With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, there’s no need for a cable package anymore. But more time consuming shows are harder to catch up on when you’re constantly busy with other things. Here’s how you can save on your monthly subscription without missing out!.

4 ways to save on streaming without missing your favorite shows

The “sling tv” is a streaming service that offers 4 different ways to save on your favorite shows. The “sling tv” has the lowest price of all the services, but it doesn’t have some channels like Netflix and Hulu.


People used to praise streaming services as a simple way to save money on in-home entertainment. However, the profusion of services paired with a constant rise in membership costs has caused sticker shock for many users.

The cost of streaming services has increased by over 50% in the previous decade. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu all cost about $7 or $8 per month in 2012. According to CableTV.com, Netflix has almost doubled in price since then, while Amazon has grown by 34% and Hulu has increased by 25%. Netflix hiked its fees once again on March 30.

Although streaming services seem to be a means to “cut the cord,” many people still pay for cable because they want to watch live sports, which streaming services typically cannot provide, according to Frannie Comstock, a spokesperson for CableTV.com.

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The cost of streaming is increasing.


She claims that the typical cable user has nine streaming services. Many people are spending considerable amounts for in-home entertainment, according to Comstock, as cable TV bills have increased 33.84 percent in the previous decade. The average annual cost of a satellite or cable TV bundle is $529.52.

Meanwhile, according to Dan Rayburn, a streaming media specialist, customers can anticipate the cost of streaming services to continue rising to meet the expense of content development and licensing. Netflix, Amazon, and Disney, for example, are secure in raising their rates since their material is in high demand, according to Comstock.

“While streaming services were formerly considered a novelty,” adds Comstock, “they are progressively becoming more and more prominent when it comes to high-brow entertainment.” For example, this year’s Academy Award for Best Picture was won for the first time by a film produced by a streaming service: CODA, which was distributed on Apple TV+.

Make sure you’re not left out of the discourse. Here’s how you can save money while watching the newest episodes of “Bridgerton.”

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1. Examine how you utilize streaming services.


Because streaming services are deducted directly from your credit card each month, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re paying for. Take stock of what you’re truly seeing, suggests Comstock. For example, if “The Mandalorian” is your sole Disney+ program, she suggests canceling it for the time being since season three isn’t anticipated to launch until December.

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2. Don’t be frightened to cancel your subscription.


None of these services bind you to a commitment, so you can binge watch your favorite show, cancel it when the season is through, and subscribe again when the next season comes out, according to Rayburn.

Unlike cable, which frequently involves an activation charge, equipment expenses, and a technician visit, streaming services may be re-subscribed in less than five minutes, according to Comstock.

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3. Purchase a package


Look into streaming providers that offer bundles, advises Comstock. According to her, a Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ package could fulfill all of a family’s demands. If you’re already paying for each of these streaming services individually, she recommends canceling your individual subscriptions and signing up for the bundle.

Showtime and Paramount+ may be purchased together, and AMC+ has a package that includes Sundance, IFC, and Shudder, a horror and thriller streaming service.

If you want to save money on cable, search for a package that includes cable, internet, and a landline, suggests Rayburn. Even if you don’t have a landline, it’s occasionally cheaper to have all three services than just two.

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4. Look for bargains


Rayburn claims that every streaming service, with the exception of Netflix and Prime, gives a discount at least once a year. Hulu, for example, offers a $2-per-month membership on Black Friday. He claims that other streaming providers give discounts on the anniversary of their inception.

You could be eligible for a free year of streaming services when you buy a new gadget or TV. Rayburn, for example, earned a free year of Disney+ when he purchased a new LG TV last year. You can receive a free year of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ with select Verizon phones. T-Mobile includes Netflix as part of certain of its mobile phone plans, while Sprint includes Hulu and Tidal.

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