The future is bright for business owners that want to hire a team of paid listeners. This type of company will be in high demand by 2020, and the present-day listener has a multitude of options available. To learn more about this growing industry today, read on!

The “get paid to listen to people’s problems online” is an article that talks about 14 ways to get paid in the future. Some of the things talked about are getting paid for being a listener, and being paid for your attention.

14 Attentive Ways to Get Paid to Be a Listener in 2022

There are no statistics to back this up; it’s just basic sense–we all need someone to listen to us, whether we’re venting, sharing an idea, or just expressing our sentiments. It’s a fundamental human need as well as a survival strategy. You can imagine how many options for earning money as a listener exist.

There are a variety of ways to listen for money. To be paid to listen, you don’t have to become a therapist. There are various additional possibilities, and the key to making this work for you is to choose the one that best matches your lifestyle and requirements.

If you’re looking for ideas on where to search for these listener jobs, I’ve put up a list of places where you may be paid to listen.

Opinion Outpost – A high-paying, reputable survey service that pays out in Amazon gift cards or cash to its subscribers.

Instacart – Earn up to $20 per hour shopping for and delivering groceries on your own time (while keeping 100% of your tips!).

InboxDollars – Join a site that pays you to play games, explore the web, answer polls, and complete paid offers and surveys and you’ll get a $5 welcome bonus.

Online Workshop for Free – Take advantage of this free course to discover how to create your own digital product in any field and sell it for 24/7 passive income (some students claim to make $100,000+ a year).

14 Job Opportunities for Great Listeners

These online listener jobs will pay you to listen. Begin earning money now by doing something you like.

1. Use InboxDollars to listen to commercials

InboxDollars is a website devoted to assisting users in making more money in their spare time. Listening to advertising on the site is one of the ways you may earn money. Set your phone to play adverts in the background while you’re cooking, gardening, or doing other household chores.

You get compensated for each ad that runs the whole length of time. The funds are deposited into your InboxDollars account, which is completely free. You may withdraw your profits in the form of Amazon gift cards or a payment to your PayPal account. When you establish a new account, you will also get a $5 bonus.

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2. Take in some music

Slicethepie is a one-of-a-kind website that rewards users for listening to music. Each audio file is just a few minutes long, and all you have to do to submit your opinions is listen to at least 90 seconds of the song. It might be a wonderful way to make some additional money while learning about new musicians.

3. Use FlexJobs to look for Listener Jobs.

FlexJobs is a terrific location to look for jobs that pay you to listen since it is one of the most trustworthy online employment sites. Every employment offer is screened before being posted on the site, making it practically impossible to fall victim to an online hoax.

Companies looking for Listening Analysts, Social Listening Experts, Interpreters, and other roles requiring excellent listening abilities may be found on FlexJobs. When you look for listening jobs on the site, you’ll come across a plethora of opportunities that are ideal for exceptional listeners.

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4. Create a Fiverr account

Fiverr is a marketplace where freelancers and contract employees may list and sell their skills for a fee. Listening to people is one of such services. Listen to their thoughts, offer to be a shoulder to cry on, or listen to audiobooks and suggest recommendations.

For this kind of service, you may choose your own prices. Keep in mind that Fiverr is popular among newcomers who want to get experience and improve their talents or services. You may start at the bottom of the salary scale, but you may work your way up.

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5. Pursue a career as a transcriptionist

For individuals with excellent listening and typing abilities, transcription work may be rewarding. You may spend hours each day as a transcriptionist listening to audio recordings and putting them into a paper. The majority of transcribing jobs are freelance and pay by the hour of audio typed (not by the number of hours it takes to complete the file).

Janet Shaughnessy has designed a fantastic FREE short online course that teaches students how to get started dictating from home. Take advantage of her free training and discover how to start making money right now.

More Ways to Make Money as a Listener

Young woman listening to earbuds while on a smartphoneYoung woman listening to earbuds while on a smartphone

Use these additional methods to earn money as a listener without requiring certification or prior expertise. 

5. Work as a life coach

These days, life coaches are in great demand. As a life coach, you assist individuals in overcoming particular obstacles in their lives. Life coaches are not counselors or therapists. They are not governed by anybody. You may work as a life coach in any field as long as you can successfully help others in that field.

Your customers will pay you to listen to their problems and assist them in taking measures to alleviate those problems. They’ll compensate you for your time and expertise. Make money by paying attention to your customers and making a difference in their lives.

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6. Pay attention to podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a terrific way to get compensated for your time. It’s all about listening in podcast professions, from hosting to audio engineering to freelance writing for podcasters.

7. Volunteer to be a test subject

For a number of technological breakthroughs, whether for medical or consumer uses, there are opportunities to get paid to be a test subject. Every day, new research findings are published, some of which are related to hearing.

You may test new hearing goods and services in a variety of ways. You may also listen to talks from firms interested in hearing your thoughts on innovative ideas.

8. Take use of the Listeners App.

Anyone seeking for online listener employment may download the Listeners app from the Apple Store or Google Play. This software is intended to foster a community of Listeners who are eager to offer their knowledge, skills, and experience.

People in the app may connect with you depending on the expertise you have to provide. You are paid to listen to them and provide guidance if they wish to learn from you. As the Listener, you get to pick your own per-minute fee and build your own schedule.

9. Work as a babysitter

Being a babysitter entails a significant deal of responsibilities. Listening to the kid or newborn you are caring for throughout your shift is part of that obligation.

Whether it comes to newborns, you must pay attention to indications that indicate when they are hungry, fatigued, or just need some extra affection. You must connect with older children, which involves listening to them talk about what they want to do, eat, or what worries and tales they have about their day at school. Babysitting gigs may be quite lucrative.

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eleven. Get paid to pay attention in class

You may even get compensated for going to school and paying attention to your professors. There are various ways to generate money with your listening talents, whether you’re a brilliant notetaker, instructor, or writer. It can, at the absolute least, assist you in paying for education without taking out a student loan.

Jobs as a Professional Listener

The occupations listed below are more apparent ways to make money as a listener, but they need more experience to get started. These occupations need you to listen to people’s issues and assist them in finding answers.

11. Work as a therapist

If you want to listen to people for money, a therapist’s work is a more apparent alternative, as previously said. It is a job for which you must be qualified. You can’t suddenly decide to become a therapist one day and start practicing right away. Education, years of professional practice, and specific licensure are all required to become a therapist. 

As a therapist, you are compensated for listening to someone talk about their traumas and prior troubles. You then walk them through the actions they need to take to let go of those memories. It’s not easy being a therapist. It is, however, financially and professionally fulfilling since you are making a difference in other people’s lives.

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12. Pursue a career as a social worker.

You may be paid to listen to the people in your caseload as a social worker. Social workers may specialize in a variety of fields, including child trauma, medical settings, and even the homeless. You may be paid to listen to your customers in whichever expertise you choose.

Clients benefit from social workers’ knowledge of available resources. You may then supply them with the proper resources or link them to people who can assist them by listening to their needs and challenges. The salary scale for social workers varies from state to state.

13. Pursue a career as a customer service representative.

As a customer service agent, you’ll be compensated to take calls and listen to them. Many businesses have call centers or call support teams dedicated to them. The kind of calls you make are determined by the business that hired you. 

Some calls are from consumers who need help with things they’ve already bought. You might assist people arrange their perfect trip over the phone with other customer care representative jobs. Jobs as a listener generally pay about the minimum wage.

14. Work as a Guidance Counselor at a School

In a school system, a school counselor is recruited to assist students of all ages with their problems. An elementary-aged youngster who is acting out as a result of their parents’ divorce and need a listening ear is an example of this. This might also be a case of school bullying or a high schooler who needs assistance with college preparation.

To work as a school counselor, you’ll need a certain degree and certification. The pay is excellent for this profession, but you must put in a significant amount of effort to get your certification.

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Who’d Have Thought Listening Could Be So Profitable?

It might be difficult to find a decent listener. These occupations are ideal for you if you have the patience and talent to be a good listener. Choose the ideal job for you from the list below.

From Jobs as a Professional Listener to offering your own services, your creativity will help you choose the best option for your listening career. Get paid to be a listener on your own terms and make the extra money you want or even replace your full-time income.

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The “get paid to be online” is a way of making money in 2022. The article goes into detail about the 14 ways that people can make money as a listener.

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