will be open this year, with some restrictions. Call or go online to find out what these restrictions are. Again: If you live in an area where there are public pools, use them. We are fortunate that a few blocks away is a community pool that is open this weekend, so it is easily accessible. Don’t waste money and just enjoy the local pool with your family and friends. word-image-6291

Check local events

Local summer activities may be delayed in many areas, but many places will find alternative ways to have fun. A common garden party, for example, takes place virtually: Residents take pictures of their gardens and post them on the group or organize virtual tours. However, if you live in an area where the restrictions have been lifted, please read the following paragraph. Check the newspaper, municipal websites, etc. for local events in your town. Small carnivals and social events are organized. Fireworks are the best entertainment ever, and it’s FREE!

Making crafts

Crafting will never be the best thing to do during a pandemic. The craft shops are open and won’t bother you during your frugal Memorial Day weekend. There are plenty of Memorial Day crafts for kids to enjoy all weekend long! I love that they will enjoy doing it and that it will make their weekend unforgettable. You can take this opportunity to do crafts with your children and explain what Memorial Day is all about. word-image-6292 Below are 4 kid-friendly Memorial Day crafts and recipes you can make this weekend: word-image-6293

Watching films or TV programmes

Thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and other online streaming providers, watching movies or your favorite TV show is the best thing you’ve ever done. Who wants to watch a weekly show when you can watch the whole season? Yes! Why not take the time to enjoy your favorite movie or show at home this weekend? Have fun, relax! Remember that your children will soon be graduating from high school (if you live in the Northeast). Enjoy it! LOL Related Posts:


There are many money-saving ideas for Memorial Day weekend that are affordable and fun for the whole family. You don’t have to drive to the beach or a resort and sit in traffic for hours to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. If you plan ahead and keep it simple, Memorial Day weekend won’t ruin your budget.

Your turn: What are you doing to save money when it comes to frugal ideas for Memorial Day weekend. What other ideas do you have to save us money and make Memorial Day weekend fun? Share with us.

Save Save Save Save Save Save Save The next two tabs modify the content below. word-image-6294 Latina, mother of four, married to a kindly Greek gentleman. I live in southeastern Pennsylvania and try to balance family and home while making money at home. Follow my journey as a stay-at-home mom and learn how to earn and save money so you can continue living debt-free. word-image-6295

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Memorial Day is a great time to remember the fallen, and we want to do that in some meaningful way. But we’ve got a problem: your wallet can’t take a hit at the last minute. So here are some last minute frugal ideas for this Memorial Day weekend.. Read more about memorial day travel 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do on Memorial Day at home?

Memorial Day is a wonderful holiday that shows respect for all who have served. Whether it’s the military, firefighting, or police, we owe our very existence to the brave men and women who protect our freedom. The holiday is celebrated to honor these heroes, and it’s a day to reflect on all that these brave men and women have done to keep us safe. Because we owe gratitude to them for all they have done, the holiday also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to spend a day with family and friends. Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, but it’s also a great time to be patriotic. This weekend (May 25-27th), families across the nation could head to the beach, visit the park, or just stay home and enjoy a lazy afternoon with friends and family. If you’re going to spend time with family or celebrate a holiday like Memorial Day, what do you do?

What can I do for Memorial weekend?

Ever feel like your paycheck isn’t enough to spend? Or you’re saving for a big purchase but are still feeling like you need to be a bit more frugal? We’ve got seven tips for you that are sure to help you save money this Memorial Day weekend, and help you hit your financial goals for the year. It is becoming increasingly simple to spend money nowadays. There are apps that track your spending, and there are thousands of ways to earn credit card points and miles. But sometimes life gets in the way. You might have a big upcoming trip, a new baby, or a wedding or graduation to help with. Or your sometimes tight budget might be due to a new job or a new mortgage, so you can’t spend as much as you used to. The key to a successful trip is to come up with a plan, and a plan that will help you save money.

Where should I go for Memorial Day weekend?

For many people, Memorial Day weekend is the final weekend of spring break or a month of sunshine. While the weather is fantastic for the weekend, many people will be on the go and need to make a budget decision on where they’ll be enjoying the weather this year. Things get a little more serious when you’re talking about a family trip. Deciding where to go for Memorial Day weekend can be a very difficult decision, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner which means we still have a few weeks of mild temperatures before we have to break out the sweaters and start saying goodbye to summer! To help you save money on the trip, here are 7 last minute frugal ideas for Memorial Day weekend (2021 style).

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