The recent recession has certainly seen a decline in United States consumer spending, not to mention the fact that the US unemployment rate is now an all-time high. One of the only bright spots in the US economy is the retail sales, which saw a 14.3% increase in December.

Between the heavy discounts that are common in the shopping season and Christmas parties at work, it’s easy for people to blow $500 or even $1000 this December. Rather than going into debt, here are some sites that will save you money.

Skip the big-box sites and learn 4 sites that will help you save money this Christmas shopping season and some will even help you make money! via @mystayathome

I know it’s difficult to believe, but the Christmas shopping season is rapidly approaching. So, if you’re wanting to boost your holiday savings or save money on gifts for friends and family, here are four sites that can help you accomplish both.

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When seeking for larger children’s stuff, Craigslist is an excellent place to look. Do you want to play with a toy kitchen?

Different models are always in trend, and buying used is a terrific way to save money. The same can be said for Fisher-Price-style outdoor playhouses, arts & crafts tables, chalkboards, and so much more.

Craigslist is also a good location to get some additional cash for your holiday shopping. Examine your closets, rubbish drawers, and other areas of your home for any consumer goods.

You probably don’t need them in your daily life if they’re concealed. This makes it ideal to sell them for extra income. Also, because you’re selling locally on Craigslist, you won’t have to pay any additional shipping fees, which will eat into your profits.

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Sites that sell resale gift cards

The next suggestion for saving money during the holiday shopping season is to seek for resale gift cards!

A resale gift card site’s primary premise is that you can buy a gift card for less than it’s worth.

A $25 Target gift card, for example, could be had for $22.94. You can either buy the gift cards as stocking stuffers or utilize them to earn a discount on your holiday shopping.

These sites might also help you earn money. Remember when you were rummaging through your junk drawer looking for Craigslist items?

There’s a good chance you come upon a few unused gift cards in the process. You can also sell them on these sites if they’re for destinations you know you’ll never visit again or are unlikely to visit very soon.

True, you won’t obtain the full face value, but having $25 in credit lying in a drawer is useless. However, $20.91 in cold, hard cash will let you cross items off your Christmas list.

Gamer’s Guide

If you have a gaming-obsessed child, Steam might make or break your holiday budget.

(Okay, let’s be honest: if your husband enjoys gaming, this may also save you a lot of money.) They feature a fresh deal every week that includes, but is not limited to, one specific video game.

The majority of them are Steam keys, which are ideal for individuals who want to play on their PC. Furthermore, you can find some extremely steep discounts this way, either saving you a lot of money or allowing you to acquire more games for your money.

Steam gift cards are available, and they make a fantastic game gift! They are available at a reduced price at Sam’s Club.

For Your Ladies

Whether you’re shopping for your mother, sister, or closest friend, you may find lovely gifts for them without breaking the bank.

Many people are familiar with thredUP’s online consignment for children, but did you know they also have online consignment for women? Designer jackets, blouses, shoes, handbags, and more are available at a significant discount.

Use this link to get $10 off your first thredUP order.

You can also sell your goods because it’s consignment. They send you a bag, you fill it with your items, and after six to eight weeks, they let you know how much they’ll pay for them—no mail costs on your end.

This is a terrific way to clear out your closet while also earning some additional cash, but if you’re doing it for the holidays, you’ll want to get started as soon as possible.

What are your go-to sites for earning and saving money during the holidays?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money on Christmas shopping?

One way to save money on Christmas shopping is by purchasing presents for family members and friends online. There are many websites that offer lower prices on Christmas gifts. Another way to save money is to buy discounted gift cards that can be redeemed at any retailer. Q: What is the best time to buy

How can we save Christmas 2020?

Im afraid Christmas 2020 is doomed, but please check back with me in December of that year to see how the world has been destroyed. Q: Why do we need to worry about robots taking over the world? If a robot were to take over the world, it would cause

How can I save money on holidays?

It is best to shop around for the best deals. Doing some research can save you a lot of money. You could also go to one of those websites and sign up for the email newsletters to receive coupons and savings on your favorite holiday gifts.

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