In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 expensive habits that most people tend to fall into and how you can kick them right now.

The how to break a habit in 21 days is an article that will help you kick 15 expensive habits. It includes tips on how to avoid them, and what you can do after the 21 days are done.

Our everyday behaviors burn a hole in our wallets and deplete our bank accounts without us even realizing it. They’re also preventing us from accumulating money. 

We are wasting too much of our hard-earned money, as 69 percent of adult Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account.  

If taken to their logical conclusion, these poor daily behaviors may put us in a financial bind or, after decades of squandering, delay our retirement.

Review these 15 everyday behaviors that deplete your money if you want to be more conscious of your spending.

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1. Purchasing a Cup of Joe in the Morning

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

Though $3 (or more) for a cup of coffee may not seem to be a large sum of money, it adds up over time. $3 each day for five days is $15, or $60 per month. If you invested that $60 instead of buying coffee, you’d have more than $10K in ten years assuming a 7% rate of return. Are those pricey designer beverages worth $10,000 (or more) per decade?

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2. Caffeine Intake

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

Caffeine is a stimulant that is extremely addictive, even if you don’t consume coffee. Caffeine is often included in energy drinks and sodas, and this regular habit builds up over time.

When buying energy drinks on the fly, cans of Red Bull and Monster can cost as much as $4. If you need a caffeine boost in the morning, making a cup of coffee or a cup of tea at home costs about $0.25, or even less.

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3. Going out to eat every day

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

Restaurants are a big drain on your wallet, with dinners costing about $13. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend almost $3,000 per year dining out (or, in the age of COVID-19, ordering takeaway).

People may save a lot of money by dining at home on a regular basis. Homemade dinners may be prepared for $3 to $4 per person. You may save time by doubling the recipe and having leftovers.

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4. Poor Driving Practices

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

Bad driving habits may drastically reduce your car’s gas economy. Driving aggressively may reduce your gas economy by up to 30%. Accelerating up to stop lights, weaving in and out of traffic, and continuous braking, for example, can cause you to visit the gas station more often.

Following the speed limit and coasting up to stoplights rather than speeding to them are examples of better driving practices. When traveling on the interstate, removing excess weight from your car may help you get better gas economy and utilize your cruise control.

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5. Cable television viewing

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

It’s likely that your cable TV subscription is costly. The majority of cable providers’ television service bundles start at $60 per month, although many customers spend $100 or more per month for movie and sports channels.

Buy a digital antenna for less than $50 and view network television channels in crystal-clear high definition. Access movies and your favorite cable television channels and programs via streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Go over to a friend’s home to watch the big game on a channel you don’t have. is the source of this image.

6. Alcohol Consumption

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

Alcohol is seldom inexpensive, particularly in pubs and restaurants. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend approximately 1% of their gross income on alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and other hard liquors. Every decade, this may add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

If you use alcohol on a regular basis, try giving yourself a dry week once a month. When out socializing, go for a beer rather than an expensive drink or bottle of wine. is the source of this image.

7. Making use of an ATM

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

You’ll pay an average of $4 per transaction if you use ATMs that aren’t connected with your bank. Only use your bank’s ATM to avoid incurring these costs. And when you do, make sure you have enough money to last a long. Consider earning cash back at grocery shops and other merchants when you make a purchase using your debit card. That’s a no-fee cash advance! is the source of this image.

8. You Aren’t Utilizing Your Gym Membership

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

Use your gym membership if you have one. According to Healthline, the average cost of a gym membership is $58, but subscriptions in high-cost locations such as New York City and Los Angeles may be more expensive. If your gym is closed because to COVID-19, consider canceling your membership and putting the money toward your savings account.

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9. Taking a Chance on the Lottery

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

“If you don’t play, you won’t win.”

Even if you do play, there’s a good chance you won’t win. For example, the chances of winning the Powerball lottery in Tennessee were recently 1 in 292.2 million. This implies that you have a significantly higher risk of being killed by lightning (1 in 2.3 million) or a falling aircraft component (1 in 10 million).


10. Disposing of Leftovers

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

You’re essentially wasting money if you toss leftovers in the garbage. Make it a practice to bring leftovers to work for lunch, and have a box of freezer bags in your cupboard to freeze food before it spoils. is the source of this image.

11. Purchasing a Name-Brand Product

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

Upgrades in spending are all too appealing when we earn more money in life. Lifestyle inflation is a killer, and one way many individuals spend more when their incomes rise is by purchasing name-brand items.

Store and generic brands are often just as excellent as name-brand alternatives. Check the ingredients list while purchasing food or medicines. You may discover that store brands have the same ingredients as name brands. Generic medicines are, on average, 80% less expensive than name-brand prescriptions with the same active components. is the source of this image.

Smoking is number twelve.

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

Smoking, the king of all terrible daily habits, is highly addicting and expensive. According to the National Cancer Institute, smokers who smoke a pack a day may expect to spend almost $2,300. However, if you reside in a city like New York City with a high tobacco tax, a pack of cigarettes might cost you more than $10, increasing the price of smokes.

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13. When You’re Hungry, Go Shopping

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

When you’re hungry and at the grocery shop, you’re more inclined to overspend. Instead, go grocery shopping when you aren’t hungry, such as after a meal rather than before. Make certain you have a grocery list and that you follow it. is the source of this image.

14. Always Paying the Bill

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

You’re burning a hole in your pocket if you’re constantly the kind to volunteer to pick up the bill at pubs or restaurants. Paying the bill certainly makes you feel good, but can you really afford it? Split the bill or take turns paying up the tab the next time you go out for a group meal. is the source of this image.

Being Brand Loyal is No. 15

15 expensive daily habits to kick right now

Many individuals are overpaying, despite the fact that almost nine out of ten customers claim to be brand loyal. Check out what’s on sale before making a buy, whether you’re at a grocery shop, a department store, or an internet retailer.

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The how to stop a bad habit permanently is an article that discusses 15 expensive daily habits. It is recommended that you kick these habits right now, so you can save money and be more productive.

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