Books are a great way to learn and grow, but they can be expensive. Here’s how you can get your kids free books without breaking the bank (and some other ideas, too!).

free books for kids by mail” is a blog post that lists 11 different ways to get free books for kids.

11 Ways to Get Free Books for Kids

Children need books. Here are some of the greatest places to get free children’s books.

Books are not cheap. So I looked for a way to receive free children’s books.

Reading is really essential for children. I grew raised in a household of “readers,” and I still like it. We don’t have a television in our home, therefore we read a lot. I’m accustomed to it since we didn’t have one while I was growing up, so we spent a lot of time reading.

How to Get Free Children’s Books

The Public Library

The Public Library is the best place to get books. The Public Library has everything! We love The Public Library! Of course, The Public Library has its limitations as you can only get physical books when they are actually open, and you have to remember to return them or else they will become “not free” because of the late fine.

Free Little Libraries

Free Little Libraries are the cutest new trend. They are little libraries that people set up in public places. They offer a bit more flexibility, as there are no late fees or hours of operation, but they are usually small and very limited. If you have one near you, it’s a cute activity and an excellent place to look for some books. Find a library near you and borrow a book!

We go to The Public Library a lot, and I utilize the Libby App to get free e-books from The Public Library. However, only I have a Kindle, not my kids. I don’t want my kids to have one, and it doesn’t help on Shabbos when we don’t use any technology. And as great as The Public Library is and as great as free online books are, it absolutely does not compete with owning physical books.

I feel that it is important for children to have their own books rather than borrowing them. Of course, since books are expensive, this is not always an option. It costs a lot of money at times! Jewish children’s books, in particular, may be rather costly. For children, having books that match their lifestyle and beliefs is critical. It is also critical to ensure that children are exposed to a variety of individuals and opinions via reading.

Children who possess tangible copies of books are more likely to be brighter and more successful in life (this is true, according to research). What parent wouldn’t want that for their child?) According to studies, children who possess their own books are brighter and more successful in life. I don’t know what more to say to encourage you to start constructing your own personal library. Obtaining free books for your preschoolers can benefit them much.

Here’s how you can acquire free books for your children!

Free Children’s Books by Mail

Do you want to get some free books in the mail? These free children’s books are sent to your home once or twice a month. Every month, the mail brings us free children’s books.

You may not qualify for the first two programs due to their location, but if you do, SIGN UP!!

Library for PJs

Library for PJs sends a free book to each kid, starting from 6 months old. A free Jewish book comes in the mail every month. They also sometimes include activities to do or some other small project type of thing. We’ve been signed up for years, and we love the books that we get. Here are some of the books that we’ve gotten. As you see, they are very well-loved. All the books have a Parent’s guide with some ideas for discussions about the books’ themes, so it’s a great springboard for topics to discuss with your kids.

11-Ways-to-Get-Free-Books-for-KidsEverything is from the P.J. library! These are only a few of them; there are many more!

Library of Imagination

We actually just signed up for Library of Imagination, so we haven’t gotten any books yet, so I can’t show you any pictures. But, I am so incredibly excited to get them! Started by Dolly Parton, Library of Imagination sends a  book every month by mail to your child.

Update: We just got our first book from Library of Imagination, and I cannot be more thrilled! As you can see, it’s “The Little Engine that Could,” which is a childhood classic, so something I am so happy to own! Having these books for the kids to look at and read all the time is so important, and, amazingly, it is free!

1650831971_955_11-Ways-to-Get-Free-Books-for-KidsFree Children’s Books: The Tiny Engine That Could

Every month, you’ll get a free book in the mail! What could be better than that? If you join both of these programs, you’ll get two free books each month! These two apps make it simple to start building your personal library.

Reading Initiative for New Worlds

The University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning may be able to provide a free book to Florida families whose children attend public schools. The initiative, which is funded by the Florida Department of Education, aims to improve children’s literacy by providing them with free books. You may join up on their website or inquire about it at your school.

Kellogg’s Rewards for Families

I was hesitant to include Kellogg’s Rewards for Families in the list because it’s not actually totally free. Kellogg’s has a program to get a free kids book for every participating box of Kellogg’s that you purchase. Of course, this means you have to spend money on cereal. If you are buying cereal anyway, then it’s free. However, it is not really free if you are buying cereal just to get the book.

(However, if you are a clever shopper and monitor bargain sites like hip2save, you may be able to get Kellogg’s cereal for a steal on occasion—in which case you get cheap cereal plus a free book for your child.) That’d be the pinnacle). This free book for kids program differs from the usual Kellogg’s Point Program, so make sure you click on the correct link to claim your free book!

You may ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for their spare cereal boxes to help you obtain additional books if you have any family members that don’t need books (ha!ha!) or are simply giving. If they consume cereal but don’t have children, they’ll probably be delighted to keep the boxes for you and give them to you in exchange for free books. Because there is a household restriction of 10 books, they may apply for their own books, and you can acquire even more!

 More free book options for kids:


  1. is a community of individuals who want to offer or trade stuff for nothing. You’ll be golden if you can find someone who wants to give away free children’s books.
  2. Everything is on Craiglist. People who give out free children’s books are among them. Look for anybody who wants to give out free children’s books. You’d be shocked at how much you can obtain for free if you just look around and are willing to pick stuff up! Make careful to search by location since you don’t want to uncover something amazing just to find out it’s a long distance away.
  3. Free books for kids may be found on Facebook. Look for ads on Facebook Marketplace or Local Buy Nothing Groups for anybody wishing to give away free books to children or sell a large number of books for a low price. The fastest approach to develop a huge library is to join Buy Nothing groups.
  4. You may join up for their newsletter and follow them on social media if you google and seek for writers and artists you enjoy. This way, they can keep you informed about any giveaways they have. Giveaways occur often, so if you spend some time entering them on author’s websites and on social media, you may be able to get some books for your kids! This trick is especially useful for new releases, which are normally pricey and difficult to come by secondhand.
  5. Another site where you may enter prizes is Goodreads. If you take the time to enter the giveaways that interest you, you could win some books for your own library!


If any of the books we receive are not suitable for our family, I simply pass them on to someone else or donate them to The Public Library or the Little Free Library. As long as they are being read by a kid (or adult!) somewhere, all is good. I’m happy to be the one providing free books for kids that are not my own!

I like obtaining tangible books for my children (for free!). There are, however, several benefits to utilizing e-books and other free online publications for children. 

Do you like to read? Here are 24 different methods to receive free books on the internet!

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